DARKNESS UNVEILED - Lightsaber Duel - LCC 2018 (11/1/18)



  • @jsbarrett Squirrel? Oh, it was just a mention of my name.  :)

    Well, I'm here now, so...um... good spot on the tracked logo. I thought it was actually painted on the ground. I see it slides a bit in the second one (nicely masked against the barn), but you have to look hard to see that so it was a good job. Probably not done with mocha. I'm going to say: AE 3D camera Tracker?

  • @Palacono You are correct! It was done with AE 3D camera Tracker! And yes, I did notice the logo the second time moving a little, and nice of you to notice the mask against the store!

  • Well you fooled me completely the first time, so I'm legally obligated to say something that shows I'm not completely out of touch. ;)

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    Haha well hope to fool you again! XD

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     Balogna Man. Too much black, blah, blah, been said. @jsbarrett nailed it with mistakes. Those are how you learn and get better. The day I'm 100% happy with anything is the day I've become complacent. 

    On the positive side the shots you've shown are pretty sweet. Some of the flying is spectacular, the building jumping is pretty close (get a cast shadow in the overhead  onto the roof and it'll be 10 times better), you've got lovely shockwave and energy effects, and that super slow mo explosion is a hell of an ambitious shot that works well. Text is suitably "Blockbuster. Overall it's great work.

    It might be worth the re-edit to fill the black. Don't change anything else, just add in stuff. Especially the exchange dialog between the two characters, which could just be the shot that goes with the audio.


    Lovely footage. Even knowing the logo was tracked in it's hard to spot. I probably would have been fooled.

    If you take more corn maze footage (like you won't?) you need to start on a close overhead of someone, preferably two small happy kids, running joyfully along then rise up for the wide. Panning to buildings optional. I'd just go for the size of the corn maze. Maybe add a slow rotation in post... Totally add a slow rotation in post. 

  • @Triem23 Glad you liked the Bologna Man TRAILER! Once again, I will remember the "to much black stuff" for the next trailer! I do not know what I was thinking! Lol

    I was trying to get a cast shadow on the overhead roof scene, but I do not remember what happened, but I will try doing it for the film!

    When I was editing the trailer, I thought about having one of the shots to be in that has the voice over, like you said, just didn't do it :( Next time though!

    Glad you also liked the Pumpkins! originally I was not going to have the logo on the floor, I was not even thinking about it, but then I was like, you know I should put it there, and there you go!

    I do not know If I will be taking more footage of the corn maze yet, I do not know what my boss wants me to film next, but if I do, I will probably do something like you said for sure!


  • Hey everyone!!! I know I have not posted in a while, but this is what I have been doing, and literally we did all this in about only two weeks!! So it is not the best, I wanted to add more details, and end it better, and fix the voices, but once again I stayed up till 3 in the morning trying to finish this video and upload it, before the contest was over, and I think I barely made it, just 5 min. before the submissions closed! I also had more light saber fighting, shot, but did not have enough time to edit it in time :( And this is taken from the bologna man series episode #3, which the full episode will come out sometime next year! Enjoy! (still working on the first episode!!)

    Let me know what you all think!!


  • Very cool!  That's definitely an ambitious project to pull off in two weeks, but I think you did really well.  

    Most of your effects were really nice.  The main one that didn't work as well for me was the big energy ball that ended up blasting them against the trees.  The concept worked, but the comp could've used more tweaking.  It didn't feel as grounded in the scene as everything else.

    Another one that I feel could've used more tweaking was the way that Bologna Man's saber fell off the body of Darth Whatshisname near the end.  Instead of animating the saber falling off, it might've worked better to have the prop balanced on the guy's chest (perhaps with the help of an assistant and some fishing line) and just let it fall naturally, then clean it up in post.

    The opening scene worked pretty well for me, but something about the comp makes it feel flat.  It feels too much like everything is being lit by a light directly behind the camera, and even though there's a good bit of darkness to the scene, the highlights on all elements are nearly at the same level.  I'm no live-action comp wizard by any stretch, but something could be done to improve the feeling of depth in the scene.

    There was also too much camera shake in those opening shots for my taste.  If you were trying to make the camera feel handheld, HitFilm's shake effect isn't the best way to go IMO.  HitFilm has a tutorial that shows how to apply natural camera movement from one scene onto another, and might've been a more effective approach.


  •  I can appreciate the amount of work it took to pull off both the sword and the physical battle.    Yes there are things that at first look could have been refined for the sake of smoothness and continuity, however,  it is way above anything that I could accomplish given a year to conceive, write, create props,  film edit, create the VFX, Colorgrade and  final print.  So for me, well done.

    I was also impressed that you were able to get Andrew Scott (Moriarty in Sherlock) to do the opening voice.  :)



  • @jsbarrett Glad you liked it!!!

    I agree with you on the energy ball effect, I think there were a couple things I could have done, but as I am going to say a lot, I did not have much time.

    The Actors name for the sith's name is Nate, so we just decided to go with Darth Nater! XD  But that is a great Idea, and I should have done that, wasn't thinking! And I was already using fishing line for some of the other shots, oh well.

    I totally agree with you on the opening scene! I have scene tutorials on how to do the depth stuff, but never really tried it, but yea, it is a little flat.

    And thanks for showing me this tutorial on camera shake, it is going to help for sure!! I guess I could have done less shake!

    Thanks @jsbarrett for taking the time to share your thoughts, and helping me out!!!!

  • @BobDiMarzio Hey! Glad you liked it!! I appreciate it when people notice all the work! I could not have done it with the help of my family and friends!!! Plus the help from tutorials from amazing people, and places like this Forum!!!

    It was very hard to get Andrew Scott to want to do the opening voice, but he agreed to do it for some free candy :D Lol He could have just said no, and waited for last night! Just kidding!

  • I am back with another ten second entry!! Please let me know what you all think! :)


  • Well done!  Love the wave.

  • Hi people!!

     It has been a little while, been really busy with work, but here is another video from sweet providence Farm!!! This time Christmas trees!!!

    Please let me know what you all think ;)   Thanks!


  • @HIS_Films ;  Loved the seque at 36 seconds from outside to indoor. And OMG I always wondered how they got that netting around trees.  That is ingenious in it's obviousness.  Of course, I am a sucker for drone footage;  I think it looks so professional and Hollywood.  You did a really good job.  I kept trying to spot the VFX and couldn't, so that's the best you can ask for.

  • @tddavis Thank you for your kind words!! Glad to hear them!! Yea sometimes you wonder how things are done, and you think it is complex, but sometimes it is really simple :) Glad you liked it!!

  • Great Job.  Nice smooth drone work.  Nice transitions, great pacing  I have to ask.  Was that real snow fall or VFX snow fall?


  • @BobDiMarzio Hey!! Glad you enjoyed it!!

    The snow that was falling was not real! I can't fly my drone in that weather! ;) So that was VFX snow!

  • @HIS_Films

    Well you fooled me.

    If it was me, I would change  only one thing.   This is the music I hear in my head when I watch your video without sound.



  • @BobDiMarzio


    I do not get it? Are you saying you would of used that music? ;) Its nice too!

  • I guess I'm showing my age.  Sleigh Ride has traditionally been used with so many Winter/Christmas  Videos, Commercials,  Station bumpers for such  a long time.  I guess I instinctively expect it when I see something that could be first person Santa POV.  I'm not sure I would have used it,    Who am I kidding, yeah I would have used it.  :) 

  • Lol, I know what you mean! It is a great song, just came across carol of the bells Epic version, and I really liked it!!


  • @HIS_Films I started your Carol version and immediately the Tardis and the Doctor sprang to mind.  That version is very Whovian!  BTW, I also was fooled into thinking you flew your drone in a blizzard.

  • @tddavis Lol, well glad the snow worked!

  • After Seeing TSO in concert a few years ago, Carol of the Bells has not been the same.


  • Overall, a really nice promo for the farm!  I had a hunch the snow was added in post, but except for a few small hints that give away its true nature, it's quite effectively faked!  Aside from that, there were a few things that stuck out:

    • The transition at :17/:18 feels like a jump cut.  Camera framing is a bit too similar between those shots for my taste.
    • When moving from outside to inside, I expected the overall color temperature to warm up, but there were several shots that still felt heavily cold/blue.  Not sure if the interior shots were graded that way on purpose, or if it was an issue with the original footage.  When I go inside on a winter day, I expect it to be warm and inviting, and the strong cool grading of those interior shots doesn't do that for me.  I truly don't want to go into that space if it feels nearly as cold as the outdoors.
    • It was all feeling appropriately epic until 1:40, when that one photo was dropped in.  Yes, it's animated a little, but it still throws off the feeling of the piece for me.  Why couldn't someone have grabbed a camera and shot that same thing as video with a little movement, or have the drone do a flyby?  Having that one element be a photo with everything else as video is almost a let-down, and it's right at the end when (if anything) it should feel more impressive, not less.
    • On a related note, that "Fresh Produce" shot (as video) would have worked better for me somewhere earlier in the edit.  You have such nice aerial shots to end the piece on a high note with the music build, but the cut to the "Fresh Produce" truck feels out of place.  It's almost as if someone said, "We have to put the truck in there somewhere," and it was just tossed in near the end.
  • Hey @jsbarrett glad you liked it for the most part, umm... so #1

    •   You are right about the jump cut at 17/18 it didn't feel exactly right, yet again I was somewhat rushed with this video :( but I should of at least faded it or something
    • And again I agree with you on it being somewhat to cool inside, but not all of it, I think it was just the Lut I used made all the shadows cool, and the brighter spots warm, like all of the wood of the store. But I understand what you are saying
    • The truck was a last minute thing, when you think of Sweet Providence Farm, you think of the store and the Truck, and I had forgot the truck until I was pulling out of the driveway, and all I had was the camera to take a picture, so I did the best with what I had, oh well... but I know what you mean.
    • Thanks for the tip, still learning, thanks jsbarrett!!
  • @BobDiMarzio

       WOW!! That is one epic video, and yes they have changed it quite a bit!!

  • HIS__Films


    Nce footage and good job with the edit and snowfall VFX it looked real to me .  Just the music is off for me sounds  like a clip from diehard a bit to dramatic for christmas trees :)

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