X-Keys 68 Jog Shuttle

I am slowly switching over to HitFilm Pro from PowerDirector...

I usually use my X-keys with PowerDirector as it had shortcut keys for everything... and it sped my editing time up 10 fold.

I was wondering if anyone else uses X-Keys or similar system with HitFilm...  I have it doing the basics with HitFilm but would be nice if I could get streamline more... Was wondering if anyone else uses similar setup how they have set theirs up etc?


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    I have a Contour ShuttlePro v1 but it only has 13 buttons. I left the wheel using the default Hitfilm setting provided by Contour. The middle wheel goes frame by frame and the outer wheel is like pressing , or . at different rates depending on how far you turn it.

    I spent some time making graphics for a keyboard cover. They're SVG so they can be scaled. Below are PNGs just to show what they look like but here's a link to the SVG. You'd need to do whatever to get them into a form you'd want to print since mine a designed to cram a bunch of functions onto few keys.


  • I have a Contour Shuttle Pro 2. Works great, but I didn't make keycaps like THX1139. The shuttle pro has different keys bindings for different programs. 

    I also have a Razer Naga MMO mouse with a lot of custom keys bound. 

  • There are a few short Cut codes I wish I had that could then program them in the X-Keys unit.  A simple one like on the timeline a shortcut to few full timeline (as far as I know you can only do that by using the slider... correct me if I am wrong :-)  )

    Like I said I only have it doing the basics... I also wish I knew how to program VB so I could get the software and the unit to actually interact... (I far too dumb for that LOL) which is what it can do... would be nice to see some companies support external units with their own scripts.

  • To devil's advocate, I suppose a preset template with a device is ok for beginners, and it's good for marketing ("works with Hitfilm!"), but I've never used the provided template for an input device. I always roll my own.

    Actually the aforementioned Shuttle Pro has three different Vegas templates I swap, depending on if I'm editing single cam, multicam, etc, and Hitfilm has two templates. One for Composite Shots, one for Editor Timeline. 

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     Having a template is usually a very good starting point ... I would like you most likely alter it to meet my needs but it would be a good starting point for the basics... (if that makes sense) means less work for me setting it up... then tweaking it to the way I want it to work...

    ie the toggle wheel on the X-Keys frame forward and back... but switch to red layer the same toggle wheel is 10 frames forward and back and the outter toggle set to home and end clip etc

    And for basics I mean some of the short cut keys are the same across the board whether editing or composting,   zoom ... toggle frame forward and back,  cut in and cut out, play home end sequence etc... with the way  X-keys works I can set it up so that the same key does the same thing in different programs even if the short cut key is different... X-Keys recognises which program is running and in the foreground...

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