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    I did a x-mas tree with the particle system last year which was ok for a rookie....wish I was a "master" with the sim...but alas..many gaps

    So... trying to express my love for good motion gfx with a particle , what made this? Fluid System? Is it running in reverse at points? Where to start if I was to attempt this in HF?

  • It took nine weeks for a team of 8 people to make the whole thing in SoftImage XSI

  • Ok then... I was a bit ambitious to say the least. 24,000 frames would take me until I'm 65 just to get a handle on something like this :-)

    I like the way a sage says the obvious ..."the animation was created in just nine weeks"

  • @GrayMotion Well the full original was 16 minutes so you can cut your estimate down to 25% right of the bat ;)

    I'm not a particle sim guru either but I think if you had the models you could come up with a close approximation without too much trouble.

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    Happy New Year to all of Hitfilm and Hitfilmer's!

    Yep, too lazy to make my own this year but hope you like it. Cheers!!

  • Cool, back at ya. :)

  • @GrayMotion - Just caught up on this thread. I don't think I could add anything to what's been said already but I wanted to say- AWESOME STUFF!


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    So I've been extracting a story from mind that I don't have.......  um shooting from the hip really. I just love working with Hitfilm and 3D models. Anywhooo...

    I setup a shot with 3D terrain, a model, background image wrapped with the 360 viewer,  a bunch of particles emitters  and chromatic aberration. I've noticed that on some shots like this I see what I can only say is some kinda of shutter stutter (if that's even possible in a NLE).

     The camera is set to follow a Focus point attached to a Dropship  NULL point The point is only 2 keyframes  on Position and 3 keyframes on X rotation.  I should not be getting a "jerky" illusion with the camera.?

    In this particular shot it looks like the mountains are whats stuttering or face shearing. (all terms used lack knowledge). But the geometry of the model is good so....

    So, thoughts anyone?

    What would cause such a thing? The aberration?  The imaged used in the 360 viewer?? Or perhaps just the speed of the action is to slow??

  • @GrayMotion ; Man that looks great! Very tasty.

    As to the stutter, do mean when the camera tilts down to follow the ship you see a little stutter on the mountains?  The first thing that comes to mind is frame rate. Maybe up it to 60 fps?

  • @Graymotion ;  Very cool set up.  I see the jerky behavior you are talking about.   However I have no ideas on what could be causing it.  If it was me I'strip it down ie (turn off every thing but the camera move) to see if I could find the offending variable.


  • maybe it was a layer that you accidentally moved, oh wait if we had locked layers that wouldn't be an issue!!! 

  • @GrayMotion ; Looks super to me.  In fact, I can't spot the aberration that you all are talking about at all.  I thought it was the size of the phone screen which I watched multiple times trying to catch it so I switched to the computer and still nada!  It's making me wonder if my tired , old eyes are up to this VFX work at all. 

    BTW, the mountains look really good.  Did you use a specific method for creating them in Blender?  I've seen at least one tutorial on realistic mountains but haven't needed them yet to follow it.

  • @GrayMotion I'm not sure of your workflow but if you did this as a multi pass, are the mountains comp/video  at the same frame rate as the main comp?

  • I think I'm thinking the same thing as @NXVisualStudio .  I downloaded the video from YouTube and it's 24fps, so my hunch is that the mountain footage is 30fps.  30fps footage on a 24fps timeline means that HitFilm has to throw away 6 of every 30 frames from the original, and each larger jump in movement is where a frame is skipped.

    I also noticed a different kind of stutter on the ship itself.  Step through the video and you'll notice that the ship — including its engine effects —completely pauses every 4 frames: move, move, move, hold, move, move, move, hold, etc.  Everything else has some movement on every frame.  That also feels like it might be a frame-rate mismatch,  but it would mean the ship layer was rendered at a frame rate lower than 24fps, which would force HitFilm to repeat frames to make up for what isn't there.  However, your description @GrayMotion sounds like the ship model is in the same comp as the 360 mountain background layer and the other effects, so that stutter on the model is a real mystery to me.

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    Yep. I feel embarrassed. Such a rookie mistake to make in front of the best-of-the-best of this forum and no less to spark a response from the elusive Master Tony! Way to go G.....

    Mixed fps was indeed the culprit. The mountains and the CA template I made up were both at 30fps...everything else 24fps. To boot it appears a few of my other works over the last few months that exhibit the same problem are setup the same way. Brownie points awarded for stupidity now...

    Since this post I did as both @Stargazer54 and @BobDiMarzio suggested...process of elimination and new renders every time a change was made. Total up to almost 5 hours of render...with no change. The when I went to render at 60fps I noticed the comps didn't match fps!! Came back here to report my findings and I see @jsbarrett and @NXVisualStudio like thinking.....nailed it they did. 

    At least I know the EXACT time to render the shot now!

    @tddavis - I have  a 100 or so landscapes (Ultimate Landscape Pack for Element 3D) that I picked up a few years ago....before I realized I were-indeed-smart-nuff to actually learn Blender to make my own. I exported all of the assets out of Element 3D into obj files a 6 months back and thought I'd see how the played in Hitfilm. They do play just "ok" but nothing to write home about.

    edit "It's making me wonder if my tired , old eyes are up to this VFX work at all" -- Tired old eyes indeed..I watched the thing at least a 100 times...and really thought what I was seeing was my eyes imagination. Thought for sure I needed to finally make the trip to the Doc for a scrip of blood medicine. Then the boy comes in and says..."Why is it jumping like that Dad?"   wtf???  :-)

    Appreciate the eyes on my friends...

  • Dropping this...and evidently I've been under a rock since April 2017.

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    Heh. And I almost would have thought you've have caught Tony's guest tutorial. 

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    Yea.. You'd have thought huh....If I was on my game back then I might have already figured out how to do this in Blender, tried my hand at  say a crazy...Sun surface or a "fluid like" geometric space sphere/cube/surface .

    If I had the "*alls" I plop down the 4k for 3 year subscription to 3DS Max...but I love my life and my wife.  On ward and upwards as they say  :-)

  • @GrayMotion I get 3ds max for free since im a animation student....3ds max is pretty awesome.  The Ui in Blender I cant stand it!! Its so messy.

  • @Andersen01498 The benefits of being a youth. I'd like to see some of your creations sometime....and Blender not to bad once you wrap your head around the UI...seen worse in my day :-)

  • @GrayMotion my most recent work  that I did with 3ds max was This video here

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    Consider Lightwave. No one can deny Lightwave's power and pedigree and, of the major 3D apps, it's the last one that's BUY not rent. $4k for three years of 3DS Max or $800 to have a perpetual license of Lightwave...

    Blender's UI really is a pain. I can't think of any other program ever using the right mouse button for primary selection. Blender is literally backwards from everything else ever. 

  • You should have seen Blender in the 2.49 days, the ui was just... ouch. 

    Blender is definitely not for everyone. :) 

  • There is also this version that was created to make the UI a little easier to use and figure out. I haven't used it but see more people starting to use it that is just getting started with 3d. I have used Blender long enough now to not really think too much about the UI and have gotten used to it to change to something different. I agree with Triem23 about Lightwave, you can testdrive it for I believe it is 30 days right now as well to see how well you pick up on it and if it is for you and is just as capable as the other 3d software out there. But this is the alternative Blender site called bforartists,

  • Blender is easier to use with hot keys, navigating with the mouse is anti intuitive.  :) That being said I am light years from being able to  utilize it's power.   

    The Right to Left Mouse button is an easy change in the input menu of user preferences.    That part has never bothered me.      I will tough it out.  $800 vs $4K vs free, for me it's a no brainier.     

  • +1 for Lightwave.   (newly released) Full LW 2018 is $995, Educational ver. $195.  So if you can swing the Educational version that would be the way to go.  If you already have Educational, then the upgrade is $95.

    So, LW prices aren't outrageous.  But certainly understand Free is better.

  • I just went to the Lightwave  site and just like the old Adobe education licence, one must provide.

    For Higher Education

    You will need to provide two pieces of documentation.

    1) A legible photocopy of current student identification card (both front and back, if applicable) with issue and/or expiration date circled.

    2) One of the following:

    a) A copy of a current class registration indicating enrollment in a minimum of six (6) credit hours or registration receipt


    b) An original letter on official letterhead confirming enrollment in a minimum 9-month certificate granting program signed and dated by an administration official, including a verification contact phone number.


    Or if you are, or have a child enrolled  in K-12 

    You need to provide two pieces of documentation.

    1) Legible photocopy of current student identification card (both front and back, if applicable) with issue and/or expiration date circled.

    2) One of the following:

    a) A copy of a current class registration indicating enrollment in a qualifying computer multimedia course


    b) An original letter on official letterhead stating your student enrollment and class qualifications signed and dated by an administration official, including a verification contact phone number.


  • Well, yeah. You have to prove you are a student or staff.   I believe your institutional ID card and a recent paystub also works for staff.

    That said, Newtek has done a poor job of promoting LW by not giving it away free to schools.   When I was teaching, I still had to purchase a multi-seat license (although heavily discounted).

  • Last time I owned Lightwave was with my video toaster purchase for the Amiga 2000 which was back in Seaquest and Babylon 5 days. Then I gave up on 3d work till just recently and found that I remembered nothing from the old lightwave to the new version and Blender served my needs now. However Lightwave is still quite powerful and the mocap addons are quite impressive and easy to work with.  But enough of hijacking this thread for me about other software. It mainly all comes down to pricepoint and hobby use vs professional use/profit imo.

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    BANG! BANG! Splfff....ththumbb...ahhhhh!!!  <-- That my friends is the sound of an Amiga hardcore ole man hitting the ground stone cold dead!

    1990, Newtek...Back when ram for the Amiga was 1k for 16meg. I ran a BBS exchange board in  92-96's on 2 state of the art 2000's - hand coded with the new and AWESOME TCP/IP protocols. Took me only 6 months to figure out how to tie an ISDN line to 6 2400baud modems. What a thrill the day it clicked for me. First on the block (2nd in the City of Austin) don't you know!

    One day I saw this software being uploaded called Lightwave 3D?....figure I can make my own Babyon 5 stuff.! Then... by chance my now defunked brother in-law gave me access to to Video Toaster Suite for a steal of 4000$ - I musta have thought I had money back then cause I snapped it right up. 5 years savings...gone. I figured I could finally change careers from physical communications into the new and upcoming Digital media communcations realm.

    Well...I was toasted alright...well above the pay grade and mind level comprehension at the time . SDK tools with Python and C + interfaces was and still IS above this simple mans mind.

    Fast forward to right now - Anytime you folks wanna "hijack my thread" all means...please do.!!! Helps  an ole man recall

    I wouldn't be able to take advantage of any educational freebies at my age but 995$ is "play" money for the week these days as physical communications is a money pool...who knew bandwidth would be traded as a commodity?? :-)

    Many, many, many  thanks for the jolt to the brain creators!!!


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