Exporting Camera from Hitfilm to Blender?

I would like to export a tracked camera from Hitfilm to my blender project. Is this possible?


  • It is not directly possible. Hitfilm has no provisions to export its 2D tracker data at all, or any way to export 3D cameras. 

    3D camera tracks from Mocha Hitfilm can only export as Hitfilm Composite Shots to go into Hitfilm.

    Mocha Pro can export tracking data in FBX format Blender might be able to read. This will cost several hundred dollars.. 

    If you're doing 3D camera solves, I note BLENDER is capable of doing camera matchmoving and you would be better to track in Blender then export the Blender camera in .ma format, which can import into Hitfilm. Then you have both cameras.

    You can try Autodesk Matchmover, which is now free. Matchmover can export a .ma aolve that can be read by Hitfilm and Blender. 

  • Thanks for your response, I suspected this may be the case.

    I have managed to get Mocha to export to Blender before but do not have a full paid version so isn't an option.

    I have used Blender as a camera tracker but it can be quite manual at times and you need a lot of decent tracking points.

    One workaround I thought of would be to do some planar tracks in Mocha, use this data to corner pin some tracking marker textures in Hitfilm and export this to Blender. Voila! Plenty of points to track...

  • That's an interesting workaround. I like the thought, but it IS something that sounds like it takes a certain amount of added time and effort.

    Take a look at Autodesk Matchmover first. Again, it's free, and it can export tracking to an .ma format that Hitfilm and Blender should both be able to import, and, since it will be identical data in both programs, you should be able to do your blender work and hitfilm work easily. If Matchmover isn't working for you, then try your workaround.

    I do like the workaround, btw--good on you for figuring out how to work around a limitation in a fairly smart way. If you TRY this workaround, I'd even say just attach your tracking marker textures to your corner pins and export those on a plain background? That way Blender wouldn't have to sort through extraneous video detail--just clean points.

    Remember that Mocha's camera solving is an "educated guess" creating a "3D" space based on the movements of a couple of rectangles it's guessing at orientation of based on it's corner points and how they parallax around each other. Mocha doesn't have any idea of size, scale and distance, and there are multiple, functionally identical mathematical solutions to every track. This means Mocha's accuracy is greatest closest to tracked planes and falls off the farther from the planes you go in 3D space. Just try to track as close to where you intend to insert VFX or models as possible. Also, for more solid tracking, know that mocha likes as large a spline as you can give it, but also likes smaller surface planes!

  • Thanks! You are right it is extra effort but I tried it and it did the trick. Obviously the Mocha corner pins need to be pretty spot on, otherwise even if the Blender track is accurate it won't match the footage.

    I actually did export the tracking markers without the footage which made it easier for Blender too, it does a pretty decent job if you are in a bind I would say.

    Yes I have found that with Mocha, track the area you are inserting your object!

    I didn't know you Matchmover was free?! Thanks for the heads up! Will add this to my pipeline for sure.

  • Well Autodesk has stopped updating it, so, it's free now. :)

    How did the Mocha export/tracking export work out? Did you get a good match in Blender.?

  • It worked pretty well! Essentially it's just placing tracking markers in post!

  • I noticed Triem23 said Blender reads .ma can you elaborate on that? I have searched for a method to import tracking data from autodesk to Blender but I am unable. Thanks!

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