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How to Rig Up a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter from Scratch in HitFilm Pro...



  •  That. Was. Awesome. :D

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  • How to Rig Up a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Part 2...

  • Thumbs up!

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  • Good job on the world pull through +1

  • @GrayMotion Thank you. I will do a tutorial on it in the future.

  • Look forward to it. I first saw the process from a Youtube user Collin Ross. Looks easy to do with HF.

    (btw) I have no subject to particapte in such a shot. The wife says NO NO NO to on camera performances :-)

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    @GrayMotion ;  I feel the same way about me on camera, but I have had to suck it up (or suck it in for all the good that does...) a couple of times. 

    Edit: Just noticed that part of my comment was lost in the cut and paste process.  @Hitfilm Sensei  thought the picture thing was very well done as well.  Looking forward to the tutorial also.

  • I liked it, really captured that moment when you go into a dream state, maybe a touch of softening the look might of sold that a tad more, but nice pull through.

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  •  @HitfilmSensei

    Great job on the Tie Fighter and on the perfect picture pull through.

    I'm  also impressed that the dream state also provided sunglasses 



  •  'ReactoLite' glasses change according to lighting conditions. ;)

  • @BobDiMarzio @Palacono

    You are right. They are the same glasses. The problem is that they have transition lenses. I didn't realize how much they had changed when I went outside. Someone suggested that I should have made them dark for the inside shot after coming back from the daydream!

  • @HitfilmSensei ; Wow!  The Tie Fighter video is brilliant!  I have tended to avoid importing models because I could never figure this out on my own, but after seeing the solution it seems so obvious.  Mega kudos.

  • Sith Eyes in HitFilm Express!

  • Create a Space Ship Dog Fight from Scratch in HitFilm Pro!

  • I'm just going to copy/paste my YouTube comment here:

    Great practical example of the Follow Behavior! 

    At first I was finding it odd that your second point didn't directly follow the first. I don't know if you found a bug, or if it's an artifact of order of operations (since Behavior comes after Transform). Might be worth REPORTING as a bug just to see what the devs say?

    (EDIT: @Ady is the behavior in the above paragraph expected or a bug?) 

    For the section of the tutorial where you start duplicating instances, I refer to this Simon Jones tutorial on duplicating fleets with the particle sim.

    As keyframed animation on a point the source model is parented to translates to its particle clones, this would be a very easy way to get a MASSIVE battle going. Just stick both ship models in the same layer with each ship parented to the correct points in the Model folder and the particle sim will grab both ships.

    This also reduces the number of layers greatly.

    Excellent tutorial, Jay. One of your best!

    I would be remiss if I didn't call you out for Star Wars SFX in a BSG animation. For future use, buddy...

    Considering this level of fleet was possible in HF4 with a single animated model and a particle sim with start frame offsets and a little bit of Lifetime graph, these new behaviors are going to make this sort of thing easier and faster to set up for even more impressive results!

  • Thank you for your kind words.I spoke with Cedric about the Behavior "bug" and he didn't seem to react to it as if it were a bug, so I assumed this must be how it works.

    You are right about the duplicating fleets idea. Essentially what I did was create four "hero ships" as Simon called them. Duplicating the hero ships with the particle sim would most certainly create a MASSIVE battle scene.. Probably far too much for my computer.

    The reason I went with Vipers was because the model is very resource light and I could do the whole tutorial without lag. I cannot say the same for the X-Wing and Tie Fighters. Thanks for the link to the BSG page. I am thinking about making a BSG fan film, so that will come in handy for sure!
  • I got a lot of free BSG models from @RossTrowbridge. Most of the 1978 fleet... Some are already material rigged, with a couple set up for Cook-Torrance. I'll remember to zip that up if you want. 

  • @Triem23 I would love it! Thank you.

  • That is a really good setup.

    One thing that came to mind is that with that one long dogfight setup one could create a lot of cameras for cuts. Even cameras attached to a chasing or chased ship. With the fight movement basically random and not planned not all sections of any individual fight would look "good" up close. But the fight runs a long time. One should be able to find various good short sections to cut to. 

    Then on the NLE timeline you could setup a sequence of shots trimmed from that one big and long comp. The trim selecting the a suitable camera in the comp. No need for chronological time. Just pick short pieces that look good.

  • @NormanPCN *points at BSG video thumbnail*that works great. :) 

  • @NormanPCN

    That is absolutely correct. In fact, I attached a camera to a point that was parented to a Behavior Point assigned to follow the Chasing Ship. The camera followed the chasing ship getting glimpses of the chased ship along the way. It looked really cool. The point is that it is very easy to set up in short order a lot of really nice dog fight shots without a lot of time or work involved. Put in whatever models you want to use and presto, instant dog fight in any sci-fi universe. The behavior effects are very powerful indeed.

    I am waiting for @GrayMotion to jump in with the idea of using Action Pro to create an even more organic chase scene. I am already ahead of you...

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • That is pretty sweet.

  • @NormanPCN @spydurhank Hitfilm Sensei, Action Beta Pro made one of my super secret tricks obsolete, but I'll still cover it in a tutorial later. Basically I've used mocha to "mo-cap" spaceships. Take a camera with a wide lens into something like a parking garage (lots of planes from columns, beams and cars) and zoom the camera around to be the ship. Track the shot, then turn off the Imported camera but use its position/orientation data as motion data for a ship. Great for easing into a landing and one that's been in my pocket since Hitfilm 2.

    I bet Action Pro is easier. 

  • @Triem23 That's a great idea! Ultimately, Action Pro will be able to do that. In the meantime, I love it, and I will definitely try it out!

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