Nikon D7000 and Neoscene

Hi guys,
Is anyone else using nikon D7000 footage with neoscene from cineform?
I have found that older footage I shot with the nikon is fine in neoscene but more recent footage crashes it. I have the latest update of neoscene and also the latest firmware on the camera. I notice on the firmware release notes this was mentioned.
"•An issue that prevented the opening of movies recorded with the D7000 in certain movie editing software applications has been resolved"
So anyone else on firmware 1.02 on a D7000 that is working with the latest update of neoscene successfully?


  • Sorted, Had to log a ticket with neoscene. Ended up having to do some manual installation to get it working
    "Make sure you're logged in as an administrator, turn off User Account Control in windows control panel. Then restart computer.
    Then make sure you have all the latest windows updates.
    Then run the register components tool in the cineform/tools folder in the windows start menu.
    Then install AC3Filter from this link:
    During install of AC3filter, be sure to select both the 32-bit and 64-bit components."
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