THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • @whakan pardon me if I'm still not understanding this properly; are you asking for a "Fit to Frame Zoomed" where you would never have black bars but would lose part of the image? Or have you got some videos that require fit to frame width and others height so you cannot do it all in one shot?

  • @CedricBonnier It sounds like what @whakan wants is a more intelligent solution that will work when the selected timeline clips are a mix of different aspect ratios, where HitFilm will detect the aspect of each clip automatically and apply the appropriate fit-to-frame option for each.

  • @jsbarrett @whakan @CedricBonnier ;

    I think whahan wants a "Fit to Zoom" where the image scales to fill frame letting whichever edge flow over automatically (4:3 images would scale up till horizontal edges hit the sides of frame, chopping top/bottom. 2:35 fills vertically, chopping left/right). 

    Jsbarret I don't think he's quite asking for what you've suggested, since I think he's trying to avoid pillar/letterboxing, but a smarter scale to fit would be nice. 

  • RFE for Denoiser effect: Please make the analysis box draggable - having to move two corner points around to move the box is just odd UI.

  • @StanAccy +1 for the making the analysis box movable 

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    @cedricbonnier @jsbarret and @triem23 I'm sorry, english is not my mother language but as far as I understood, it seems to me that you all are saying the same thing, let me be more clear.

    Example of what I mean:

    • put into the timeline 3 clips one 16:9, one 4:3 and the last one 2.35:1
      (they are all ipotetically the same resolution
      [16:9 -> 1920x1080]
      [4:3 ->1400x1080]
      [2,35:1 -> 1920x800]
    • the 16:9 one will fit the frame just fine
    • the 4:3 one has vertical bars
    • the 2.35:1 has horizontal bars 

    now I'll select all videos inside the timeline panel

    • right-click
    • transform
    • fit output ratio
    1. 16:9 video will still, no changes
    2. 4:3 video will scale up to fit the height
    3. 2,35:1 video will scale up to fit the width


    obviusly if the resolution is higher video will be scaled down to the point where 2 sides of the frame touch the viewer border and the other 2 are outside the box.

    ask if you have any further question, meanwhile thank

  • The ability to middle mouse click for pan...its a pain to press H all the time to pan 

  • @Andersen01498 You can currently pan with the right mouse button.

  • @jsbarrett thanks for that...I wonder how overlooked that.

  •  Hi :)

    I don't know if it's already in the wishlist, but I'd find great to have the ability to scroll in a list of elements with arrows keys, as you can select fonts. For instance, hoosing a LUT in a long list of elements is a pain since you have to open the file explorer, pick a LUT, say "no, let's try another one", open the explorer, pick a new LUT, etc... whereas you should be able to scan the whole LUT folder with up and down keys :)

    I've seen the same issue with particles types, lens flares types, etc.

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    prevent the Comp   Time Line from Twirling down , when making adjustments in CONTROLS .  Everytime i  go back to the Time Line to pick another layer , i have to  Right Click "Collapse ALL" so i can view the layer tracks again .

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    @Deweak That's already possible with the built-in menus in Pro V6.

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    me thinks , HFP  does not support  True  UV  mapping .

    i was making the  "Video Cube" in  HFP . once the cube was built , placing video clips for each face , i could NOT  Zoom and Pan while  Inside each Quad .  the only thing that happens is the  Quad will resize thus breaking the cube .  there is one EFFECT  that actually  UV  Zooms , but  No  Pan .

    Warp-->Action Cam Crop  ( using  it's  "Scale"  slider )

    Update :  upon furter investigation , in  HFP  Post , it is found that  turning  Wrap to OFF , in  Action Cam Crop ,  removes the blur  Also need to set  FOV  to  1 . , It's  Translation  digit boxes now perform a distortion free  zoom and Pan . Thus  "Action Cam Crop"  does do  UV mapping ( UV cooridinates )  . End  Update :

    it seems  an  EFFECT  is needed to provide True  UV  mapping .

  • before i  forget again ,...HItfilm needs a particle system .

    so we can use our own alpha channel image .  Pumpkin , Dog , it can  rain the quads ,  down , toward , away , on any vector .  would be great for  Theme'ing .

  •  HitFilm already has a rather nice particle system...


  • It would be nice in the editor we could group multiple clips and make it into a single comp premiere its called a nested sequence( I believe)

  • @Andersen01498 a 'sort of' way is  create a large empty comp, then drag all the other comps into it, then put that on the Editor timeline and trim off any empty bits. Also the only way to add a grade layer across multiple comps.

    Doesn't help with transitions though, so you'd have to cut up the large comp and add them across the cuts in the Editor, if you're not doing your own custom ones.

  • @Palacono ;  it is not beneficial to make a large empty comp....

  • @Andersen01498 what you are describing is the ability to create multiple sequences and nesting them, like you can for compositions. Adding the ability to create big compositions to basically do video editing work doesn't sound like the best way to solve the issue (as you still wouldn't be able to add transitions).

    That said, we have been wanting to tackle nested sequences for a while but it requires a lot of work and so far other things have taken priority. If enough people keep asking for it, it will eventually come to the top of the list and be added to HitFilm.

  • I'll take the context of this weeks Hitfilm video to gratuitously repeat my feature request for rounded rectangle masks. Rounded rects are also useful with the Neon path effect.

    Rounded rects look better and are thus are way more common for background boxes like used in the video. Just looking at this web page, the "staff" box the menu box the post comment button and tool buttons are all rounded rects.

    The mask roundness property can work with these bubbles but it is not a rounded rect. The edges are also rounded. The roundness property does not work with Neon path.

  • +1 for nested sequences. 

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    +1 for rounded rectangular masks. 

    As you said, it’s especially useful for the neon effect. Since most neon signs have rounded corners, not sharp ones 

  • +1 for nested sequences - at the moment I am resorting to editing a scene in the timeline, rendering as cineform, then later re-importing the cineform files to the timeline to put the scenes together... and if I later decide the scene needs changing then I'm screwed. 

  • in place of writing a tech reference manual for  HFP . i would like to see  some  detailed  popup ( mouse hover )  info , on  the  adjustments .  right now , most of the popups just repeat the name of the  adjustment ( not much help ) popup extra info is especially needed in the  Particle Systems  and other areas .

    With a system settings  check box to  Turn this enhanced  help ,  On\Off .. .........( No need to dart out to a web page  , not always  on-line )

  • +1 on mouse over pop up help info on settings. 

  • @CedricBonnier of course if one could select multiple editor timeline clips and send them to a Composite Shot together, then (excepting Transitions) that would basically be a nested sequence. But that's probably more complex to code than I think it is. 

  •  +1 rounded rectangle masks

  •  +1 rounded rectangle masks

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    I get that people are probably asking for a way of rounding mask corners similar to other software, and I'll add a +1 to that request.  However, for those who need a quick solution in the meantime and haven't figured this out, rounded rectangle masks can already be done.  Increase the Expansion property of a mask, and the corners automatically round as it expands.  Is it elegant? No, but it'll get the job done while we're waiting for something better. :)

  • @jsbarrett yes, but it doesn't work with Neon Path.

    So if you want a rounded rectangle to use with Neon Path you have to edit the corners manually with the freehand mask tool

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