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Welcome! If you're here, we can only assume that you have been drawn in by the dizzying delights of Action Pro Beta and its possibilities for your workflow. 

Ready to record and build your animations? This is the place to start for any of your questions or requests for new features. Our developers will be popping in to make sure that you have all the support you need!

In the meantime, check out our Action Pro Beta training video:

We're super excited to have you on board, early adopters :)



  • Wow!  That is a huge step forward.

    I am already asking in my head how do you edit the path once you've imported it into HF.  Drag keyframes there or do you jump back and forth to  Action Pro to edit and fine tune?

    Lot's of new possibilities!  Way to go guys!

  • I can't wait until I get a chance to play with this! About... Two more weeks? 

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    This looks very very interesting. Couldn't resist and picked up a copy but won't stay running? Darn the to support. Reinstalled cleared it up


  • Reinstall after activation to keep the app running.

  • Hmmm - could you guys include some more detail about what issue you were having and exactly what you did to fix it? Thanks for being the first onto the forums! :)

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    Hey guys, thanks for the feedback so far. Interested in the knowing what the activation issues are and how I can reproduce them. Also what systems are you guys on. :)

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    Thanks for the tool folks.

    a)Upon activation and after restart the app would not stay running.

    b)Reinstalled App and it ran once

    c)Now it appears that I have to run the app as an administrator to keep it running.

    Installed on PC Windows 10 currently. Will install on Mac and report back.

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    Now I have "Network Error" on activation and was unable to reach as well. I think they are working with the servers at the moment :)

  • I have the same issue as @GrayMotion ; After installation and activation the program would stay on screen for less than a second.  I uninstalled and reinstalled and the first time I ran the program it ran fine.  The second time it would only stay on the screen for less than a second (again)  Using @GrayMotion s idea of running as administrator works.   Windows 10.

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    Works like a charm on the Mac.

    One thing I noticed right away was the the line draw with my Magic Mouse is 100% less jittery than the logitech mouse on the PC

  • I also experienced the same problem of the program closing, running as administrator solves the problem for me as well.

    I am running Windows 7 

  • I'm not sure if it has this feature yet, but I would like to see:

    - Being able to have objects align along the path. for example, in the QNA episode creating spaceship dogfights was mentioned. This would make it a lot easier to animate a dogfight type of animation.

    Also, can you draw multiple separate paths in the same scene so you can see where the other ship was for the alignment of the second ship?

  • @y88cdw sorry about the network issues, our servers were taking a bit of a pounding last night. Should all be back to normal now! 

  • Wow looks really cool and opens up loads of speedy ways to animate.

  • I guess since this is beta I can ask questions and give feedback?

    a)What is the camera icon with a refresh loop? Clear screen??
    b) it appears there is no editing involved yet? Cut tool inoperable.
    c) what are the icons beside the two axis mouse/leap motion dropdown?
    d) it appears all I can do is draw squiggly lines as in Josh's example. No targeted paths?

    I know this is beta so I'm just typing here.


  • I get the crash at strat up as well in windows 10  . Same as others setting to run as admin and it works fine 

  • Yup, closes after about 1 second for me, too. Running as admin fixes it.

  • Sorry guys did I miss an email on the beta on this? I got the impression it was part of the new studio, but my initial Hitfilm Pro update seems to not include this?


  • Just spilling thoughts here...

    Wacom pen?

  • Yeah, kind of with @Andy001z on this.  I didn't see an download email for the beta.  Are we supposed to download the demo for testing?   Or purchase the Beta?

  • For me I had to purchase the beta...but then I'm just a lowly user :-)

  • @GrayMotion We're all lowly users ;)

    But good to see (not a lowly user) @SimonKJones back among us again!

  •  Wacom: That was actually my first thought when I saw this. Maybe using my finger instead of the pen-might come out smoother...?

    On another note: Tried this last night-worked perfect to attach the point to a text plane (Hitfilm Pro). OTOH the particle generator seemed to be all over the place and basically unmanageable.  Probably my error, but thought I would mention it.

    I too (Windows 10) can only make it run if opening it as an admin.


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    +1 @Stargazer54

    @KTrails -

    I can't seem to get a good track with a 2 axis mouse on the PC. The points stutter and reverse (at times) in micro increments (jittery). My magic mouse with the Mac generates much smoother points by far.

    I attached track a path made with me Mac to a particle sim here. As you can see some of the moves are erratic but much smoother than my PC mouse.

  • Here is a capture using my PC mouse. It is definitely jerky, but I did not smooth it out as suggested in the short video tutorial by Josh.

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    One things for would take me a fortnight to manually key frame abstract paths like this...

    Paths are smoothed to 17, emitters unrolled, center point focus, camera rotation

  • They look great, super job.

  • This is a cool addon with lots of possibilities.
    Wish list.

    Point to Point path generator will be good with top view to draw a square or shape with the ability to smooth it out if needed

    library of paths to use or edit ( like in iclone7 )
    this is good for camera tracking moves as well.

    Ability to place a dummy object to draw around or for when setting up camera moves.

    Just a few starters 



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