Lost Creek Productions Thread- [Deflectors Test]



  • @tddavis Thanks.  It is by no means effortless.  Still struggling with materials and how to deal with them in HF.

    @Triem23 Thanks for the tip!

  • Which shader are you using? 

  • Wow. That's really goooood!

  • @DLKeur Thanks!

    @Triem23 I don't have the project in front of me at the moment, but if you are talking about  which "illumination model", I believe I'm using Cook-Torrance.   The blur effect added is the standard "Motion Blur" set to defaults.  Maybe I need to futz with iterations.

  • Turns out I needed to change to "Angle Blur".  That took care of the tearing at the edges.

  • Here's another J2 crash test, expanding on the first shot.  Gotta work on it actually crashing into the surface next.  (still the unfinished model)



  • The outer space sequence seems very realistic. Love the windows opening as they approach atmosphere.  Once the saucer enters planetside, though, I think you need more atmospheric softening on the saucer and, in places, change the color from it's blue tint to more in matching with the sky's pink from above and ground's orange from below.  Just thoughts.  Otherwise, it's a really, really good sequence.

  • @DLKeur Thanks for the feedback!

    Yep. Will need to match the lighting on the saucer on a final.  I was planning on adding some atmospherics, vapors from volcanic vents, etc.

    You can tell my work flow here is pretty scatter brained. I keep wanting to work through the shot sequence first before "finishing" any one thing.  Just having fun with HF and goofing around.  I love the freedom to go, "I wonder what it looks like if I do this?"

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    @Stargazer54 : I actually think your workflow is fine. I always rough out before I do anything on the master files when I'm doing graphics, and I find that it's the same for me with video, now. 

  • Getting there. So far it's looking really good. Any notes I might have Dawn already gave, so I'll just ask how you're approaching the crash shot. 

  • Looking pretty damned awesome!

  • @spydurhank ; Thanks!

    @Triem23 I have no idea, but I think I'll start out by thinking about throwing some dust in the air, per yours and Norman PCN's steps on creating dust on impact in this thread: https://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/42134/at-at-3d-model-point-rig-in-hitfilm/p1

    Looks like a good place to start.

  • Here's the first test based on steps @Triem23 posted about making dust from impacts.  Long way to go but good for a start.



  • I'm thinking the dust cloud is going to be a lot bigger and linger longer, with the heavy particles setting first, then the mediums, then the mist of light particles will waft about a bit more than the mediums and slowly dissipate and settle.

  • That's gonna look awesome.

  • @Stargazer54  That's great!  So close to what I was imagining when I started my little J2 test shots.  Only I was imaging the "slide" to go on a lot longer like the Enterprise D saucer in Generations.   I got as far as downloading a bunch of desert floor planes then got hung up on a sandstorm effect and then the holidays hit!  One day I hope to get back to it.

  • @tddavis Yes the slide will be much longer.  More dust, etc.  Again this is just a test of the particles and trying to figure out how to control them.  Just trying to get the feel of pushing the dirt and debris up.

    I'm going to have to figure out how to work around the tendency of the particles to lie flat, side by side.   I want them to make a mound in front of the ship. 

    The other problem is the particles trail behind.  That needs to be a gouge in the dirt instead.  I'm going to go back and look at one of Triem23's examples from a year or so ago where he burned tracks on a wall with a laser.  I should be able to use a similar technique for gouging out the surface.

  • Well, as a start, I think it's a very good job.  What I'm really thinking when it comes to me doing this stuff, is that, whenever possible, I'd better do it with the camcorder and real world clips, even to making miniatures. I just spent two days on a tapping talon. I cannot imagine the hours it takes to do what you guys do.

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    @Stargazer54  Oh, I wasn't criticizing at all.  I think your test of the debris on the saucer was spot on.  As for the gouge behind it, something I was toying with in my head for that involved something I saw in one of autistic grandkid's Little Baby Bum videos where London bridge cracked when a monster walked on it.  They used a morph-like blend to show the cracks appear.  So, what I thought about trying to do was take one my desert floor meshes I got and create a duplicate of it with the gouge in a layer underneath it and use a mask to reveal it but using the Jupiter to hide the seam.  Where I got bogged down was trying to figure out the particle system for the debris in front that you nailed so I've left it an unfinished idea.

    @DLKeur, I think Stargazer54 mentioned doing it exactly that way, but I figured it would need a camera with high frame rate capabilities and mine aren't.  60 fps is as high as I got.

  • @tddavis : You know what I itch for? The ability to edit the way I do in photoshop! I think, oh, I'll just mask out that and substitute this...not.

  • @DLKeur  It can sort of be done in Hitfilm with rotoscoping which is really just masking frame by frame.  The thing that makes that harder to do in Hitfilm than PS is the difference between video and still shots.  It is so much easier to do it once in PS but in video you have to do it 24 to 30 times for each second.   If only my computer was "smart enough" to automatically sense the area I masked off one time and follow it through the frames.  That would be great, and I'll bet there are systems out there with the capacity to do it that major studios have access to.

  • @tddavis : exactly. Thing is, I'm learning a whole new way of looking at graphics with this.  It's stretching my brain, for sure, but it's so much more fulfilling than dealing with 3D software. This is somehow more 'alive' for me. I'm actually getting some twitches to fold realities, to unfold realities, to make the watcher's brain question...the watcher being me, of course, and a whole lot of other 'sparks', It's totally awesome, what opening a peek into this word is doing for my brain.  My warped, very dullard's brain, I'll admit.

  •  @DLKeur

    "The ability to edit the way I do in photoshop!"

    If that happened then anybody could do it and where's the fun in that? ;)

  • @Aladdin4d : I hear you. And, in fact, I'm one of those 'anybody's you're talking about. :D  And, BTW...um...do you know the number of folks pretending to be PS competent who haven't a clue? I just helped yet another "professional" who basically did not know anything about prepping for trad print.

  • @DLKeur You've already demonstrated you aren't one of those 'anybody's'! 

    I wouldn't consider myself PS competent by a long shot but I'm astounded by the number of people I've met over the years who are supposed to be PS competent and just aren't.

    True story:

    Me - "Hey man that's going out for screen printing so you need to do a four color process separation before you send it on."

    Other person - Looking at me like I just grew a second head says "huh?"

    Me - Do you even know what screen printing is?

    Other person - "Screens print?"

    Me - "Let get this straight, you're doing work for the Screen Graphics International Association and you don't know what screen printing is?"

    Other person - "Not really"

    Me - "Ok just trust me on this, you need to do the four color process separation."

    Other Person - "I don't know how."


  • @Aladdin4d : Hahaha. Ye-eah. Exactly.  

  • Still goofing around with the J2.  I got tired of fighting particles to crash it into the surface and started adding  to the re-entry sequence.  Maybe I'll get a hang of the particle effects one of these days.


  • @Stargazer54

    "I got tired of fighting particles to crash it into the surface and started adding  to the re-entry sequence.  Maybe I'll get a hang of the particle effects one of these days."  

     Amen to that!  You got so much further with the particles than I, though.  I was going to ask you how you achieved your crash debris in front of the saucer when I finally got around to doing my own shot, but got sidetracked on a few others...  Oddly enough, this shot is one that I had kicking around in my head as well.  Great job.  Is that your own model of the Jupiter 2?  I got one from Al Dinelt that looks much better in his renders than I can make it, but I notice your landing gear doors render much the same as his  do with my rendering and they appear to have that extra hatch cover up on the second hull like his.

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    @tddavis ; Thanks.  It's a model I built, but  it's really only half done.  The gear and doors are just boolean trims with a darker surface color.  I intended to go back and clean that up.  But got too involved in trying to figure out the effects in HF.  I wasn't planning on putting in an interior but if I ever get the exterior finished I'll be happy to share it.

    My thought was to work out the effects sequences first and then finish off the model.  I was planning on being done with all of it over Christmas break.  Taking a lot longer than expected,  is an understatement.


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