Autodesk MatchMover available still?

 Hi Hitfilm community, I was just wondering if the Autodesk application 'MatchMover' is still available? I only just found out about it today and saw it was free, so I rushed to download it, but was greeted with broken links to the official Autodesk website to download it. Are there any other sites or download areas in which I could download it? I think it would be a great asset to the filmmaking toolbox.

As always, all comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. 



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    I believe Autodesk Matchmover may be free... But it's a plug-in for Maya, not a stand alone program. 

    But, if I'm wrong, let me know. 

    If it IS a stand-alone program, then you want to export your solves as ".ma" files if you're going to bring the data into Hitfilm. 

  • If you are a student you cam get any Autodesk software for free... just saying.

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    Yowsa! Autodesk MatchMover is not only free and standalone, it's accurate and (miracle of miracles) it works with Hitfilm!

    So no need use Blender and run a script on the output, or wonder why the output from Voodoo, or VideoTrace seems to get mangled on import into just works! Happy Happy Joy Joy. :D

    Just drag your images in, run the solve, export as .ma and load it into Hitfilm.

    As it generates a lot of points, in order to get more than just those ones at the top of the screen, change the default number of points to load from 50 to about 250 (or even more). You can always delete them later.

    You then have the fun of trying to identify which point on screen is which point in the list, as Hitfilm doesn't tell you...but it's worth the effort ;)

    Great find! :D

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    *Happy Dance*

    Geez, one less reason to ever use AE. That just leaves Puppet Warping and Liquify... 

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    Wow! Great find!!

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    If I may ask, what are you using in place of Warp Stabilize?



  • @NXVisualStudio @TriFlixFilms @Palacono Thank you so much guys! You have helped me so much! Also thanks to @Triem23 @Aladdin4d @BobDiMarizo for commenting and suggesting to! Thank you everyone!

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    As an update, you can actually identify individual points and export just those. You can also combine sets of points by exporting them as separate files, importing them into Hitfilm and copying them from their own comps into  another one with a copy of the same camera.

    It is a lot quicker to identify the half a dozen points I wanted and export them like that, then load only those into Hitfilm, rather than sort through hundreds. But when I posted before I was too exited that it worked at all to have explored further. :D

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    @BobDiMarzio and Warp Stabilizer... missed one. ;-)

    Or the stabilization options in Vegas, VirtualDub or Mocha Pro are all good.

    Ok, time to try this Autodesk software....

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    Yah, just downloaded it last night but not had a chance to try it yet. Been reading through the online tutorials and so far everything seems pretty straightforward. 

    Triem23! :)

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    @Har I only have had time to load up a quick image sequence for a test, but it more or less worked. It tracked and the resultant .ma file loaded into Hitfilm. Track was a bit jittery, but I haven't delved into any correction/assistance options yet.

    Also, I gave it a very difficult clip that neither AE or Mochs could handle so I'm impressed Matchmove did as well as it did.

    @NxVisualStudio glad you had the link. @Jps333 good call!  

  • Just stumbled on this thread... what a find! Thanks guys.

  • Would you be able to manually tweak things?

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    @Dewr there's actually a lot of tweaking one can do it this program. Still working through the manual. It's a very complete point tracker. Indispensable for Express owners who don't want to spring for mocha and a great additional tool for mochs owners. 

  • It's a good things to have in the toolbox then..  I think that sometimes there isn't enough control with things like this..  I suspect it's much like computer animation, finessing movement

  • I am new to this

    Is it safe to create an account with Autodesk? 

    I mean that if you give them your e-mail, will they sell it and you'll end up with hundreds of spam-mail ? I Know that Google says it's "secure" but I've been spamed by other sites that were "secure" .



  • @LiamMcM1 I've never been spammed by Autodesk.

  • Triem23 Thanks.

    Actually after i posted that question i went and looked on Wikipedia and figured that since it had been around 35+ years it was probably legit.


  • NXVisualStudio  that link does not work

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @njosey4740 seems Autodesk has pulled it. 

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