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    @tddavis and @jsbarret - cool, thanks for the tips. I'll try those out soon.

    Working on some light speed VFX for Fall of the Resistance:


    I don't own Pro, so I was using the demo version for this. What you are seeing is a screen video of a ram preview - I'm not gonna use this in the actual movie because of low resolution and slight choppiness. This was just a test to see what was possible in Pro, and I wanted a way to show it to you guys - I thought it looked pretty cool.

  • @DIY_Film_Guy  Looks pretty sweet.  Different enough that it's all your own.  I have Pro activated and if this uses effects built in you could upload your project file to a cloud drive and send me a private message and tell me how you want it rendered out and I'd be happy to to do it.  Someone in Australia recently wanted me to that and sent me his .hfp file, but he didn't realize that all the vid clips had to uploaded as well and I take it that they were massive cause I haven't heard back from him.  They do take a long time to upload, I know.

  • Very good indeed.  You are clearly making the most out of the software you have.  Your Snoke model is brilliant, as is the lighting setup for it.

    Some points to consider:

    1. The image you wanted feedback on.  The asteroids are too regular.  You need to add a displacement map to them, with a noise modifier in the 3d software.  Secondly the light source is behind the TIE fighter, so the lighting is off as its wings are lit from the side.

    2. Snoke?  Great model.  well done.  The only things I would suggest are tidying up the hands and altering the Sub surface scatter.  It looks semi transparent, which highlights the cg rather than masking it.  Otherwise it's excellent.

    3. Getting the lighting right on the AT-AT.  Tricky.  I always use an Alpha when exporting 3d.  You can use it for all sorts, but a perfect match to the composite is essential. Not sure how the alpha is done from Blender but render that, and a depth map. Blur the depth and apply a noise modifier for fog/mist effects. That will even out the lighting a bit, then add a grade layer.  For a dappling effect with the forest lighting, you could get a white plane and animate shadows on it in Blender.  Render as an alpha map. Export that map as an image sequence, then put it into Hitfilm as a 3d plane angled to the light source, to get a dappling effect on the walker.  Use another plane on the ground to catch the shadows, and export that as an alpha as well, and overlay that on the real footage for shadow effects.

    4. Size.  AT-ATs are about 44m tall on a rough estimate. The foot itself is at least 4m tall (two people standing upright).  It's the size of a large dog in your clip.  It needs a different scene really, as they are unstable due to their centre of gravity.  Hence they worked on Hoth.  Could also work in a desert, but in a forest, something else.  Those two legged variants, whatever they were.

    4. The door opening scene. You need to add texture to the door.  It is clear it's a flat plane, with the texture applied as a planar map.  If you had UV'd it and put a texture on the inner plates of the door, such as a glow in a pattern, it would have made the scene pop.  Similarly if the door had had a raised pattern, it would have made a big difference.  It would not have added too much to the geometric weight either.

    Sorry if this sounds like criticism. It's not intended to be.  Your work is very impressive indeed and you have clearly got a great eye for scene setting and impact.

  • Nice lightspeed tunnel! 

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    @Hitfilmer18240 - Wow, thanks for all the advice!

        For the tie fighter image, I totally agree about the lighting coming from the wrong direction. I think it also is a little too blue.

        For Snoke, I wasn't actually using sub surface scattering. I thought that I could get away without it since I was turning him into a hologram in Hitfilm, but I guess I'll look into that.

        For the AT-AT, I'll work on your list of tips. One thing that I was doing was the "dappling" effect. I did it in Hitfilm, with a fractal noise effect, but doing it in blender is probably a much better idea. The scale of the AT AT is interesting - you said it looked like the size of a large dog. I actually painted out a person that was in the shot, and looking at that, the AT AT is almost 6 times as tall. But, it is still definitely not large enough, so I will find wider shots.

        You also suggested that I use a different vehicle, since an AT AT wouldn't really work in a forest. I unfortunately can't swap vehicles because we shot the scene with dialogue talking about the AT AT.

        I was actually using Hitfilm for the door opening scene. I can't really UV or re-texture it since I am using 3d extrusion off of a door image. 

    @tddavis - Thanks for the offer! I am using only built in effects, so maybe when I'm working on final shots I'll contact you. I will first try to do lightspeed effects in Maya, and see if I can get that looking good.

    @Triem23 - Thanks! I'm still workin' on it, but it's coming along pretty well.

  • I just finished an entry for the monthly ProductionCrate 10 second contest. Here it is:


    Did you guys understand what was happening? Any suggestions?

  • Hah! "Film Ninja," or "Edit Ninja" FTW! Love it! That's an (oedipal) awesome idea!

    No notes. I think that's good for upload. Conceptually, this might be your best yet. 


  • @DIY_Film_Guy  +1 to Triem23's comments.  It's short and sweet and provides a chuckle at the end.

  • +1 for this. Lot's of nice details on rewatching it several times. :)

  • Thanks everyone! It's submitted.

  • Good luck that's pretty cool. Nice effort. Love the stars around the head.

  • This is some good competition! I loved the concept! Nice job ;)

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    Hi everyone! Now that the school year has started, I'll be posting much more sparsely, but I'm still hard at work on the FOTR trailer. In the meantime, here's another shot I've been working on.


    Some of the rotoscoping on the lightsaber is sloppy - I'll go back and fix that. The lens dirt is a little distracting, and I'll have to tone it down. What do you thinK?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Other than the two notes you already gave yourself I think that looks really wonderful. You really did an excellent job matching the TIE to the video with lighting and grading. I think the universe has one fewer Jedi.

    Just finish the roto, turn the lens dirt down and that's ready for sound. 

  • @Triem23 - Thanks! I'm pretty happy  with how this shot turned out.

  • Playing around with titles- came up with something pretty cool with the witness protection effect.


  •  Nice. I love the out of the box thinking.

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    @NormanPCN - Thanks! Here's Mk2 of that title. Some of the color banding looks pretty bad, but here it is:


    I also just heard that I won the ten second contest.

    I recently found a cool way to do anamorphic lens flares in Express without an add-on pack. You can add a blur onto a grade layer above everything else. Switch the blur to only be vertical or horizontal - whichever way you want the flares to be. Set the grade's blend mode to screen, and you can see it start to work. Play with the radius of the blur and the opacity of the grade. And then you have anamorphic lens flares with no purchase!

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    Looks good. It reminded me of some kind of retro 'Incoming Message' .

    BTW : A bit late but the Film Ninja piece is genius and really well executed.

  • Congrats on winning the competition!

  • @tonyg and @HIS_Films - Thanks so much!

  • @DIY_Film_Guy congrats on the contest win, well deserved.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Congratulations on the contest win.

    Also, good little use of Witness Protection! 

  • Congrats on the win. It was well deserved and we now have two winners on this forum! :)

    Your witness protection method just gave me an idea too: using the weird shapes and colours as an Alpha Matte so some other image could show through those random shapes? ;)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    For sake of argument, Derez would give a similar effect. However, Witness Protection can move the center point of the effect. Try animating the center position of the Witness Protection as you increase the block size. Might add even more fun movements.

    @Palacono is right. You could use this technique to build some fun alpha or luma mattes for custom transitions and overlays. Should create some sweet glitch-displacement maps, too. 

  • Thanks all! That's a neat idea to use it as a luma matte!

  • Late to the comment party, but congrats on winning the 10 sec contest!  Your Film Ninja entry is really great!  Watched it several times. Clever idea, excellent execution!

  • @jsbarret - Thanks a lot!

    All right everyone, I am really excited. As you guys may know, Fall of the Resistance is my Star Wars fan film. When finished, it will probably be about half the length of a feature. After a few months of work, I finally finished the teaser trailer for it!  Here it is:


     I am very happy with how this turned out. You probably recognize a bunch of the shots from this forum - a lot of them are unfinished versions - I just really wanted to release this trailer.

    You can see more of FOTR on my YouTube page. I have a playlist dedicated to this movie, where you can see some VFX tests and hopefully BTS content soon. Subscribe to see updates as they come out!

    I also have a page for FOTR on my blog. I go deeper into depth about everything on there, and I break down a lot of my process on there. I have a few posts on there about the few scenes I have finished, and techniques I used. My blog also has content about upcoming shorts and side projects. Subscribe to the email list on there to be notified of new posts!

    Let me know what you think of the Star Wars trailer. This has been in the works for ages, and I'm really proud of it. Did you like it?

  • I like it. Looks and sounds like a "real" trailer to me.

    Maybe have some plot teaser narration or titles.  Although to maintain your current level, any narration would need someone with the voice to match.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Or dialog clips. Those always work.

    Yeah, lotta love in those two minutes. Your cast will be so thrilled.

    My favorite shot is the Star Destroyer over the trees with the incoming squadron of TIEs. That's just bad news for the heroes. 

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