[ANSWERED] Any word on Hitfilm 2018 yet ?

Any sneak peaks  ? are gossip?    about what coming in the next version of hitfilm ?



  • The days are getting shorter. The Air is getting cooler.  Big box stores are starting to roll out the Christmas Decorations. 

     Is it not the time for FX Home to tease us all the new cool enhancements that we can expect in the traditionally released in November,

    NEW VERSION of Hit Film Pro? 

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    As far as I can remember, HitFilm 3 Pro is the only software that was "teased" with the ability to preorder. Everything else went unheard of until the day it came out.

    Edit: looks like 2 Ultimate also had a blog post or two detailing some features.

  • @inScapeDigital ;  Well, I do remember a lot Simon Jones Teasers showing off  all the cool new stuff.  you are most likely correct it was before HitFilm Pro 2017 But.......... That does not mean that we cannot do it again.  :)


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    While I'd like to see teasers myself, I remember Kirstie saying (re: Hitfilm 3's launch) that media coverage ended up being somewhat high with the previews, then lacking for the actual release. The logic behind the 4 and 2017 launch became to just hit huge on the actual launch date. 

    This obviously doesn't mean FXHOME can't change policy again, but that's the last rationale I know of. :) 

    Of course users asking on the forum, the YouTube page and Social Media feeds also generates anticipatory buzz... 

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    I waiting patiently... :-)   with my OCD that is very very hard to do... just saying 

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    I understand everyone's impatience. I came up here with the same agenda...to ask "WHEN IS HITFILM PRO 2018 COMING OUT?" I mean, y'know...just sayin'.    Now that I have my money straight, I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve...

  • @Pencilandinc but have you been a good person this year, will Santa Josh and team bring you what you want. I'm sure they will.

  • Come on guys, a little sneak peak on this Thursday's  You tube can't hurt.  could it?   @kirstie, @Josh, @ Oli  


  • Lol Hotfilm getting me websites mixed up  again

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    "I think I was...I'm hoping that they will..." Last year, priorities changed at the last minute and all I could afford was a rock.

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    I am so excited!!!!
    I have a reminder in my diary that says
    that I have to look at the hitfilm website
    in search of updates every day!!!!!!!
    I saw in the hitfilm FACEBOOK
    what will the short film hitfilm makes
    with every release looks like...
    The images were AWESOME



  • @Pabloip The footage from the Ember Films shoot is deep in post-production, and getting closer to being finished every day!

    Can't wait to show you all the final product- this is personally the largest VFX project I've ever undertaken.

  • Awesome! Can't wait!!

  • @inScapeDigital I have a hunch that the emberfilms is with the new hitfilm release? 

  • @inScapeDigital I'm sure you're doing your normal, excellent work. Looking forward to the final project. I expect vertiginous skydiving. 

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    Wow ! I am waiting what HF Pro 2018 brights, I am sure it will be very cool as features ! :)

  • If you need a beta tester. Count me in.

  • can not wait to see it

  • It's the Monday before Black Friday....  Any word? A lifeline? A crumb? Bueller?

  • Gulp, could it be that there will not be a new release this year.......

  • @Pencilandinc Hitfilms 1, 2, 3, 4 and 2017 were all released on the week of black Friday, this week is a solid guess. 

  • HitFilm is coming

  • I think we can all feel a distrurbance in the force.

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    @Triem23 Yeah, I know. Like clockwork...usually on/around the Monday before Black Friday. I think HitFilm 2 Ultimate came out a little earlier but usually the Monday before. Like Andersen01498 said, there seems to be a disturbance in the force. @Aladdin4d Thank you for that confirmation, It makes me feel a little better.

  • @Pencilandinc Winter is coming too so take it for what it's worth ;)

  • Does seem risky with Action VFX and Triune already announcing their Black Friday sales.  There is only so much splurge on video assets money............... :)


  • I noticed boris fx now supports boris ofx 11

  • Interested in a sneak peek at the new HitFilm Pro?  Check this out:



  • You are an evil man Mr. Barrett.    I joined the family with Hitfilm 2 and there has always been teasers  leading up to a release. well at least up until now.    :(

  • @jsbarrett That's funny, right there.  Had me laughing the whole way.

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