Looping clips

Hi Guys,
I'm following the Video copilot tutorial number 120. the enchantress exiting the portal. I have ideas on how to replicate most things in hitfilm but one thing eludes me for the moment.
So as per the smoke arounf the portal in this tute, are there ways to :-
A. Loop footage a number of times as in After Effects?
B. Randomise the rotation and scale of a clip?
Both of these are applied to the small smoke clip as part of the portal design.
I know this can be done manually but its a pain. I was hoping for a more automagic solution


  • To randomise the rotation and scale, you should just be able to tweak the settings yourself to have more control, and to duplicate the clip I would copy amd paste it, then drag it to the area you want it to start :))
    Hope this helped slightly
  • There isn't a way to loop the clip directly, other than just pasting copies of it one after the other. However, if you create the smoke effect in HitFilm using the particle engine, no looping would be necessary, you can just make it last as long as you need it to.
    As far as randomizing the rotation and scale, you may be able to use the Movement Variation controls to create some variation, depending on the particular application, but there isn't any type of automated expressions in HitFilm at this time.
  • Ok Axel, thats what I thought. No problem
    see I got your name right this time ;)
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