DARKNESS UNVEILED - Lightsaber Duel - LCC 2018 (11/1/18)



  • Nice work. Jsbarret covered pretty much any notes I might have had, and I'm a purist grump who sniffs,  "Carol of the BELLS!" but that's the nitpicky part of my brain. That's really a great commercial and I'm sure everyone at the farm was blown away by it. Very nice job on the VFX snow. Only giveaway for me was no snow hit the lens. 

  • @Rogyrue Thanks, glad you liked it ;) The music might be a little to extreme for christmas trees, but oh well :) Thanks

  • @Triem23, thanks for your kind words!! That would have been a neat thing I should have done, like you said,  having the snow hit the screen, then it melts and waters down the screen, I will do that next time!!

  • Okay!

      Here is my second Vlog, and I think way better then the first, but still not the best, but at least it is getting better!! Please let me know what you all think!!


  • Hey all!! I know it has been awhile, but we will soon be coming out with some exciting stuff!! For know here is our entry for production crate's ten second monthly contest! Theme: Long Shot (use just one shot the whole time)

    Please let me know what you all think!!


  • Very nice. Rock-solid tracks, lots of elements to move around, good use of blur to get a feeling of DoF.

    This is your strongest to date.

  • @Triem23

    Thank you so much for your kind words!! Glad you liked it!

  • Cool stuff! Unlike @Triem23, I did catch a few jitters in some of the tracked elements, but overall this is a really cool piece.  My favorite bit is how the camera moves through that muzzle flash from bunny-head guy.  I'm also impressed that you managed to walk backwards for the whole thing and not smack into one of the treehouse support posts.  I'm guessing there may be some outtakes that weren't so clean?  ;)  Anyway, really nice work!

  • @jsbarrett I knew you would see that flaw in the tracking! Lol

    You know the muzzle flash part was not planned! I just put the bunny guy ( he is suppose to an agent from the matrix, but mixed up with the bunny from Trix cereal! that's from our second entry way back in march last year! If you have not seen it, its called Some MoTrix!) where I wanted him and when I pushed play, it ended up being right where the camera was going! So that was nice :lol:

    Also, I guess I know that area so well that I had no problem walking backwards, it did not even cross my mind, weird Lol!

    Glad you liked it!

  • Dang man, this is pretty intense hahaha. I like it a lot :)

  • @TriFlixFilms thanks Man! It was really fun to edit!! Glad you enjoyed it! ;)

  • Here is a fun Visual Effects Breakdown of OVERVIEW!! Watch to see all the assets and pictures, and etc. that went into this short 10 second video!!


  • That was great! :)

  • @Palacono Thanks!! Glad you enjoyed it! ;)

  • This is really awesome! I love the shot where the camera goes through the muzzle flash even though it wasn't intentional :D Glad to see Bologna Man at the end!

  • @OliThomas Lol, Thank you man! I am very glad you were able to see it, and that you liked it!! Yea, revealing the best (Bologna Man ;) ) for the Last :lol:

    p.s. working on Bologna Man's first episode NOW! Almost to completion ;)


  • Great Stuff!

  • @BobDiMarzio Thanks!! Glad you liked it!!

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    It would be interesting to know what you used for what, because you probably used AE again for the 3D camera, so I'm intrigued why and what bits you use Hitfilm for if you have access to AE. 

  • @Palacono Good Question!

     So Yes, I used AE for the 3d motion track, and for pretty much every thing except for the editing, I do all of that in Hitfilm, I just seem to like the layout more in AE then Hitfilm, its faster (as in getting around in the program) but then there are times I use Hitfilm do to effects! Like light flares (which I used in the video above, and all sounds are also done in hitfilm, and I use other effects at certain times when I edit certain things! 


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Observation: both the Hitfilm and Ae interfaces are tabbed panels that can be moved, resized and redocked. Ae spreads panels to both edges of the interface with the viewer centered. There's no reason why you can't set up a custom workspace with Ae panel order. If you dig into the File>Options menus there's an option to save interface layout with the project, so you could even create a template with that setup.

    Personally I prefer clustering my controls to the left with the viewer upper-right. Ae default of having the effects list to the right having to drag things all the way across the viewer to drop onto a layer or bin is inefficient navigation, but, to each his or her own workspace preferences. 

  • @Triem23 sorry, I guess I mean shortcuts, I love Andrew Kramer's FXConsole, to where you just have to press a short cut and type your effect and push enter, and it apply's it to your specific layer, so it goes really quick, instead of going to the effect panel then searching the effect, then dragging the effect to the specific layer. If hitfilm can do that (hopefully in the future) then I would enjoy it much more! :) But I am not saying anything against hitfilm, I really enjoy it, and if it wasn't for hitfilm, I would not have started making films (at least as good as I am making them now) if not I would probably still be using imovie :lol: and again, I am still using hitfilm a lot! Probably as much as after effects!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Ah. I didn't think you were saying anything against Hitfilm, of course. I say if you have access to multiple tools, use em. Vegas Pro is my primary editor, and I had Ae till about a year ago, when Adobe shut off my legally purchased CS6 to force me to upgrade (@Aladdin4d, I think, can verify this with his CS5.5) but I've bounced projects between Ae and Hitfilm.

    Kramer's FX Console is a great example of why scripts are a popular request. His ingenious tool is a script collection wrapped in a clean UI that saves on mouse moves. 

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    @Triem23 Yep I can verify it. It's why I now use Affinity Photo and Designer.

  • @Triem23 Thank you for understanding! Hopefully Hitfilm would do that soon! And to bad on AE doing that to you! That's horrible!!

  • @Aladdin4d Man that's horrible!

  •  @Aladdin4d ; How is  Affinity Photo and Designer?  Do you like it...is it a good price, is it as good as Adobe illustrator or photoshop?

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    @Andersen01498 It's kind of like comparing HitFilm to AE. Affinity Photo and Designer do not match Photoshop and Illustrator feature for feature. They have a more focused set of features that are, in my opinion, executed very well and they do have some things their Adobe counterparts don't. The price is outstanding! $49.99 ea and point release updates are free until the next major release 1.5 to 1.6 etc is free. 2.0 should be a paid upgrade but Designer was released in 2014 and there hasn't been a paid upgrade yet despite numerous updates with fixes and new features. The licensing is pretty good too. Home users get up to five concurrent installations and commercial users get two concurrent installations. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andersen01498 I would basically agree with @Aladdin4d 's assessment. I will note the Affinity interface is fairly radically different from Photoshop (farther away than, say, Hitfilm from Ae), so, for now I'm pretty slow in Affinity compared to Photoshop, but that's me adjusting from 25 years of Photoshop work.

    For photo editing I do point out GIMP and Krita--both free, both powerful. 

    Affinity vs Photoshop in cost? Affinity Photo is $50, once. Photoshop is $120/year, shut off when one stops paying. Of course with Ae and Photoshop you're on the All-Adobe plan, or $600/year...

    Adobe never wins price comparisons. 

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    Hey All!! Vlog #3!!!

     Hey Everyone!! "Isiah, I am on top of the tree!!" that is my favorite quote from this vlog! Don't miss it! Look at the TOP OF THE TREE!! In this Vlog we explain where Bologna Man is and our new Instagram account here: https://www.instagram.com/h.i.s._films/?hl=en


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