When to use Composite Shot?

Hello all.. I'm a little bit confused, hoping some others can help explain about using Composite shots.. (I am used to the old school VisionLab, where you could import a bunch of different pieces of footage onto the timeline, and then add effects over the top of them all..) Its taking me a bit to get used to having to create "composite shots", and i am a bit unclear of their purpose vs. the older method..
-- My first question is, "should i be converting each video clip on my timeline into a composite shot before adding any effects?"
Next, I'm using Hitfilm Ultimate, and have imported a few different clips, and wanted to splice them together.. (just different shots of some guys with guns running around..)
-- My second question is, in order to add effects (like muzzle flashes and/or some color grading) to each of the clips, do i need to convert each one into its own composite shot, and then add the desired effects onto each composite shot individually? (like if i got the color grading just right on the first clip/ composite shot, do i have to copy/paste that setting to each of the other composite shots/ clips?)
-- Or, lastly, is there a way to combine multiple clips into one composite shot, so that you can throw an effect onto the whole timeline, and have it apply to each video clip that is contained in the movie? Any and all comments are appreciated..
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  • It kind of sounds like all of those questions are the same question, worded differently. The question being,
    "Should I be converting each clip into its own composite shot, or can I use multiple clips together in a composite shot?"
    The answer is, however it is most comfortable for you, in your work flow. Generally, most movies don't require effects/compositing on every shot. So in such a case, you can put a rough edit of your movie together, then select the first clip which needs effects/compositing, create the effects, and its ready. then move on to the second shot requiring effects, and finish that one. This is one option.
    If the effects are primarily grading, and you already have all the shots color-corrected to match, and just want to apply some specific grading filters to the entire project, or to a sequence of scenes, then select all the scenes you want, and convert them to a composite shot. Then, add a Grade Layer inside the composite shot, and apply the grading effects you want. Keep in mind that when you convert a shot to a composite from the timeline, then any changes you make within the composite shot are automatically passed on to the timeline.inherited where it appears on the timeline.
    Being familiar with VisionLab, you likely understand how it was designed to work on a single shot at a time, and not for editing video together into a sequence. In this respect, you can think of each composite shot like a VisionLab timeline. You can work on individual scenes in various composite shots, then combine them in the Hitfilm timeline to create the final movie. Hopefully this helps, but if you have any further questions feel free to ask.
    One other thing to remember about composite shots is that the Editor cannot be 3D, whereas Composite Shots can. So any time you want to use any of the 3D effects in HitFilm, then you have to use a composite shot.
  • Axel, thank you so much for the super quick reply! Lots of good info there, thats one reason why this community is awesome..
    One question i do have, you mention that you can select multiple scenes, convert to a composite shot, and then apply a grading effect.. I think that is what i'm looking for.. But, when i click to select multiple video clips on the timeline, the "make composite shot" option above the timeline display becomes greyed out. Similarly, if i click on a clip individually, and right mouse click it -- there is an option to 'make composite shot'.. but if i highlight multiple clips and righ mouse click -- that option does not show up.. Am i doing something wrong..? thank you again..
  • Hm, right you are. I was thinking that was meant to work, but I was wrong. What I was thinking of is that you can select multiple layers within a composite shot, to create a new composite shot from them. It doesn't work the same with multiple objects on the Editor timeline. Sorry for the confusion.
  • oh ok.. thanks for the clarification.. i'll continue to try and work through it all, and see what works best..
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