THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



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    @SadistDemon this is one of those things that could go either way. Having the effects directly built into Hitfilm would have the convenience of, well, being built in to Hitfilm without installing plug-ins? Of course @jsbarrett (and I) would argue that enabling plug ins would be easier coding for the Hitfilm team letting Hitfilm users use plug ins from teams specializing in audio, leaving the Hitfilm team free to work on video stuff. At the FXHOME level, the team has to try to budget the time of a small coding team for maximum productivity. 

    IMHO somewhere in the middle is where to meet. A simple pitch shift, vibrato, tremolo and resonant filter in Hitfilm would finish off the major categories of effects (and a ring modulator). A plug in interface would open up a lot.

    A Vocoder might be tricky because of the way Hitfilm links layers. A Vocoder needs to pull data from Layer B to modulate Layer A, which is currently only possible in a Composite Shot.

    I'd disagree with folding current effects into future new effects (making Shortwave radio a preset in Resonant Filter), only because of potential compatibility issues with projects from older versions of the software. 

    @Juda1 @Palacono in principle making certain behaviors opt-in/opt-out is always a good thing. Let's keep detailing this out. Where would the controls for these behaviors live? Probably in the File>Options menus? What do we call them? Not a silly question, because the option should be easy to understand. Controls/Layer behavior toggles between "synchronized" (current behavior) and "unique" (what Juda wants)? On-screen control enable/disable is easy enough.

  • Audio plugin support would provide a means for using Izotope's plugins, Eventide's plugins, Universal Audio's DSP accelerated plugins, etc...


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    "Of course @jsbarrett (and I) would argue that enabling plug ins would be easier coding for the Hitfilm team letting Hitfilm users use plug ins from teams specializing in audio, leaving the Hitfilm team free to work on video stuff." 

    Precisely.  And even saying that I would like audio plugins in HitFilm is only a half-hearted wish, frankly.  While I feel that having certain audio tools in HitFilm can help with final spit-and-polish on the audio portion of a project, I prefer to do the bulk of my audio work in dedicated audio software, leaving me to focus my work in HitFilm on the visuals.  As @Triem23 implies, I think most of us would agree that the HitFilm dev team would like to focus on visuals as well.  

  • Well @Triem23

    You've done the Right Thing haven't you?

    We don't need to fold current effects into future new effects, we just want New Audio Effects Like Reverb, Distortion and Decimator, the Attributes and Methods in the Current Pitch Shift Effect and the Vibrato Effect so the Composite Shot Pitch Shifting Thing will only be a Memory. And Keep the Old Ones so Compatibility Issues won't happen.

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    RAM Preview on the Editing Timeline.

    Running into a situation right now trying to interleave small fragments repeatedly between two videos and playback on the NLE stutters horribly so it's nearly impossible to sync to music.

    @NormanPCN Thanks for the tip!

  • A post today in the forum made me think and I am going to modify my previous feature suggestion regarding transition resizing. I previously suggested adding an Alt/Ctrl modifier to the resize to do a symmetric resize. This is in thinking about "work with" existing Hitfilm.

    My new position is that what Hitfilm currently does is wrong. Wrong in that would ever really want to do asymmetric transitions and the current workflow is very inefficient in that is requires twice the mouse actions and some mental math to get the left/right edge resize correct. I submit that at least 99% of the time we want symmetric transitions over cuts.

    So my modification is that transition resizes, without modifier, should always be symmetric. It's the normal case. Flexibility is always awesome so the modifier Ctrl/Alt would provide what we currently have, asymmetric. Users commonly don't know about key modifiers. We are used to pointing at a dragging things so even without knowing about the existence of a modifier we get the action normally wanted. Symmetric. I think users would rejoice at such a change in transition resizing.

    One man's opinion.

  • Late night editing gives good ideas for a wishlist, so here's another:

    The ability to combine multiple composite shots in the editor into a single composite shot.

    This would use their relative timing to each other and create simple no-frills composite shot.

    I've run into several times now where I lay out some composites, adjust the timing of the clips to the master audio music track, then i want to go add a complicated effects-based transition like masking or something, and then i have to realign and edit stuff within a brand new composite shot.

    It's possible that the subclips suggestion from earlier may relieve some of this pain if implemented sanely.

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    @Triem23: You got me :) Difficult question because space for that checkbox is limited. Also it depends on whether the option switches this behavior on (which is now default) or off. Let me take a look what is does now:

    Even when I change a transform or effect value inside the control panel the layer stack is expanding everything. So it is not only about dropping effects. Also now it is not "synchronized" since the layer stack does not collapse when I collapse parts inside the control panel. It only expands all time. So Synchronisation is probably not the right word (which is why it is even more annoying to me: It expands by itself but does not collapse). 

    So let me try, What about....

    x Expand layer stack to reflect detail level of changes made in control panel

    x Expand layer to level of control panel when changing values

    Or the opposite

    x Do not change level of expansion at layer stack when changing values inside control panel

    x Do not alter expansion level of layer stack when using control panel

    You surely have to make changes to it since english is not my mother language so maybe grammar is not correct here.

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    I know it is a feature from the older versions, but i am lazy and always wishing i had the 3d camera control toggle widget (up down left right forward backwards depth) actually attached to the camera (like Hf2) like all the other layers.

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    I did an edit in Premiere Pro (someone else was paying) recently, and two features that were really useful were: 

    -nested timelines

    -the ability to synchronise two video clips based on audio


    I know I've mentioned them both before but I'm asking again

  • A vote for which features should be added. Because if you actually asked, Markers would be No1 (Axel asked about 4 years ago... he's still waiting) and Geometry, Behaviours and 'circles on screen' to change Parameters (that can't be turned off) wouldn't even be in the top 1000.

  • A vote for which features should be added  +1 

  • +1 for which features should be added.

  • +1 to give users a vote. :)

  • Vote sounds fun. #democracy

  • I'll vote for Red IPP2 support again :)


  • no @WhiteCranePhoto , you should join us and vote for a vote... otherwise you will get no vote and then there will be nobody asking for Red support...

    just kidding

  • JMcAllister  I figured it was implied that I'd be in favor of a vote by casting a vote, but I'll vote in favor of a vote also :)

    It's just a bummer that HitFilm has support for 8K but I can't import my 8K footage into it 

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    @jsbarrett @JMcAllister @WhiteCranePhoto @Hitfilmer236093 @Palacono @LiamMcM1

    A couple of observations regarding "voting." First, this entire thread is our voting. :) Secondly, usually during the summer Hitfilm emails out surveys which include a top-five feature vote (and, usually a prize giveaway to sweeten the pot). Two votes. The other software I use... Their companies don't make it easy to suggest new features. On One is an exception... 

    That said, in the interests of brainstorming ideas to help us, the users, and FXHOME the company, I'm going to link to a page from OnOne. This is their forum thread for suggestions for OnOne PhotoRAW. OnOne basically has users submit ideas, then has a vote system. Items receiving x amount of votes get passed up for review and listed wishlist items get tagged with a variety of statuses. If FXHOME has time and resources to dedicate to improving user feedback for this thread its a decent model to crib ideas from.

    Liam, you brought up the change to camera controls in Hitfilm 4--that change was directly due to user feedback. This does illustrate how sometimes making a change that group A asks for makes group B unhappy. Palacono, this also applies to the new effects widgets. That was also a user request that you don't seem to like (personally, I like it). 

    A request being logged doesn't mean it's easy. I'll speculate on markers... IMHO the most important missing feature in the Editor (locked layers being number 2, multicam is number 3). This has been requested a ton of times. I assume there's something about the Hitfilm code base making this harder to implement than we think? I'll keep hoping.

    Finally, I believe ultimately, after all suggestions are made the final call on what's in the pipeline comes down to Josh Davies. There's one change in Hitfilm 6/7 I feel is powerful, but poorly implemented. During Beta I communicated with the devs and was told by at least one dev he agreed with my assessment, but Josh really liked the new system. Ultimately the big boss makes the call--as it should be. 


  • +1 @Palacono I would disagree a little that (something like) Geometry has not been asked for. We have wanted "real" 3D text and this is a step in that direction. No texture so only useful in certain circumstances.  If Geometry is not finished (my term/view), and somewhat soon, then it is a waste.

    I do think we vote on what gets added. That is what this forum thread is. That said, just like votes for government officials, what we vote for and what officials do once in office are only loosely unrelated.

    IMO, A lot of common requests that seem to fall on deaf ears are NLE related. FxHome does not seem too interested here. Take markers as mentioned. They can be used in both timelines of course but really come into their own in NLE workflow. Transitions are close to fubar in workflow in Hitfilm. Locked layers is probably the most common composite request unfulfilled.

    FxHome seem very targeted on new function or a something new that can differentiate yourself in the market. New is understandable given Hitfilm is a very young product. The new viewer widgets for property adjustment are not new function. They can be a market differentiator in ease of use. Ease of use is a marketable position of Hitfilm so adding to that is improving on a perceived strength.

    I would +1 that we should be able to disable these new viewer property adjust widths..

    A couple of things I've wondered the reasoning for addition in HF6. Block displacement and Pixel sort. Certainly never publicly asked for. Never seen a video showing something(s) hot you can do with them. Seems like fairly simple mathematical effects. Certainly block displacement. Pixel sort not so sure. People have been asking for better transition workflow for a while. Certainly one should have been able to implement something like (proper) transition resize for the time cost of block displacement. Default transition preference is trivial. Maybe copy/paste could get in there in the cost comparison to the listed effects. Yet we get these effects implemented verses fixing some poor previous design decisions (transitions, retiming(speed), timeline zoom).

    To me a feature that is there but is whacked is way worse than not having a feature. Not having is an, I wish I had, type thing. Whacked is like an itchy sweater. You don't keep the itchy sweater and bear the irritant just because you have it. If you need a sweater, you bite the bullet and you get one that does not itch. You learn why/how and don't buy itchy ones in the future.

    One man's opinion.


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    That's interesting . i have only been on the forom since last may, so  i didn't know that that feature (camera control) had been removed by request. that being so i will modify my request (with the understanding that it is only one newbie's vote (-; ) i think it would be cool if you could turn on ( check a box in layer property's ?. somthing like"show camera controls" ? ) the ability to use the older camera control which i spoke of. 

    also it came to mind the other day, that it would be a cool idea to be able to view the audio graph on both video and audio in a composite shot.

    this of course may be a feature that's already there that i have not found yet, so if its there already please tell me. 

  • " be able to view the audio graph on both video and audio in a composite shot..."

    @LiamMcM1 select a layer in your composite shot, go to the "controls" panel, open "Layer Properties" and tick "Show Waveform"

    is that what you are looking for?

  • Yes JMcAllister  thank you. thats it.

  • @Triem23 You say that a survey goes out each summer.  I've been a user for many years, but for some reason my noggin can only recall receiving such a survey one time (and even that recollection is a little foggy).  If that does indeed happen annually, though, then I suppose that's our vote, though my gut says that users would perhaps like that kind of thing to happen more frequently (quarterly?).

    And even though Josh ultimately has the final say-so on what's actually added, it might be interesting to see a summary of just how that survey turned out, to get a gauge of what users are really requesting when given the opportunity.  If the survey has something like "What one new feature would you most like to see out of these X options," then it would be fairly easy (in my mind) to post a list to the blog showing how many votes each of those X options received.  Such info would be enlightening for a couple reasons.  One, it would show what users truly want.  Two, if the summary lists the actual vote count instead of percentages, it would let everyone know how many of HitFilm's 2.x million users are voting.  We sure don't have 2.x million active users on the forum (I'd be surprised if the active count exceeds 50, frankly), or else the +1 post count for any wishlist item would overload the server.  It's entirely possible that lots of users who never set foot in the forum are making their wishes known directly to FXHOME via email or online feedback.  Maybe those direct requests are being honored above what little activity we see here because they outnumber us.  Pure random speculation, of course, but those millions of other users probably aren't all just sitting and using what they're given without offering any feedback.  It's easy to say that "everyone" wants Features X, Y, and Z, but when polled/surveyed, I'd be curious to know what "everyone" actually wants.

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    " might be interesting to see a summary of just how that survey turned out..."   I think that would be interesting too. I don't think it would be hard ether, it could be posted and closed at the head, like the forum rules.

    So i'll 1+ that ;-]

  •  With the recent mention of Geometry in this thread it got me thinking.

    Uh ho!

    This is a pretty specific idea versus something generalized like give us animation ability as previously mentioned. This is also a no keyframe animation idea. It thus avoids the massive UI effort in selecting and grouping individual parts of text to keyframe animate them separately.


    This would be a geometry item. It would have transform properties for animation. Position (x/y/z), scale, rotate(x/y/z). Easy enough. The cascade part comes in with options for Letter, Word and Line cascades of the transform animation. The current rotate geometry item shows us the ability to separate items(letters) from the whole in animation.

    The transform animation cascades from one element to the next. Hence the name. To make this work you have an overlap parameter. 0% overlap then each element fully finishes its transform animation before the next element starts the animation. 100% then everything moves as one. Kinda like the current rotate geometry item rotates everything in unison. 100% being the duration of the layer right-left edge in time (more later).

    So a 10 second layer, 10 letters, letter cascade, 0% overlap means the animation time for each letter is 1 second. 50% overlap the animation time per letter is about 2 seconds. Of course the animation time affects when each element starts its animation.  Hence overlap name.

    You can have a reverse check option. First element to last or last to first.

    One nice item would be an anchor point choice. Each geometry item certainly has a boundary so a top(left, mid, right), center (L, M, R) and bottom (L, M, R) could be choices for an anchor. Like the 'Offset from' property in the Text effect. This lets lines and such twirl in certain ways in the animation.

    Overall duration is an issue as we are not keyframed. As stated above the animation always uses the layer duration. One should be able to add one or two parameters to setup use of only a certain percentage of the front or a certain percentage of the end of the layer duration. Like front/end check option and percentage control.

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    @NormanPCN sounds a bit like the Vegas Pro Type tool with a more "Hitfilmy" implementation. 

    I'll +1 this! 

  • Set the default keyframe type for when you add a keyframe.

    I do not think I have seen a single tutorial on youtube where the editor leaves the keyframe type to the default (linear).

  • @aarondc I actually think keyframes set to "linear" is a fairly sensible default (I'm pretty sure every program I've ever used had linear as the default interpolation type)

    Having said that, it might be nice to have an option to change that in the user preferences, so that people who are more partial to (for example) manual bezier can make that their default.

    Properties that can only have one keyframe type (eg the text property in the text effect is only block keyframes) would be unaffected

  • I always use Linear key frames, especially when transferring data between Blender and HitFilm.

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