3D Text Plugin - Weird Behavior

If you look at the screen you will see that my 3D TEXT is not lined up with the blue box. I have all my positions, points and everything set to 0.0. And when I use the Orbit tool the text does weird things. I understand that this in not True 3D geometry, but it's behavior is not right. When I orbit all the way around the text looks quish.

Why is this?



  • One thing I can't see from the screenshot is the rotation on the text layer itself.  You cropped this off in the layer stack.

    Any way you can do a video screen capture showing more of the scene as you navigate through the layers and interact with things in the viewer? 

  • Rotation is set to 0.00 too. How is the 3D Text calculated? From what vanishing point. I have tried every settings for camera, Point and Text. The text should always be extruded in the same direction as the blue text frame based on the grid coordinates. When I Orbit around to the bak of the 3D Text, it doesn't show the text as reversed as you would expect. instead it turns it around to read properly.

  • Here is the project to download and look at


  •  I did figure out one thing.

    If I set the Layer Properties (Dimensions) on the Text layer to 2D then the 3D text works properly, even when orbited to the back of the text.

    So, when Dimensions is set to 3D... that is where the quirky behavior comes from.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You're referring to 3D Extrusion. 

    Extrusion is supposed to be used on a 2D layer. It doesn't create 3D geometry, it creates a "drawing" of 3D text on a 2D layer. When on a 3D layer you're basically orbiting the "paper" the drawing is on.

    In the effect the Transform From setting is used to parent the position used to create the render.  

  • Yeah, I know all that. 

    When you set the dimension of the layer to 3d using just 2d text. The 2d text stays in the blue frame and displays correctly.

    It when you set the dimension layer to 3D where the drawing doesn't work right.

    But, I know that leaving the dimensions on 2D makes the 3d text work correctly. Just expected the 3d text to work properly when dimension is set to 3d

  • Out of interest, try your project in a Demo version of Hitfilm Pro 2018.

    The 3D/2D maths was corrected in some way, which may fix your issue, or make it worse, depending on whether what you were trying to do was only working because of the incorrect way in which some maths was being processed in earlier versions of Hitfilm.

    I only found out it changed when parenting 2D layers to 3D layers, so a 2D plane can no longer inherit rotation from a 3D point; it just ignores it. Don't know what it fixes yet.

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