THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • @lefty1963 You can already use Ctrl+mouse wheel to control zoom in/out.

  • @Lefty1963 that would work if the mouse knew where it was without you having to click somewhere first to tell it where to focus (it's why the keyboard shortcut for Slice clip is pointless, as you need to click on the timeline first. You might as well click on the Slice Icon itself).

    However, CTRL+Mouse Wheel does work to zoom in/out the timeline, although it can be a bit sticky and refuse to work until you 'free' it up by moving the slider instead.

  • @lefty1963 In case you don't know: hold CTRL while using the Wheel and it does exactly that.

  • @lefty1963 This can be done already.  On the Mac, hold the Command key while scrolling the mouse wheel to zoom/scale the timeline.  Not sure what the equivalent modifier would be for Windows.

    That said, there's a bug with this behavior in the new version of Pro (which I reported while using the prerelease version, but was surprised wasn't fixed in the first update).  This not only zooms the timeline, but also scrolls through the layers at the same time, making it almost useless because what I want to zoom in on now scrolls out of view.  It works fine in Express 2017, though.

  • Please add the ability to change what happens with a property's value before the first keyframe or after the last keyframe.  For example, Maya implements this as what's called Infinity, with Pre-Infinity and Post-Infinity options available on a per-property basis.  HitFilm's current behavior, where the first/last keyframe value just continues forever in the relevant direction, is equivalent to the default Constant option for Maya's Pre- and Post- Infinity settings.  Other infinity options in Maya are Cycle, Cycle with Offset, Oscillate, and Linear (examples near the top of this page)

  • +1 on moving Playback/Quality options

    Was caught out moving to Pro and not realising it was hiding video effects (I could not work out why my video effects weren't working)

  • My Suggestions for 2018:

    - Camera projection on 3D imported models 

    3D mesh editing & deformation on imported models

    - 3D Displacement  (not just 2 D , I mean it will be adaptable with cameras) 

    - Cinema 4D plugin for Hitfilm to adapt Cinema 4D scences and models to Hitfilm

  • +1 on C4d file support 

  • +2 On C4D file import support.  I can never get the materials to export right when converting it alembic or fbx or obj formats.

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    - importing Hitfilm Project files (.hfp) as a video like vegas does

    - option for height map to become a full 3d model

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Disagree on Importing hfp files as videos. Vegas basically has to render a proxy on the shot first and Hitfilm would have to do a similar thing. With that much slowdown, you're basically better just rendering anyway.

    I prefer the current behavior of bringing in Composite Shots from hfp files.

    +1 on Height Map as a 3D geometry effect.

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    [OT] I did not know that i can import a hfp into a comp, how do I do it? anywhay in vegas I didn't noticed any proxy generation, the video changes every time I change something in another istance

    (I suggested this, if on the short time is harder to get grade layer into editor)

  • - The possibility to parent the Puppet effect points to an external control point or another layer so you can do some kind of inverse kinnematics ;)

    - The possibility of LOCKING LAYERS , as you can do in the mayority of the NLVE of the markets, so you can move a layer without unconciously move or affect the one previously locked. (I think this was requested several times)

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    +1 AND INFINITY ON LOCKED LAYERS....not trying to be mean here but it's B.S that we still don't have the ability to lock our layers.   The locking ability should have been the first feature invented for Hitfilm when it came out.

  • The ability to have a target camera 

  • Is it possible to add locking layers to the latest version of Hitfilm Pro / Express in a patch?

    I think it should be a priority for Hitfilm. It would really speed up production knowing I can work on a project without having to worry about inadvertently moving a layer. 

    The slightest offset of a layer can have huge consequences later in a project if I don’t catch it. I’ve had this happen. I almost smashed my keyboard in the process. It wasn’t pretty. 

    Its time. 

  • + Gazzilion on the Layer Lock as well as the ability to edit Text on lower layers.   I must admit, these two items destroy my Zen every other editing session.

  • It's actually fairly easy to edit lower text layers.  Select the layer in the layer stack, then select the text tool.  This automatically puts that chosen text layer into edit mode.  The edit cursor might not show up right away, but it's there.  I think I figured this out for the new Pro first, but it also works (just tested) in Express 2017.

  • @Andersen01498 : "The ability to have a target camera"

    Could you please clarify what you mean by this?

  • @jsbarrett

    So I tried again to select stacked Text layers.  Still no.   I guess I was not specific. My problem is when the there is significant over lap.   If Upper Text Box is directly over the lower box,      ie. lower box is a larger font and it is key framed. I cannot select the lower box without re-positioning the upper box out of the way. 

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    @BobDiMarzio The solution I mentioned was to select the layer to edit in the layer stack, not in the viewport.  Select the layer you want to edit from the layer stack, click on the Text tool, and then just start editing text. No need to click directly on the layer in the view because choosing it from the layer stack before selecting the text tool automatically makes that the active layer to edit.

  • @jsbarrett ;  There is an extremely good chance that I am doing something wrong.  As the saying goes, a picture is worth a 1000 words.  Here is what I am seeing.

  • @BobDiMarzio @jsbarrett

    So after playing with it for a bit, it looks like there's three important things that have to happen to edit without clicking on it.

    1. The text layer has to be selected from the timeline, the text box will have a blue box in the viewer if it isn't covered by another text layer's white box.
    2. The text tool is active.
    3. The Viewer UI panel tab is active with the blue bar across the top.

    If all that is the case, you get the difficult to see text edit cursor that doesn't flash or draw attention to itself. If you change panel focus to Controls, the cursor is the same, but key presses don't go the text box.

    When you click in the viewer window image area, it goes to the top most layer it can find. That's what you did towards the end of the video.


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    @PixlPants From my experience, the Viewer UI will become active once the text tool is clicked after choosing a text layer from the layer stack.  True, the cursor doesn't always appear, but editing is active without the need to click on the text object in the viewport.  I've done this a LOT lately.  If I click the layer in the layer stack, then click the text tool — in that order — I can edit that layer immediately, every time.  No third click in the viewport on top of the layer is needed.  As we all know, that will often select the topmost layer, which hijacks the process.

    @BobDiMarzio From what I saw in your video, you're still clicking on the text object in the viewport.  That's the part that I'm saying you don't need to do.  Just start typing new characters, or press the delete key, or use the cursor keys to move the cursor position.  

    Edit: If what I'm saying is somehow still unclear, I'd be happy to record a video, but at the moment I'm typing this I've got other things going on.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @whakan by the Import menu is a triangle button. Click that for a dropdown of import options. Select "Import Composite Shot" and you can also load Composite Shots (not Editor Timeline) from hfp (project) files. It's a key thing to making presets. 

    @Andersen01498 if you mean automatic or "Point of Interest" camera targeting, that was added in Hitfilm 4. In a camera's "Layer Properties," selecting a "Target Layer" automatically orients the camera to the chosen layer. 

  • @ToddGroves ; I feel you...its really infuriating 

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    For the Witness Protection Effect to inherit Rotation and Scale from a Point that has them, because it got its values from a two point tracker.

    Having already got the data from the tracker, it's redundant to have to keyframe manual values back in to the Effect again. You can Cut'n'Paste the Rotation values for the point to the effect, but not the scale because they are stored differently. Point is a percentage, the Effect has separate X and Y values that go from 0-10.

    Ideally, once set, these should vary according to the % scale change of the Point.

    Also Buglet: every time you change the Preset to a different Blur/Pixelation type after you've set the position... it changes the position. Perhaps Presets shouldn't cause the position to update?

  • @jsbarrett ;    After rereading your post and fiddling  around a bit.  I can now   edit  text layers under other test layers.     You are correct.    however, to me, it's still a work around that should be corrected by a mechanism to properly lock layers. 

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     @BobDiMarzio or the Layer Tab actually allowing you access to the selected Text layer so you can edit it there? ;)

  • @BobDiMarzio Glad that you got it working!  I agree that layer locking would be nice to have.  If I haven't given that a +1 before, I'll do so now. :)

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