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    Wanderlust: 6/10
    This isn't David Wain's best movie (maybe his worst, even), but it's got some pretty funny stuff in it. I feel like Jennifer Aniston was a bad choice because she didn't really seem to "get" Wain's style. Most everyone else feels right at home in one of his films, she just stuck out a bit. Maybe it's because she played "Jennifer Aniston: Actress" like she always does. Good for a laugh, has some great moments, but lots of stupid moments as well.
    Iron Sky: 4/10
    Okay yes, it's a pretty cool concept, and it's cool to finally see it done after all the years of teasing, but it really falls flat. There's never any sense of who you should be rooting for; the Nazis are assholes, and the Earth government, led by the inept USA president, are stupid assholes. The two main characters (the only real "good guys") are on the sidelines most of the time, treated as secondary to the absurd plot. It's fun, but I almost fell asleep toward the end. It doesn't really go anywhere, and then when something actually happens, it's over. Unless you've spent years wanting to see this movie, I'd skip it.
    Jeff, Who Lives at Home: 7/10
    Oh, Duplass Bros., why must your films be so samey? Have you seen an indie movie about interconnectedness in the last 10-20 years? Okay, then you've seen Jeff, Who Lives at Home. Downplayed (but never QUITE unobtrusive) quirky acoustic music over impossible coincidence after impossible coincidence until literally the very end? Check. All takes place in one day? Check. A heartwarming tale of family and brotherhood and omg we're all connected and fate is so real I'm gonna share this essay with my high school English class and get a B? Check.
    It's good, but it's bog standard Duplass Bros material (which isn't a bad thing, I love their movies, it's just predictable and easy), and the whole fate and interconnectedness thing is a tired, tired subject in indie films, no matter how it's presented. Maybe it's meant to be some kind of fantasy, but I rather think it's merely meant to be a thought provoking indie film for people who don't think. Or maybe I'm just cynical. Still, despite all this, it was enjoyable, often funny, and I always appreciate seeing Judy Greer in things. *swoon*
    Ps. Wanderlust and J,WLAH, both of which I watched today, have scenes that feature the Spin Doctors song, Two Princes. OMG IT'S DESTINY EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED!
  • Iron Sky 3/10
    Agree with Aculag - it's an epic mess of a film. However, it's a very, very well made bad film. The production values, sets, visual effects and style are astounding (other than, er, the square Oval Office...). The actors all try really, really hard. You can tell everybody loved working on it and has put in a huge amount of work.
    But it's all for nothing, because the script is all over the place and a complete damn squib. It has no structure, no pacing. It sets up quite a lot of cool ideas and then entirely fails to deliver on any of them. And then, as Aculag says, it just stops. It feels as if the director was shooting for a completely different style than the script.
    The best thing about Iron Sky is its concept, and everybody knows about that before the film even starts rolling.
    All the way through the film, I was looking forward to the inevitable scene where Washington becomes black again, on-camera, and then kicks butt. An obviously awesome scene that the script was building up to from the very start, which would have been hilarious, kick ass and thematically perfect. Except...they didn't do it. He regains his blackness off-camera, by which point the battle is all over. Bah.

    Nevertheless, I look forward to the director getting his hands on a good script and doing something awesome.
  • The Raid: 9/10
    If you've seen any of the trailers for this, you know what you're getting. What's cool though, is that while the best bits are in the trailers, there are also plenty of other great bits. It is also fantastically well shot, ridiculously fast action but you don't miss any of it. Quantum of Solace and the second two Bournes could definitely learn something there.
    Snow White and the Hemsworth: 6/10
    Visually, this was great. I loved the effects, the cinematography was good, and the dark style and darker version of the story than most versions were enjoyable. However, I thought it took far too long to get going. Up until the dwarves appeared, I was pretty bored. I also don't like Kristen Stewart as an actress, because she didn't seem to do much acting - her face is still stuck in that sour pout, and her attempts at sorrow and pity were pretty lame.
    And since everyone else is reviewing it...
    Iron Sky: 4/10
    Very, very silly, but enjoyable in parts. I loved the concept from the trailers, but was sorely disappointed by the plot in the film. It had no coherent direction to it, and as Simon mentioned, missed a bunch of chances. I gather it was in some way crowd-funded/online collaboration? Perhaps this was part of the problem. However, it did succeed in making fun of most of the last 70 years of Western culture, which led to some genuinely hilarious moments. It also has a fantastic tagline (The Battle for Earth is about to get... Nazi).
  • Prometheus 8/10 The Visual effects for the movie were great, it got a 8 cause there were a lot of boring parts in the movie and took a while to get off the ground and cant tell anything else cause it would ruin the movie for otheres.
    The Grey 6/10 Good concept, kind of boring.
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    Prometheus: 8/10
    Never thought I would give this the same rating as guitar74, but at least my reasonings are different. ;) I think this film is quite brilliant, and in my interpretation, it's far deeper and more intelligent than a lot of people give it credit for. It does however, suffer from some wonky pacing, and "cheap" dialogue. I wrote a much more in depth "review" in the Prometheus thread. It's not my favorite movie ever, it's nowhere near the quality of Alien, but it's a stunning film, and like it or hate it (it's intentionally designed to be divisive, IMO), it'll make you think. See in IMAX 3D if possible.
    God Bless America: 7/10
    Bobcat Goldthwait earned a fan in me with his 2009 film, World's Greatest Dad. It's a dark comedy that's dark and twisted, but also fairly heartfelt and warm (sometimes.) His follow-up, God Bless America, is what I'd consider a pitch black comedy. Joel Murray plays a man who is sick of what he considers the decline of American culture; the reality shows that pander to stupid ignorant people, all the celebrity worship and trash talking, etc. One day he decides he's had enough, and begins a killing spree by murdering a high-school girl who is also a reality TV star.
    The film honestly doesn't really escalate from there all that much until the very end. It has a single message, and it feels a bit like Goldthwait is just getting his own frustrations out on film, so it's a bit shallow. It does do a great job of holding the mirror up to the audience, though. It's a very funny film, but it makes you feel awful for laughing practically every time, because in essence, you're the kind of person that Murray's character is against. You're laughing at shallow, senseless violence, pain and misery, and people being trash talked. It's the same overall message that Idiocracy has: Stupid is stupid, stupid.
    I'd recommend it, but only if you're really into dark comedy, or can relate to the hate of American "culture". There were a few times in the film that I thought, "wow, he's going about this all wrong, but damnit, he's right."
  • Paul - 6/10
    Enjoyable comedy, loved the constant sci-fi references but it sometimes fell flat and was a bit predictable. Worth a watch.
    Point Break - 8/10
    Wooaahhh. Totally rad man. enough said.
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    Shame: 8/10
    This is an incredibly uncomfortable film to watch, for numerous reasons. It's extremely explicit, and if you're offended by sex, you will absolutely hate it. Fassbender is fantastic (of course), and it's very thoughtfully put together. Definitely not for everyone, as the NC17 rating may suggest. It reminded me of Drive, and not only because of Carey Mulligan, but because it's very light on dialogue, and very heavy on mood.
    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: 6/10
    I thought this would be awful, but it wasn't. It's not a great film or anything, but it's a whole lot of fun, and has some really great moments. Good acting, fantastic visuals, and some hysterical sequences (the horse stampede is a comedy masterpiece.) Also plenty of stupidity and nonsense and OMG IT'S IN 3D gimmicks.
    50/50: 7/10
    Such an apt title for this one, because it's almost exactly split between being a hilarious comedy, and a crushing drama. It hits all the right notes, although it's a bit predictable. Seth Rogan is just Seth Rogan, and JGL isn't doing anything particularly standout-ish. They do pull of their roles respectably, though. I thought Anna Kendrick was great, and I think I've only seen her in one other film (Up In The Air). Maybe there have been more (I'm sure of it, actually), but I don't know what they are. Anyway, she's very charming. Good movie for when you want to be super depressed, and then laugh. ;)
    Moonrise Kingdom: 10/10
    This is Wes Anderson's masterpiece. It's everything that you've loved from his previous works, distilled to perfection, but with the addition of some brand new stuff as well. It's stuck in my brain, and I will see it again ASAP. The casting is perfect, the music (as always) is perfect, every shot is so perfectly constructed that you'd think they built this entire island with exacting specifications just for the film. It has this handmade charm that carried over from The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and it's just this perfect blend of realism and fantasy. It's funny and charming and sweet, and I think it's my new favorite Anderson film. Seriously top notch stuff here, but I imagine if you haven't ever been an Anderson fan, you might not find much to love about it. As a longtime fan, I think it's his best work by a fairly wide margin, and I honestly don't think he'll top it.
    The Adventures of Tin Tin: 6/10
    I really appreciated the technology behind this. Sometimes it's easy to forget that you're watching something rendered in a computer. The story is not very interesting, and pretty generic, and there is like no characterization. I understand that was done on purpose because the comics were that way, but they could have done something more with it.
    But visually, it's mighty impressive. Their water was some of the best I've seen, and everything is rendered so immaculately, and animated so naturally, that, like I said, it's easy to forget it isn't real. However, that also makes it sometimes creepy, because you know it isn't real. Oh, uncanny valley... Also, while it was impressive, the scene where they destroy an entire city, and Tin Tin apologizes as if he's just ran through someone's living room, opposed to having broken it in half. They just sit there on the dock afterward, thinking, "Where do we go next?" not, "Fuck, we just probably made a lot of people homeless." It didn't seem to fit with Tin Tin's nice guy attitude. I mean, a guy named Tin Tin who lives alone and goes around wearing a blue sweater with a dog called Snowy is probably going to have some amount of remorse after that.
    I would love to see a Dick Tracy movie made in the same fashion.
  • Saw The Amazing Spiderman and Magic Mike.
    The former was INCREDIBLY gimmicky- but felt most times that way because it had to be in order to stay distinct and fresh from the previous films. Still, even with a charismatic Andrew Garfield and moments of hopeful direction from Mark Webb, Spiderman can't find solid enough feet to 'best' truthfully any of the three previous films, and instead seems very confused- it wants to delve into the 'untold story' of Peter's parents in order to appear fresh- but not really, we realize shortly into the film, because that both wouldn't make sense character-wise and was, truthfully, only a pull to once again diversify the film in its marketing. It tip-toes around not saying 'with great power comes great responsibility', but at the same time can't (or won't) try to commit to another central theme. My buddy Chase argued 'but 'identity' is the theme- and it's a powerful one in the film!', to which I said- and believe- that's a thinly-veiled cop-out. This is a movie with the potential for greatness and string thematic resonance scratching underneath the surface- but it's both too afraid to try completely new things for fear of alienating its audience, while also too afraid to appear too same-y.
    It's the fault of such a soon after reboot that this is the case- and just as much as it is the impetus for the film's creation, it is equally its undoing.
    It's very middle-of-the-road. It isn't a bad movie, but it isn't particularly great of worth seeing either. Just sort of that content-less draw of 'meh'. There were never any stakes, tthe hype and buzz sureounding the movie and reaction during the showing was subdued- and really: the excitement just wasn't there.
    And the movie comes off as fluffy direct-to-DVD fare because of it. Which is almost as much a shame it is that they rebooted purely for economic franchising/merchandising reasons, too.
    Oh, and I felt like all the Lizard effects were bad.
    Magic Mike, on the otherhand- forgiving the fact we were the only men in the much-more packed theater following Spiderman- was really as-expected fantastic. Despite the silly marketed-premise of gigolo make strippers and eroticism, I saw Magic Mike for one simple reason: it's auteur director, the ever-talented Steven Sodeberg, who directs Magic Mike with earnest sincerity and reality. The conversations are meandering and naturalistic, the actors all comfortably schticking-it-up with eachother- but doing so under (also the editor and cinematographer) Sodeberg's unique lens.
    Any fan of his, or viewer of any of his more recent work (Contagion, Haywire, The Informant, Ocean's 13) will really enjoy it- and I hope others see it as well. It's strongly-acted by an increasingly-impressive Channing Tatum in its lead, as well as a great self-parodying Matthew McConaughey as a veteran nightclub owner- a role and performance that is likely to earn him an Oscar nomination.
    Between the two, I believed the torment and longing for better lives and protection from and for others from Magic Mike more than I did The Amazing Spiderman. That probably seems like an unfair (and silly) juxtaposition, but both films- with their central conflicted, quasi heroic characters- just seem similar.
  • Interesting review. Hoping to see Spidey soon. It still strikes me as odd that they went back to the origin story. Feels like they could have jumped straight in with a new Spidey story without having to go from the start (a bit like they did with The Incredible Hulk).
    Magic Mike sounds interesting. Haywire was one of the most interesting films I've seen in recent years. Absolutely loved the deliberately mundane approach to the spy genre, although I felt like it didn't quite work as well as it could have due to a lack of any real characterisation in the lead. Still, as fascinating experiment.
  • I JUST got back from seeing The "Amazing" Spiderman...not so great :/ No spoilers here, but the script is very convoluted and there was little to no suspense at all. I am trying not to compare it to the original Spiderman as reboots intend to be separate. However, the film aims to deliver a more dark approach on Parker's story but falls short as there was no dramatic tension at all. The music was not so great despite the mood it was trying to generate within us. What worsened my experience was 3D. I hate 3D and that is biased but if you're going to make a 3D movie, please make it watchable. The action and even the (painfully) slow dialogue scenes are very jittery.
    These are just immediate impressions which seem like hating but that's my opinion. It just didn't capture the spirit of Spidey but instead throwing in poor excuses of plot points in there.
    Let's hear what you guys think of this :D

    ...Next stop, TDKR!
  • Last Film I watched was Dead snow a film from 2009 that I think was overlooked especially by me. I just got a chance to watch it after being fed up with far too many low budget zombie/ Nazi Zombie movies that seem to be sprouting up everywhere lately.
    Dead snow, for me at least, was a very brilliant take on the zombie genre, it even payed great homage to evil dead at one point.
    The visual effects were for me great, a lot better than some of the effects used in many recent zombie movies, and it reminded me a lot of dog soldiers another film I enjoyed. Best of all the film at no point takes itself seriously.
    I could honestly say I could watch this film again over and over and these days I cant say that for most horror films which usually lose my attention very quickly.
  • Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter: 6/10
    If you've seen a trailer for this film you know exactly what you'll be getting. Hell, if you read the title you know what you're getting. The concept is daft, and the film knows it, never taking itself even vaguely seriously.
    It's not visually stunning, and according to Josh the editing could be better, but it is very entertaining, and we enjoyed it rather more than say.. Prometheus.
  • Me and the mrs really enjoyed Prometheus even seen it twice.! Not in 3D though. Saw Avengers for the second time but this time in 3D. Really wish I hadn't.! Loved the film though

  • Me and the mrs really enjoyed Prometheus even seen it twice.! Not in 3D though. Saw Avengers for the second time but this time in 3D. Really wish I hadn't.! Loved the film though

    Prometheus had the best 3d I've seen so far, it lacked silly gimmicks and pulled of maturely. Unlike what i've seen from an extended preview of the new Spider man where every action was a dizzying blurry mess, so if i do find myself watching that, it certainly wont be in 3d.
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    Ghostbusters 9/10
    Very funny and had some pretty good special effects for a movie from 1984. Enjoyed the movie way more then I thought I would.
    Eragon 2/10
    Not only was this a bad film but a very very bad adaptation of one of my favorite books. I came into it with an open mind and really wasn't looking for a good book adaptation but wow! o man it was terrible. Don't. Ever. watch It.
    The Amazing Spiderman 7/10
    I should probably start with saying that I have not seen the original three Spiderman movies. The Amazing Spiderman contained much more drama and romance then I expected which was actually quite welcome. It never bothered me or made me get the ever so common "get on with it" feeling. The vfx were great and the lizard effects blew me away. I also think that the design for the lizard was much cooler then the trailers and prerelease pictures implied. My main complaint was the action sequences, they were fast and rarely hard to follow. But they seemed a bit daft and unoriginal if that makes sense.
    Mainly the school fight. It just seemed like spidey and the lizard just smashing each other through walls. Uninspired and sometimes boring.
    But overall its a decent movie worth watching
  • It Came from Outer Space (1953) 8/10
    This film really surprised me. I really expected it to be the typical 50's alien invader movie but it was really quite different. The special effects are crude 50's style stuff, but the story is quite good. I suppose that comes from the first draft of the script being done by Ray Bradbury. If you like classic sci-fi, this is a good watch.
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) 9/10
    Absolutely awesome movie. The creature make up was fantastic for its day. The story is interesting, the characters are well played. Suspense, action, horror all in one movie. And of course Julie Adams in that fantastic white bathing suit. What is not to love about this movie? I only wish they would release this on DvD in its original 3D version.
  • Abe Lincoln vs. Zombies
    Wife and I watched this last night. At first we thought this was going to be one of "those" B movies, taking itself too seriously. This ended up being a fun watch.
    Some of the dialog and antics of President Lincoln is done with a wink and a nod to the Stooges. Had us cracking up. The look of the film itself is rather dark and at times its hard to see what is happening. Not to be spoiler but there is one shot that made the movie for me. Lincoln in silloutte on a hilltop brandishing his Zombie killing weapon of choice. Priceless.
    The effects, well I truely believe there are some talented people on this forum, or the HitFilm staff, that using HitFilm could have done better.
  • TED 9.5/10 Funniest film I've seen in years. Plenty of eighties references (Flash Gordon!!) so I think some of it may be lost on some of the younger viewers. Some jokes are maybe somewhat crude, but...it got me and my wife laughing out loud throughout pretty much the whole movie.
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    TED 9.5/10 Funniest film I've seen in years. Plenty of eighties references (Flash Gordon!!) so I think some of it may be lost on some of the younger viewers. Some jokes are maybe somewhat crude, but...it got me and my wife laughing out loud throughout pretty much the whole movie.

    Ted was pretty funny. Lots of stupid stuff, but more hysterical stuff. The "white trash names" scene had me in stitches.
    The Avengers: 7/10
    It's not perfect, but it was a lot of fun, and the Hulk doing some proper smashing was a great time. I thought it was a bit on the melodramatic side, and some of the compositing was rather crap, but I expected much worse. Joss Whedon was a fantastic choice for director, as he's used to handling an ensemble, and it paid off rather well. None of the characters were left behind, and everyone had enough to do to make them seem useful throughout. It's got a lot of mindless action, and stuff we've seen plenty of in the other Marvel movies, but there's enough to it that it rises above pure visual feasts like Transformers and Battlefield and the like. And speaking of which...
    The Hunger Games: 9/10
    I really don't know what to say about this other than it was completely surprising to me. When the trailers were first released, I expected it to be some silly tween romance drama mixed with Battle Royale, but watching it had me on the edge of my seat, and I kept thinking, "Okay, this is SO good." I loved Jennifer Lawrence, and I loved all the weird futurism stuff, like Elizabeth Banks being practically unrecognizable in her ridiculous makeup, Wes Bentley's absurd beard, Stanley Tucci's creepy smile, and the whole One Percenter thing taken to extremes. I shouldn't have waited for video to see it, because it would have been much cooler in a theater, but oh well. Amazing movie, and I really can't wait for the sequel. Never thought I would say that and mean it.
    Battleship: 3/10
    It's a Michael Bay movie without Michael Bay. It's clear that they hired a lot of non-actors to play roles for some reason, like the Army paraplegic, for example. The casting for that role honestly made no sense, because yes, he has no legs, but also, he's a f*cking terrible actor. Paired with a model, Brooklyn Decker, this made the off-ship scenes cringe-worthy 90% of the time. It was also interesting that they cast Rihanna as the sole female in the US Navy, who has like 20 different jobs because... she's Rihanna? I am, however, glad that they didn't use her for eye candy, like they did with Brooklyn Decker. Rihanna is smoking hot, but they never once showcased that. She was just another Navy grunt doing her job. She was also a better actor than many in the cast, and put to actual use. Gotta give them props for that one, even though it didn't really make any sense at all.
    I admit I was impressed with the visual effects, but there wasn't much going on other than that. The aliens had zero motive for being there, other than to serve as visual effects vehicles (and the aliens themselves were the worst part of the VFX). I also absolutely hated the way they tied it into the game, by using the tsunami buoys as a grid to find the alien ships. Like, really? There's a perfect grid of motion sensitive buoys all around the pacific ocean? Okay. At least they referenced the game in the way I wanted them to, with "They ain't gonna sink this battleship." I would have preferred Liam Neeson to shout "YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP", but I guess they had to keep the namesake of the film from being destroyed. Anyway, it's a terrible movie. Don't watch it.
    Bernie: 6/10
    This features a stellar performance from Jack Black, but apart from that, it's a fairly thin docudrama. It's half documentary, half narrative, which leads to a lot of confusion about what kind of movie it is, and where it's going. From the beginning, you know something fishy is going to happen, and then when it does, it's like, "Okay, right." Not really any major conflict thematically, so it is more like a TV documentary, with re-enactments. It's a very strange and interesting film, but I'm not sure if I'd recommend it or not, unless you want to see JB outside of his comfort zone.
    Beyond the Black Rainbow: 9/10
    This is probably the weirdest movie I've ever seen. I had been looking forward to it for a while, and it didn't disappoint. It's haunting, psychedelic, unsettling, and thought provoking. If you like slow moving, obtuse, pretentious films, you'll enjoy it. I'm not using "pretentious" as a negative here, either. It's like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Tree of Life, Enter The Void, or The Fountain, in that it's more about the experience, and the feeling you get from watching it, than anything else. It's not meant to tell a great story, it's meant for you to get lost in, to make you feel uncomfortable, and not know exactly what's happening. I personally love films like this, but I accept that it isn't for everyone. Most people here would probably hate it, in fact, but it's now stuck in my brain, and I want to watch it again immediately.
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    Premium Rush 7/10
    I am sure a lot of people here wouldn't like this movie. It wasn't a fantastic movie, it won't win an oscar, but it was fun. I enjoyed watching it, it got me engaged in the story, I cared about the characters, I was able to relate to them. It was, in my opinion, just a fun movie. The cinematography was alright, not spectacular, but it worked for the story. The music was also just alright, but once again, didn't detract from the movie at all. I just think it all worked together to make a clever little "chase" movie. Bottom line, if you don't go in looking for the flaws, like I did, there is a good chance you may not notice them. <img src='http://community.hitfilm.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif'; class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  • It's Battleship not Battlefield Aculag.
    I also saw Battleship and I'd give it a 7/10. Not that I don't agree with your criticism, but the movie was really fun and a good time. My biggest criticism would be that some shots look exactly like stuff in Transformers 3, which really makes you wonder if they were even trying. I'm sure there are 100 plot holes in it, but I only care for plot holes in series movies; this wasn't one of them, but it was a great time.
    Orphan - 8/10
    Been wanting to see this for a long time now. Finally got around to it and it was great! Not a fan of horror movies but this one did its job. I loved the actress that played Esther too.
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    Ugh, I knew I was going to do that. Thanks, Rody.
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    [quote name="RodyPolis]Orphan - 8/10
    Been wanting to see this for a long time now. Finally got around to it and it was great! Not a fan of horror movies but this one did its job. I loved the actress that played Esther too. [/quote]
    The girl who plays Esther, Isabelle Fuhrman, also plays "Clove"in "The Hunger Games" --- she was the knife-wielding career tribute that tries to kill Katniss. Really creepy in both roles.
  • Ya I found out she was Clove after I saw Orphan. I'll have to pay more attention when I rewatch The Hunger Games cause I love her!
  • Last movie watched was the Candidate with Will Farrell it had funny parts but not worth going to a theater 6/10
    The last movie on video I watched was unfortunately was The Hunger Games (since it was such a rip off of so many movies I have seen) I gave it a 3/10
    I know people use ideas from other movies, but this one was taken from way to many movies. To bad hollywood dont come knocking I got some good origianl ideas!
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    Damn, I want to see Beyond the Black Rainbow even more now.
    Recently embarked on a Bondathon, here's a quick summary so far:
    Dr No - 8/10 - Good film, Bond is quite a douche, but this is true to the books.
    From Russia With Love - 9/10 - One of my favourites, features some actual spying.
    Goldfinger - 9/10 - Another favourite of mine, good villains, better plot, Bond doesn't instantly win everything.
    Thunderball - 7/10 - Not bad, though the extended underwater battle is a little dull.
    You Only Live Twice - 8/10 - The production design is awesome, as is Little Nellie.
    On Her Majesty's Secret Service - 5/10 - Lazenby spends far too much time in a cardigan for this to be a good film. The ski-chase is pretty good though, and the actor playing Blofeld not bad.
    Diamonds are Forever - 5/10 - Sillier than usual plot, sillier than usual henchmen, few redeeming features.
    Live and Let Die - 5/10 I dislike Roger Moore's bond, he's too daft and has too many silly lines. This film also introduced J. W. Pepper, the Jar-Jar Binks of the Bond world. Music good though.
    The Man with the Golden Gun - 6/10 - If the secondary plotline involving the solar thing was dropped, this could have been OK. Instead it was over the top and silly.
    The Spy Who Loved Me - 7/10 - One of Roger Moore's better efforts, the female lead still doesn't get a good role, but the evil madman is better. Noteworthy for the fastest "Oh James" in the series so far I think.
  • Ooh, keep the Bond reviews coming. :)
    I loved Moore's Bond when I was a kid, but find them fairly cringeworthy these days. I also, oddly, find Goldfinger very sedate and rather stagey in its action. From Russia With Love has always been my favourite Bond because, as you point out, it actually has some spying. It's the closest a Bond film has come to feeling like a real world situation, and it really embraces the international locations and cultures it visits, rather than just using them as a backdrop for a car chase.
  • Cabin in the Woods 9/10 - Great film! Love Whedon, love the deconstruction of horror movies. Had a great time watching it. Best if seen with no pre-knowledge of the film.
  • Forbidden Kingdom - 7/10
    I really liked this film. It's nicely crafted, competently written and has excellent action-scenes curtsey of Yuen Woo-ping. I get that people were angry Jet Li and Jackie Chan's first film together was a part American production, but let's be honest America is better at filmmaking than China and the movie turned out very respectful even though they had to have a white Shia LaBeouf impersonator in the lead.
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