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  • It would be nice if there was a single-click button in the Composite Shot Properties dialogue to immediately change the length of the Composite Shot to the end of the last item on the Composite Shot timeline.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I'll +1 that, @THX1139.

    Alternate implementation: a right-click menu item to collapse a Composite Shot to the current In/Out area. Existing media would be allowed to flow forward and backwards outside the new duration. 

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    Alternate implementation: both!

    I can't remember if I already said so, but I wish the dialogue for making a Composite Shot would remember the options I selected the previous time. I often use the same settings many times in a row.

  • The graph editor needs a way to isolate x,y,z coordinates 

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    I would like the arrow keys to be able to move masks like they can move planes.

    Also, I think it should be possible to change the colour of all text in a selected text box (or multiple boxes) without having to enter the box and select the text first. It's time consuming to do this with multiple text boxes.

    Also, while I understand why sometimes it's a gain in efficiency to be able to move an object without clicking on it first, more often then not I have to press Ctrl + Z whenever I select something but it's very hard to select something without moving it at the same time. This is made worse by the few times this does not happen which mean that if I press Ctrl + Z I will lose an operation I wanted to keep. Sometimes the movements are subtle so it's not possible to tell whether something moved simply by paying attention. I'd like to be able to configure an option to make it so that in order to move something you first have to click and release and then click and hold again to move it.

    Also the text cursor is the same colour as the mid-grey plane layer so if you use a mid-grey plane as a background, you lose the cursor and have to switch off the layer to see it again.

    Also, I'd like to be able to export frames from the LAYER tab and not just the VIEWER tab.

  • -1 on changing multiple text boxes at once.  Use Fill, Tint or a Grade Layer. Or plan ahead.

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    I don't know how to plan ahead in a way that wouldn't be just as time consuming when you want to see on the screen what different fonts will look like when all changed together.

    I wish I could select a medium in the MEDIA tab and see where it's been used (perhaps in a list)and go straight to those composite shots or positions in the timeline.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    +1 on seeing a list of where media clips are used.

    I point to the "Edit Details" window in Vegas Pro as a possible example. 

  • Maybe clips that are in the timeline show up in the Media Bin with a green highlight, or a green dot.

  • I wish you could import a composite shot the same way you import media (Ctrl+Shift+P) and Hitfilm would identify the thing you're importing as a composite shot and import it in the appropriate way.

  • Hi I don't know if it's already in there but here a few ideas

    - Multicam option would be nice. one for multiple cam shots an another from one shot that could be modified ( full frame version(in 4k) and zoomed in version for hd content for example)

    - develop animation possibilities (creating bones and skeleton joints) for images and image composed  "caracters" or objects.

    - user preset library

    - I know this would be a lot of work but ( cinematic presets dedicated to the most used cameras.)



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    +1 to THX1139's suggestion with an addition: the ability to just drag .hfp files into the media window in a newly opened version of Hitfilm and it would be as if you loaded it through the File Menu.

    It's a lot quicker for me to go to where I've got a Project file and drag it into Hitfilm - as I do with Media - than it is to have to load it and find it, especially if Hitfilm is remembering a different path from a previous occasion. I do this all the time with Vegas Movie Studio and miss it when I swap back to Hitfilm.

  • +1 for some multicam support, one feature I would like specifically is to ability to automatically synchronise multiple cameras based on audio.


    -If by "user preset library" you mean an online library of presets made by other users, there already is one on inScapeDigital

  • could you guys please make grade and text layers addable in the normal editor timeline?

  • could you replace some of the audio editing effects with an audio EQ control or master effect?

  • could you please make many more of the composite shot effects available in the editor timeline?

  • could you please make audio editing easier in composite shots?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator


    You know Hitfilm has EQ effects, right?

    Which "Composite Shot Effects" would you like in the Editor Timeline. If you're asking about filters labeled "Layer Only," then, no, probably not. Those require LAYERS for data, and a LAYER is NOT the same as a TRACK.

    Also, you're allow to ask more than one question/suggestion per post.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Could we add a right-click context menu option in the Media Bin to "Send to Export Queue?" Ideally this would work on multiple selected items in one click.

    Obviously we'd only want this to work for Composite Shots and Media files, but this would be helpful to users who want to use Hitfilm for batch transcoding.

  • Can we also have the ability to group things in the editor timeline?

  • +1 on right-click > Send To Export Queue. 

  • +1 on send to export queue with one addition.

    For transcode duties we are probably better off with special app or dialog to do the transcode. It should be tons faster if we avoid passing the frames through the render engine to avoid the read back performance issues. The frames can go straight from the decoder to the encoder. Plus a transcode app/dialog can have some task specific items like easy group folder selection and maybe a simple naming/renaming facility.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    In Hitfilm, some (but not all) filter parameters assigned to sliders can accept numeric input beyond the slider's range. A partial list (compiled by @NormanPCN and @JMcAllister) includes:

    • -All of the sliders in "360 text"
    • -All sliders in "Vignette exposure"
    • -All sliders in "Depth Mask"
    • -All sliders in "Depth Matte"
    • -Most sliders in "Energy/Fluid/Heat/Smoke Distortion"
    • -Scale in "Fractal Noise"

    Where some sliders, notably Particle Speed in the particle sim, have really ridiculous slider ranges--such as 0 to over 2 billion for Particle Speed.

    So, it's probable that there's nothing in the base code or UI design forcing a slider to input the full range of values the parameter can accept. Therefore, it would be nice (but not critical--this is a low priority request) if:

    • Sliders were tuned to have a "reasonable" maximum value--in the example of particle speed, NormanPCN suggests a slider range of 0-10,000.
    • Sliders attached to parameters that can accept numeric input wider than the slider range have some sort of visual indicator for expanded numeric input. My suggestion would be a small "+" at the right end of the slider.



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    Absolutely +1 both of the suggestions in the comment above

  • Sorry, if these ideas were already mentioned (there is no way I could read 36 pages :)), here is what I would suggest:

    1. Add "Enable audio" option in the composite shot properties window. That is, if it is not ticked, no audio track is included in a comp shot. It will stop creating an empty audio track each time we create a comp.

    2. Add OMF export and you will open the whole world of audio processing to Hitfilm users. If it is hard to implement, consider getting in touch with AA Translator   developer. May be he can add Hitfilm format.

    3. Continuous playback. Currently, HF stops Playback at any action on a keyboard. Hit any key, select any option and HF will stop playing back. I can be wrong, but HF has 4 core CPU for its extra needs. Why not to utilize them?

    4. Add markers.

    5. After splitting a clip, only the right part must stay selected (currently both are). The reason is, in 90%, after splitting a clip, it is the right part we want to shift/delete/shrink etc.

    6. Zoom In/Out at a mouse pointer position (currently at playhead). At least, it could be an option in HF preferences.

    7. Creating a project copy from the File menu. At that, HF must create a copy of a project with all video/audio media (trimmed) in a single folder. Convenient for exchanging projects and for creating archives.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    1. Add "Enable audio" option in the composite shot properties window. That is, if it is not ticked, no audio track is included in a comp shot. It will stop creating an empty audio track each time we create a comp.

    4. Add markers.

    5. After splitting a clip, only the right part must stay selected (currently both are). The reason is, in 90%, after splitting a clip, it is the right part we want to shift/delete/shrink etc.


  • Is it possible to have a separate render queue option like media we can continue working on other things within Hitfilm?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andersen01498 that request comes up frequently. Just to devil's advocate for a moment, doing so would have a real negative impact somewhere. Either the render would slow to a crawl or editing would slow to a crawl, depending on what was being prioritized.

    Hitfilm 2 Ultimate allowed multiple instances to run (no longer possible because it would mess up proxies), and I used to try rendering a project while editing a second project. In practice it didn't work very well at all. It just made things too slow.

    Not saying that it's impossible and I'm not saying that it's truly a bad idea, but I am arguing that with Hitfilm's engine being OpenGL based (instead of the custom engine Adobe uses), it's not a trivial thing to add in, and would probably be more difficult to implement than we might think.

    After all that I'll still +1 the suggestion and hope the devs have some optimization tricks that make it feasible. :) 

  • +1 slider subrange for additional properties. Specifically Particle Sim particle speed and particles per second have huge ranges. Slider is kinda worthless here.

    +1 for some indicator that a slider is a subrange of the allowed property range. Hitfilm already has slider subranges in various places, and probably should have more.

    "1. Add "Enable audio" option in the composite shot properties window."


    +1 markers. +1 continuous playback. Repeating myself here.

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