Bringing a photo to life

Just thought id like to post something and share this
Its a project I worked on using techniques from various tutorials Ive watched to try and bring a photo to life. Its far from perfect but I learnt a lot doing it
It was all done in hitfilm except I used gimp to generate a ship free version of the background
I used displacement to move the ocean and zoom blur to move the bow wake ( the least successful part )
If I was going to do it again. Id take more time cutting out the ships possible generating all the layers in gimp rather than with masks and use the particle engine to generate spray
anyway there are a lot more videos done with hitfilm on my channel, none of them are that great but im quite pleased with them.
Anyway I do try any tutorial that's been published and im slowly improving


  • Like the water-effekt but the bow wav seems to be too fast and bumpy. But nevertheless - nice job !
  • Thanks, yes not happy with the bow wave at all. If I do one again I think ill refine it with what ive learnt now and not publish it until its finished
  • edited September 2011
    That is STUNNING. This technique really promising, I think you're on to something here!
  • I think it looks pretty good! What's cool is by doing your experimentation you inspire people to try things on their own too. Kudos!
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