DLKeur's New 'What I'm Doing' Thread (Fall 2017)

So, I've been gone a long time. Got very, very sick, and it's taken months to get better. Meanwhile, no video-ing got done. Nothing. So, getting back into the game, I'm working on a performance video for Living in the Past which was recorded months ago with our old cameras. This week, the new mounts and new cameras are in, the mounts installed, remote controllers working, video monitors working. The only FAIL so far is that, even though they're supposed to, they don't ...record straight to the dedicated drives, instead of to the camera cards. Not sure what I'me doing wrong, but I trust husband to figure it out ...sooner or later. 

We were supposed to video this weekend, but I don't think that's going to happen until the record direct-to-drive thing gets figured out. Pulling cards from the cameras is just BS.


  • Good to have you back, sounds like a nice setup.

  • Ooooo-kay. And I began a 'fun' project, with an urchin and some moths and...then all hell broke loose. Mom wound up in emergency last night, diagnosis is a torsion (twisted bowel in the small intestine) due to scar tissue from an appendectomy she had when she was nine. Oh joy. Don't know how much I'll be doing anything for awhile.

  • Our best to you and your family @DLKeur sometimes life just keeps on kicking. Just you kick back!

  •  Okay. So Mom died. 

  • @DLKeur ; You have my deepest condolences on your unfathomable loss.  

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
    edited October 2017

    I'm sorry, Dawn. I can only hope she wasn't in much discomfort or pain.

    Coming up on two years for mine. 

  • I'm sorry for your loss.  I lost my Mom a year ago, I understand.

  • Thanks, @BobDiMarzio , @Triem23 , and @tddavis ;. It was unexpected. Not quite got my altogether together yet.

  • My heart goes out to you, @DLKeur

  • Thanks, @jsbarrett and @Andy001z . The legal "stuff" is completely time eating. Mom never had Dad's will probated, a must in Idaho, and a will is only good for 3 years. Dad's been dead a good while longer than that, so I'm having to probate both their deaths, and it's a real headache. I barely have time to turn around before there's some new demand for documentation from the court which makes me have to try and find more old paperwork that was stuffed into unmarked boxes.

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