Recommended film(s) for office party...?

So... my CEO has booked a local theatre for the christmas party. The plan being that we show a film, eat, drink, etc.

I've been asked to choose something to watch... the potential problems, and true horror, of that job is just starting to occur to me. I must remember to thank her for this task later.

There will be up to 100 people, all who work in the community services sector. Around 80% female and aged between 20 and 60+.

The question is what to do? 

I don't think it should be to long, people get bored and we have food and drink as part of this night as well. Also not to 'heavy' or offensive, as it is a party. 

I'm looking for any suggestions at all!

One idea I did have, if I cannot get a feature length show, is maybe show 2 or 3 short films. Hopefully with a total run time from 1 - 1.5 hours. Still don't know what to choose. But that might give me more options.


  • Keeping with the lightheartedness- 3 possible comedies:

    Jingle All the Way- Arnie in one of his funniest rolls...kind of a kids movie but not entirely.


    Deck the Halls- Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito


    Trading Places- Eddie Murphy, Dan Akroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis- might appeal to the older crowd with Don Ameche, Ralph Bellamy & Denholm Elliott: one disadvantage- Jamie takes her top off in one scene but it's nothing all that sexual- she's changing her top. The story doesn't entirely pertain to Christmas but it takes place at Christmas time.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hmmm tricky task that one... Well its a corp function so needs to be some bad singing, why not a sing along film, say Rocky horror show, or Grease (get everyone to dress up, or how about Monty Python's , the Life of Brain, Classic fun (language might be a bit strong for some ladies without beards). 

    Hard one, good luck

  • Life of Brain has male full frontal nudity.....just so you know.

  • Female full frontal nudity also :)

  • Technically the female nudity is only to the waist.... Then down. 

  • @Tiem23 really the 15yr boy of my memory says otherwise.

    Mum -"Here Brian what you doing?"

    Brian - "Nothing mum."

    Mum - "Doesn't look like nothing. Your a very naughty boy!"

    Girl jumps up in front of Brian (naked)- "No he's not he's a man!"

    Mum - "Oh and how would you know."

    I could go on but I won't... the above is from long term memory and maybe wrong, please don't stone me, all I said was "Jehovah!"

  • Yeah, but Sue Jones-Davies wig is actually covering her breasts. I assume that's actually intended as a joke. 

    Holy Grail is, IMHO Python's funniest, but I think Life of Brain is Python's best. 

  • Thanks for the suggestions all.

    It is much harder than I expected when I stupidly agreed to this. Personally I like the Holy Grail myself, but I've got a feeling that Grease might actually be the word in this case.

    Right now my partner is currently in the lounge behind me now practising her "Greased Lightning" dance. We are putting on a 'show' (word used loosely) during a local town festival tomorrow and Grease is the theme.

    It actually makes a lot of sense really. The only problem I can see if that we may be already 'Greased out' at this point.

  • I do point out that "Gremlins" us set on Christmas, and technically counts. Because I'm evil. 

  • You're welcome to use this Grease/Greece short (7.5mins) made with my daughter and her friends.  From my experience of showing it at a few local clubs, it appeals to women of all ages.

    Edited in Vegas Pro 13 and composited in HFP3


  • Hello all, just a quick update because I hate threads with questions that don't include the resolution!

    I will remember to say 'no' next time I'm asked to do something like this... although I'm sure the boss would have just said "You'll be right, thanks for volunteering"

    Anyway, after much thought I went with the short film ideas...
    Comedy only, different types of stuff and nothing longer than 15-20minutes.

    Only ended up with about an hour of film. That should be fine for 50 people who didn't know they were going to the movies! (even a break in the middle)

    The chosen ones have been sourced from Vimeo and Youtube!

    1. I'm you Dickhead - (I like this one worth a watch)
    2. Cindy's New Boyfriend
    3. Loveseat
    4. The Gunfighter - (Short and has been around facebook for a while, but very funny if you haven't seen it)

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