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    That poor K'Tinga....

    Really nice job on the overall atmospherics and dust--you really got the landing dust nice and subtle. Good foreground masking, too--you brought out foreground details with that I missed the first time.

  • Do these models have the option to have the landing gear 'sag' when the aircraft lands? It doesn't look quite right if it just stops moving.

  •  @Palacono ; I gave the copter a little down and up movement when it lands, but it is very slight.  What you are talking about (I think) is some articulated movement of the landing gear as the craft puts its full weight on the gear when landing. 

    The Lightwave version of the UH60 does have each tire in a separate layer but the actual gear mechanism is part of the overall fuselage.  Would need to pull those pieces out as a separate layer in Modeler then re-import the 3D model so those could be selected as moveable pivot groups.

    Maybe the .3ds version is grouped differently?

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    Some tests with alembic import from Lightwave to HF.

    First an FK test from LW to HF. 


    (Note: errant polys at the back of the feet) I didn't care for the motion much. I even added the rock back and forth motion in HF, but its pretty clunky.   So I went back to LW and created a skeleton to do IK with the feet and legs and get better movement. (although this is by no means the final motion - still more to do to add some character)


    But in both cases (though its hard to see in the first example- but there are errors at the back of the feet) there are errant polys that pop out.   What's up with that?

    No, I did not build the model.  I downloaded it and the UV textures off the interwebs.  But rendering the same motion in  LW, everything looks fine and I can't find a problem with the weight maps.


    So . . .  anybody else having these problems with importing a model and applying alembic motion?

  • Forgot to say running HF 4 Pro on:

    Win 7 64bit


    GTX 980 Ti

    32 GB ram

    Asus Z97 mobo


  • Well, finally figured out the errant polygon problem with alembic.   The skelegons I made for the object are embedded in the 1st layer in LW Modeler and part of the object when written out.   When you read it into LW Layout and covert to a skeleton, then LW pulls the skelegons out of the 1st layer and creates sublayers with them in Layout leaving the mesh polys in their own layer.

    All I had to do (but took me a while to figure out) was select the skelegons and remove them in Model, write out the mesh from there and then bring that "clean" mesh into HF.  Once I have the IK motion done in Layout, then write out the alembic file from Layout and and apply it in HF.  Works like a champ.


    Another thing I figured out is, I should be able to make several different alembic files with different motions and and still be able to apply it to the original clean mesh in HF.


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    OK.  First attempt at actually using the Editor in HF.  I took my GH4 on vacation a few weeks ago. and used this as an opportunity to figure out a preset for subsequent footage and  to test out the Editor.  Not to mention, I was shooting on a monopod most of the time and really need to be careful to hold shots longer (especially after getting tired from hiking up the trail).

    Hats off to @FilmTech who I brazenly stole the style for the edit from.


    [EDIT] - rotated edges fixed

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    Fixed a couple of things.  To put a letterbox over a comp you have to put it in another comp, add a Grade layer and drop the letterbox on that.   Hmmm . . .

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    Not a grade layer with cinestyle or a masked plane on a top layer? Or cinestyle on editor timeline?

    Pretty lake, btw. :-) 

  • I was trying to do everything in the Editor by selecting all clips and either dropping on cinestyle or the letterbox.   Both will work unless it hits a comp.

  • Odd, that. 

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    Very nice shots and editing, it looks like that camera produces great footage, :) but any reason why you didn't 2-point stabilise the shots before experimenting with the Editor? A moving camera can look OK when it's U/D/L/R and fairly gentle, but several shots have tilt and little micro twitches in them that are a little distracting to me, as my brain sees U/D/L/R movement all the time, but I'm rarely swaying from side to side, or twitching. Well, not too much... ;)

    Perhaps removing just the rotation and leaving the rest of the movement in, or...taking it all out and adding some more gentle shake back in would keep it natural without being distracting?

    It also looks like the frame is somehow tilted/deformed at 1:10 to 1:17 as there are thin, black triangular wedges on the top left and bottom right sides of the frame in a few shots.

  • @Palacono ; Good point about doing the stabilization first.  Will look into that on the next pass.  I like the ability to run and gun with the monopod but this particular edit shows the limitations of that method.

    I've seriously been considering getting a monopod with feet and fluid head.  The weight to carry goes up but still more portable in tight spots than a traditional tripod.

    Good eye! Those spots at 1:10 and 1:17 are actually rotated to fix the shot being off vertically.  I just need to scale that up a little.  I didn't see the edges of the frame were off left and right on my monitor.

    All of this is of course experimental.   Want to get the kinks worked out in the workflow before committing to a real project. 

  • Hmmmm. I'll have to remember to check my monopod next time I get to my car. Mine is pretty compact and has feet. Instead of folding out, you unscrew the base, and reverse it. The tripod feet actually store inside the main sharft. Disadvantage, longer changout time. Advantage, longer, more stable feet and reduced footprint.

    Haven't put a fluid head on it, but my Edelkrone Flex tilt head works nicely. 

  • Have you thought about a 3 axis gimbal for your GH4?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERIFRQyza8M (first video I found, not neccessarily the best gimbal) , but portable... ;)

  • Gimbal is a different shooting style. For that kind of rock steady look, it's not quite the right tool. 

  • Sure, it's not as rock steady as a tripod, but if you can stand moderately still, it's pretty close and even if you move around laterally a lot (it only removes rotation) the small amount of U/D/L/R you might get is a lot more pleasing to the eye and easier to single point stabilise if you really want it gone.

    DJI have made an OSMO for smartphones that has all the feature tracking of their drone software in the viewing app. Point it at someone, lock on to them, then run around them, they run around you, jump, cycle, drive, fly: they're always right in the frame. 

    Useful if you spot Bigfoot while out hiking. Film while running away and still get great footage to sell to the news outlets. :D

  • If youre still considering Monopods, I HIGHLY suggest Benro. I have a $175ish one from them and its is single handedly my favorite accessory.

  • Yes, I was looking on Amazon and saw that Benro had pretty high reviews.  Thanks for the tip!

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    Btw, forgot to post this last week, but this is the monopod I'm using.


    Solid construction and the feet are nice and stable--I've use the feet in the high desert in gusty/stormy wind conditions to shoot long-exposure night shots and had everything be rock solid.

    As I said above, this monopod you unscrew the foot, flip it and screw it back in to extend the feet. The two benefits of this are that the feet are a bit longer than most other monopods with feet. Longer foot is more stable. And by storing inside the shaft it reduces bulk when collapsed and keeps feet from unfolding or snagging when you don't want them. The disadvantage is that instead of flipping feet out in two seconds, it takes 10-15 to unscrew, flip and screw, and, if your camera is already attached you'll feel the weight. For me this was the proper solution. I've even tried this with an edelkrone sliderone attached and gotten pretty steady slides!

    Fringe benefit. When collapsed this particular stick is the length and heft of a police baton. Not that I've been in situations where I've been occasionally concerned I might have to defend myself or anything, but, you know....

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    @Triem23 ; Thanks for the link.  I would have definitely considered that one but I had already settled on the Sirui monopod:


    What convinced me was this comparison video:


    I didn't buy a head yet, though.  Will see how the Sirui performs as is first.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Cool. I should have sent the Oben link last week. 

    Let us know how the Suri works out. 

  • Let me know what ya think. I love my Benro but am still curious :)

  • Here's a little test I've been working on.  Built the model in LW - specifically to figure out how to design 3D for HF.  So this goes by pretty quick, but there are a bunch of mattes, etc.   Still working on the model. I thought the J2 was going to be such a simple thing (but I'm still hacking away at it).



  • Getting there. Looking forward to the final shot.

  • Here's another shot (I guess I'm working backward on the sequence).

    Gotta luv the tearing on the motion blur. 


  • Adjust shutter phase for tearing. 

  • @Stargazer54  You make it look so effortless.  It took me far too many tries to get something only a fraction of yours.  I, too, tried modeling my own to learn modeling and quickly got in over my head.  Fortunately, a nice LIS fan on their message board let me use his model for my tests.  I've gotten sidetracked with life, but I am still working on a sandstorm and the actual crash scenes.

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