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  •  Those are very cool!

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    Thanks guys , was fun to play with. Not sure it's the finished look. Not too hard to do really, Hitfilm had so many options I just played until I got the look I liked.

  •  Nice.


  •  @Andy001z ; That texture looks incredible.  

  •  Thanks @tddavis but a download. I like the light streaks that seem to pop.

  • So played with the neon effect last night, and boy that sucker is packed with cool options. Checkout my 4 versions, which one your favourite?

  • @Andy001z ; I just watched the video the where you asked "which of the four was your favorite" and I thought I'd missed one cause I could only pick out three but then you updated and I distinctly saw 4 (I'm torn between first and last btw.)  Was there one missing and the reason you updated?  Also, the still image of the video looks good too with that long light flare right at the corner of the X.

  • I like the second version. :)

  • Ultimately I'm after a still but was blown away by the cool neon effect I just had to render out some animations. I like the flare, gives it a little something extra.

  • 1st and 2nd. 

  •  4 is my favorite.

  • So after watching Andrew Kramer's latest GLITCH effect tutorial Found here. I thought I would have a bash at part of it. I decided to have a go at the mirror and planes for the floor and behind main logo with faded blends. I like the look, needs some tweaking. One this I noticed was that the Plane for the top half seemed to dull the colour on the main logo, no matter how I blended it. I basiclly wanted it to sit infront of the PLANE layer but had to reduce the opacity of this layer to make it look half decent (ideas?). Glith effect another time. I could not work about how to apply the Fractal Noise map to my mirror text, nothing seemed to have any effect.

    Anyway check out my little play here :

  • Your link to Andrew Kramer's glitch effect points back to the forum.

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    I honestly have liked all your iterations, and have difficulty making a decision on a favorite. 

    BTW, you mind if I merge the thread you've created for this text test into your main gallery thread? Right now you've got two discussions on the same thing--which triggers the small part of my brain that likes efficient organization*. I'm sure you don't want to copy your own updates to a second thread.

    *Data, forums and my projects must be organized. My bedroom, on the other hand, is a mess. But I suppose the piled books, boxes and laundry protects the carpet... 

  • The reflection looks great!  Good stuff.


  • Looking fantastic! I like them all.

  • @triem23 merge away, I was seeing if a dedicated title attracted more views, it didn't.

    @jsbarrett you found my master plan, an infinite forum loop.

    Thanks all was great to be back playing with the effects.

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    I getcha on getting back into playing. I've done one play around shot in the last 18 months. At this point I've technically been working on my Star Wars short for three years and my Doctor Who short for almost five! 

  •  Anyone any thoughts about what I was doing wrong in trying to add a luminance map to create and glitch. It just didn't seem to take.

  • @Andy001z I was able to do the you have your project file? So I can see how you set it up.  It's hard to tell you whats missing if I can't see your set up.  Thanks

  • Thanks I'll have another look, see if I can't solve the issue, what was the main effect u used fur the glitch.

  • @Andy001z I used the displacement effect and the set matte effect




  • Finally got it working, some odd behaveour and not sure what clicked it into place. Guess Ill have to do a fresh rig to see it work again.

  • well thats good too bad your layers couldnt be locked....

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    Yeah that is one heck of a handy feature on AE, might have that on the wish list, if you could see the effect of the displacement and the text it would help. Right now I am not sure it is working 100% right, it seem that the displacement value moves the text from its orginal postion to a new displaced value (well yeah!!) but I don't want that. I animated the Exposure and the Offset independantly to make it appear, but the movement isn't what Andrew had. His seemed to stay in one place.


    I guess I could start the text in the displaced value position and have to displace to the middle. Err just re-looked at his tutorial and he says just that "move it over" DOH!

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    Ok a sneak peak at my latest creation. All a bit of fun. Vid soon, err I hope.

  • I want to do a camera move, sure it have to be a 3d plane? 

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    For a camera move you either need a 3D plane, a Transform From point on a 3D Extrusion effect, a "Use Hitfilm Camera" set in Boris or faking it by keying Scale on a 2D layer (would work for a push-in).


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