New Video!
not a great ending, i had to cut it short (not enough time) but i hope you guys like it! :))


  • Dude I luv animation!!! Lets not forget about that music either!!! Overall rating: 20 out of 10 :)
  • :D thanks man
  • Wow, you're really improving from vid to vid! :)
  • Thanks man, and I am glad u showed me that other tutorial, coz I get it now! How to get better flow.....
    I will be doing an alternative ending to it soon :D
  • Great job!
  • great and fun job as usual :P
  • That was awesome! Probably my favorite lego hitfilm production yet!
  • I'va done a storyboard for the ending, so hopefully that will be coming soon! (weekend)
  • Looking good. The walks are done very well. I look forward to seeing the rest of it.
  • Also If you wanna know how I make the sound effects I just use a mic in my computer, then put mic under my desc and walk my fingers across the top of the desk to get the walk sound (coz I can't find any good ones online :P )
  • That's ingenious! I may try that for footsteps in future. The whole process of film making allows you to be very creative and inventive and is what makes it so enjoyable I think.
  • Yeah, it's fun making the sound effects, but the reason I put it under the desk is so that the sound gets muffled a bit, so it then sounds like it is in the recording (video) I also did the wall hitting effects too, :)) by doing the same thing, but gentle hitting the table with my palm
  • That's legit, Froi. The sound effects add a lot to the films. I just watched all of your brick films on youtube with my little brother (he's an aspiring brick filmer) and we really enjoyed them. aRRow and the TV portal one made us literally laugh out loud- Keep up the good work!
  • Thanks! Always love it when I get laughs out of videos, I did one (not on YouTube, wrong aspect ratio and stuff) and every time anyone sees it they burst out laughing! It's fun, :D and hopefully I will be creating a film with some mates and I will make a proper, "hit film" "fxhome" quality film, (well I can't say that until it is done, but I intend to make something at least as good as that, I have massive OCD when it comes to making proper films right, but the Lego ones are experiments for me, like new styles of effects, transitions, sound fx, etc)
  • edited September 2011
    Oops- caught the new ending first. I liked the new ending better though. Three thumbs up! @-)
  • Haha thanks! And yeah, the new one was intended to be better! Haha :D
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