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So recently I started working on an idea for a web series. Problem is, my cameras suck. I have two Canon FS300's I got dirt cheap (and I mean DIRT cheap) but they lack the resolution needed for any professional work. I've been looking around, but I can't find any decent deals on cameras. I don't have $1,000 to spend on a camera, hell I don't even have the $400 yet for Hitfilm (which I was hoping to try and win with a submission into this latest contest, but alas, no camera)so I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of something decent. I appreciate any help you guys can offer. I'm also open to picking something up second hand if any of you have equipment you're getting rid of. Thanks again!


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    [color="#FF0000"][/color]Your not the first one who come here asking about cheap cameras and I always tell the to SAVE UP. Videomaking/filmmaking is not a cheap hobby.
    A camera is the most important piece of equipment. Your better off saving up to buy a good camera over then getting a charp camera. Because the thing with camera is that you get what you paid for,
    For most of the pieces of equipment you can do with cheap or DIY stuff and they will work almost as good the the pro stuff like table dolly.
    I'm not telling you or anyone to go out and buy a RED camera but $1000 is a good price rang. I'm not saying you have to buy a $1000 camera. There some good camcorder for $700. The $1000 price rang is really $500 to $1500 rang and most camera in this price rang are quite good.
    If your going to be needing more then one camera I say you should buy 1 good camere that cost around $1000 and the 2 should cost around $200 to $300 each like the GoPro.
    You also need to think about Accessories. Like Battery, Memory Cards, Tripods, Stabilizers and Microphones are all thing you need to think about when buying a camera.
    I only cheap camera I can recommend is the GoPro camcorders for $300 [color="#FF0000"]warning[/color] there audio sucks. So you may want to look more some what of a more expensive with a External Mic Input.
    I wonder if I should write a camere buyer guide?
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    I'm shooting with a Kodak Zi8, on for around $100. Good quality video (up to 1080p at 30FPS), decent audio, but no manual controls (white balance, exposure, etc).
    Sanyo VPC-CG20 are about $150 on Amazon, decent quality (720p at 60FPS, or 1080i at 30 interlaced frames), OK audio, but better manual controls.
    Flip cameras are also around $100, decent video quality, audio is OK, but again, no manual controls.
    The great thing about these cameras is that they all have decent visual quality, especially if you are aiming at the web. Most cameras, even a DSLR, will need addons such as microphones. No camera, even pro ones, have great onboard audio.
    Start small, that's what I'm doing. I'm using my Zi8, finding cheap accessories (like a better MIC), and just learning along the way.
  • Sony has some good Camcorders for under 300.00 us dollars! I got a Cannon Powershot a3300 IS and out side it shots a great picture, inside with the right amount of light it shots a nice picture for a 160.00 dollar camera. In film making dont rely on the cameras mic, use additional digital recorder with a nice mic. :)
  • Sony a33 has microphone jack, it has full hd vid and can use manual focus too, I wanna get it... It is around £400
  • Don't focus on the camera Foxhound7, focus on your dream and the camera will come. But it takes time, you'll see.
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    Sanyos are great for cheap stuff. I finally got the DSLR I was saving up for, but until then I used a basic 720 capable Sanyo Xacti for about $100. Really, I think its the minium step up you could take price wise, and it will make a difference coming from an SD camera. The Sanyo VPC-CG20 AndrewH mentioned looks pretty great too- if you have the extra $50 or so, it's probably your best bet.
    Even if you don't have the money for either, I'd still go for shooting the show. Consider the Platoon of Power Squadron. The creator of this started with a HORRIBLY crappy camera. Exhibit A:
    But he got his ideas out there, and he got better, and eventually, he even got so liked that people funded a kickstarter project to make the next episode. Look at it now! Exhibit B:
    Get your hands on as much nice equipment as you can, but follow your dream no matter what you have. Good luck!
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