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I'm so excited for the newest release of Hitfilm, but I have a few questions.

1. On the website when I click upgrade, it says "Upgrade from Hitfilm Pro 2017" and there is a code. What does this mean? Is the code a free upgrade from 2017?

2. With the new 3D model reflection option, is it for reflections on the model, or reflections on to other surfaces, like planes. If I use this new non-spherical reflection option, will 3D models have mirror like reflections instead of the spherical ones?


  • Glad to hear it!

    1. The website will show you the best available upgrade price on your account, including free upgrades. There should also be a price, or the word "Free", in the green "buy" button. Bear in mind though that you do need to be logged in, and logged in to the same account as any previous software you own. The code shown underneath "Upgrade from <program name>" is your serial code for that version - some people have multiple copies or versions.

    2. Pass; I'm afraid that's beyond my knowledge as a humble Web Developer! I'll mention this thread to our more intelligent folk though.

  • @DanielGWood thank you for the response!


  • @ZachAlan_Productions

    Straight from the Lead Developer for HitFilm:

    The new "planar reflection" type added to 3D models means that the 3D model receives reflections from all layers that cast reflections onto the largest planar surface in the 3D model.

    e.g. a helipad might have large planar surface where the helicopter lands and that area would receive reflections from another helicopter model, if the helicopter is set to cast reflections and the helipad is set to receive planar reflections.

    In earlier versions of HitFilm 3D models always received spherical reflections from other layers - meaning that the reflections would be distorted based on a sphere before projected onto the 3D model. This isn't what you're after if you want nice reflections on a flat surface like a helipad or the floor of a car showroom.

  • @DanielGWood ; Perfect that answers my question! Time to try it out...

  • If I upgrade to the newest version, can I still keep the old one on my system as a backup? Will it mess up the installation at all?

  • @ZachAlan_Productions The new version will be a separate installation, so it won't affect the 2017 version at all.

  • @inScapeDigital thanks for the quick response.

    I have some projects on the go in Pro 2017 and want to be safe in case the new version has any issues. I've been using the demo and it seems to work great though!

  • @ZachAlan_Productions ; As a matter of maybe interest to you, I have 3 & 4 Express, 4 & 2017 Pro and until Dec. 1st the demo of the new release and Action Pro installed with absolutely no issues.

  • @ZachAlan_Productions Do make a duplicate of the project files that you're going to open in the new HitFilm Pro version, just in case you need to roll back to 2017. Once you save a project in the new Pro, it can't be opened in 2017 or any other previous version.

  • @tddavis good to know!

    @inScapeDigital thanks for the info. I'll be sure to do that!

    I'm trying to set up a scene with the new reflection type for 3D models but I can't get it to work. I'm using one of Video Co-Pilots Death Star hallway models and am trying to get the lights on the wall to reflect on the floor.

    I have cast and receive reflections on, and have all the reflection settings turned way up, but I don't see any reflections. Anyone have any idea on what I could be doing wrong?

  • @ZachAlan_Productions On the Corridor Floor model, under Properties - Default Material, try turning up the Specular Reflectivity.

  • @HitfilmSensei thank you, but I have already tried turning up the reflectivity sliders. When I switch to 360 reflections, I see them, but as soon as I switch to the new one, they are gone...

    Both models are 3D unrolled.

    Any other ideas?

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    @ZachAlan_Productions After playing with this a little, I decided to cheat and use a 3D black plane set to add blend to hold the reflections. The corridor floor is still there, I just didn't use it to reflect Here is a quick render...


    Here is a similar build in HitFilm Pro 2017...

  • Thank you @HitfilmSensei

    I'll keep that technique in mind as it seems to work very well! I'm just confused as to how the new reflection type is supposed to work and if it's possible to achieve the same effect without adding a plane.

  • @ZachAlan_Productions I can get the reflections to work in the floor model, but they definitely don't look right. That's why I resorted to "cheating!" :)

    Good luck!

  • @ZachAlan_Productions I feel really stupid saying this, but when you import the floor model, make sure you set the reflections mode to Planar. That is what I forgot to do, and that is why the reflections looked so bad. Doh!

  • @HitfilmSensei could you share the settings or a quick video of your setup so I can see what you have done to get it to work? I feel like I'm missing something obvious and this might help me find it...

  • @ZachAlan_Productions I can do that. Right now, I am headed out to a party, so I will do it later. Here is a render of what I did. There is a little artifacting going on, but otherwise, it doesn't look to bad.

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    ZachAlan_Productions This is how I have it setup.

    1 - Light
    2 - Camera
    3 - Point (floor and corridor parented)
    4 - Corridor Loop Floor (unrolled)
        a) -12 Y Anchor Point
        b) receive reflections
        c) planer reflections (model settings)
    5 - Corridor Loop (unrolled)

        a) cast reflections

    The floor reflects the corridor and the R2 unit but the reflections are skewed   (as @HitfilmSensei mentioned) badly. I think something is a miss.

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    @ZachAlan_Productions ...To use a plane as the floor

    1) Make a black plane.
    2) Turn it 3D.
    3) Move under corridor in the stack
    4) Rotate on X to 90 depress.
    5) Move floor down into place inside corridor.
    6) Black plane blend mode to add
    7) Turn on receive reflections for the plane layer. Material/Receive Reflections
    8) Reduce specular reflectivity of the plane : Material/Specular Reflectivity 

    Should give you what you are looking for

  • @GrayMotion thank you! I think @HitfilmSensei said both the floor and corridor and R2 have to be set to planar reflections, not just the floor for it to look proper...

  • JFYI - Planer and spherical in the model properties have no effect on the reflections on  a plane being used as a floor.

  • @Graymotion above I was referring to the floor model, not the plane. I think HitfilmSensei was saying that all the models need to be set to planar reflections for them to reflect properly when not using the plane as a floor method.

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    Yes sir...I tried that...and as he said the reflection doesn't look right. It's scrunched and swashed. The columns reflecting on the floor are scrunched. R2's reflection is swashed. Thus one has to use a plane to get the look we, me , they are after. Clean , proper sized reflections .

    As for why the new material setting  doesn't work as expected....My thinking is it has something to do with how the planer size is being calculated. But then who knows.

    Let me know if you finger it out :-).


  • Here you go guys... A quick video explaining exactly what I did to get the reflection look without using a plane. Of course, using a plane works awesome as well!

  • @HitfilmSensei thank you so much! I have no idea what I was doing wrong, but it works now! 

    I was just curious because it was advertised that the new version had planar reflections, so I wanted to try it. Now I know it works :)


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