DARKNESS UNVEILED - Lightsaber Duel - LCC 2018 (11/1/18)



  • Oooops, didn't make a couple of things clear. 

    Attack and release times I suggested were in milliseconds. Also I made a typo. 

    So, Attack time of 0.01 seconds, and Release time of about 0.15 to 0.25 seconds. 

    I don't actually use Audacity so I'll assume it measures those values in seconds, not milliseconds. 

  • Yea, it does it in seconds ;) Thanks Triem!

  • Ha like those shorts, @HIS_Films I was watching the result of that competition on the weekend (While the winner was impressive I didn't think it was a good use of the line "this isn't even my final form", please 2months in a row, must be some rule about that needed). Anyway I didn't see you office skit in the results but I had the very same thought about taking the statement 'form' to mean just that. Nice job.

  • Hey @Andy001z I am glad you watched that video (maybe I should start putting them on here) The winner's was impressive, we agree that the line did not really fit what he was doing, oh well, and that he won two times in a row is okay, I won the first two, so same ;) they used my idea for the next contest, so that's nice and I can not wait to do it :) At least one of my videos made it on the video! The other was good, just not enough VFX, i think ;)

  • Question the rules say only thier vfx stuff can be used, so sure that role Hitfilm built in vfx. I figured if u build it in Hitfilm that should be fine. Well done on wins.

  • Thanks :) Built in vfx are good to go, I have done that in some of the entries :) they said it was fine, I think I used the 3d bonfire effects and lens flares before, are you thinking about doing the contest?

  • Although the winner was technically very good - even if nothing to do with the contest entry line - it also had its flaws and they were mainly in the compositing of all the smoke and explosion elements. They were either too sharp, too bright, or both. The last one with a single layer of a few polygonal blocks over a fire explosion was almost cartoony. It also had obviously reused muzzle flashes - didn't scale, rotate or otherwise vary them - so you can always learn what not to do from other sources.

    It's possibly easier for you to analyse that video too, as you're not emotionally invested in it like you are with your own work. Just like it's easy for us all to pick holes in what you do.  ;)

  • @Palacono I only need a couple of days away before I can pick mack-truck-sized holes in my own work. ;-) 

  • @Triem23 Yep, got that T-shirt. ;) The longer the gaps before you look at old stuff, the more you say "What was I thinking?" :)

    @HIS_Films one way to distance yourself from your own work is to mirror it and watch that. It's not what you're used to seeing and sometimes a large 'Oops!' jumps out at you that you've seen so many times: you're immune to it. If that fails, try flipping it upside down.

  • @palacono really? I will try that sometumes and see how that goes :)

  • Works for drawings, too. Actually, that's the origin of the trick!

  • One skill/side effect of this is I've now learnt to read backwards and upside down.
    I can only write backwards though, umop apisdn is too difficult ;)

  • @Triem23 interesting :)

    @Palacono Lol nice that's a good thing to learn, I guess :)

  • Ok, For those that do not know, I work at Sweet Providence, and at this time of year we are trimming Christmas trees, a lot! But we wanted to show everyone how we did it, so this is the behind the scenes of your Christmas tree!


  • Haha!  Very fun!  Nice way to take a normal activity and Star Wars-ify it. :)

  • @jsbarrett Exactly! glad you enjoyed it :)

  • Ha great little vid, might be my work computer (sucks) but not until the end did I really start to see bits fly off the tree.

  • @Andy001z glad you enjoyed it! 

    So I added sparks to every hit on the tree and I think that is pretty visible but the tree trimmings itself were a little hard to see at times and those were all real I did not add anything to that :)

  • @HIS_Films was he using some sort of big knife or hedge trimmer? Or did you pre cut them? Maybe it should of been more over the top, if someone was standing behind the tree hidden then just chucks bits over the top as he's cutting it? anyway as I said I liked it.

  • @Andy001z we use trimming knifes to trim the trees, so really skinny machetes, ( i am on a phone at the moment, but when I get to my computer  I can show you a picture), I guess we did not think of it at the time (probably because, we are behind schedule) to have someone throw trimmings to make it a bit more dramatic, it might of made it a little fake, but he was just trimming the tree like we do to all of the trees, and to answer your question, we did not pre trim the tree we trimmed it right then :)

    Good questions ;) glad you liked it.

  • I don't envy you having to mask around that tree. Nasty shape with similar color behind it! Nice work. :D

  • @Triem23 It was not as hard as it looks, but was still a pain :D Glad you liked it!

  • @Andy001z here is a picture of what we use to trim the trees.

  • Hey everyone!

      So this time I want your opinions! I finished the video for Production Crate's contest and posted it on YouTube unlisted, so only you all can see, until you all approve, or give me instructions on what to fix, (then I will fix)

    The theme this time is Anime/Toon!

    10 seconds as usual


    Please let me know anything! So I can fix it, then re-post it, before the month is over :)




  • @HIS_Films  For me, nice use of the Kapow! Bam! style graphics like the old Batman TV show.  Takes one back a few decades...  Nice concept for a 10 sec quickie.  Those time constraints have to be murder to work with.  The anime-like shot of Fruit Ninja flying backward was nice as well.  I see nothing that needs tweaking, but I am far from a professional here.

  • @tddavis It is a pain to only do 10 seconds! But I am finding it easy to do the more and more I do it! And it has taught me a lot, for sure!

    Glad you liked it! :)

  • Yeah, nothing jumps out to tweak. Actually, this is one of the stronger of your 10sec shorts. 

  • @Triem23 Glad to hear it, we will see how it goes, I am still going to wait till the 29th or 30th to post it on YouTube, so no one can take my ideas ;)

  • @HIS_Films But then you run the risk of someone else independently coming up with a similar idea (it happens) and it'll look like you copied them.  I say go ahead and get yours out there if you're happy with it and it will be obvious if someone submits something after the fact copied off yours.  But you got to do what you want to do.

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