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     @GrayMotion Cool!  Thanks for the comet info.   Way.... back in the day I was really into amateur astronomy. Hope this apparition puts on a nice show.

  • Atlas comet.....This really looks to be a huge event in the sky. I saw Haleys is 97 which was awesome itself...but this thing is really really big and bright bright green. Right now the gas around the comet is almost a turquoise green and around 1/2 the size of our Sun.

    It is almost visible to the naked eye and getting bigger by the day. Keep a look out between the Big Dipper and Venus. Should be extremely easy to photograph or video without a telescope. Warming up my p900 and "hoping" my star tracker mount shows so I can get long exposure with my DSLR.

  • @GrayMotion I'm almost certain that Halley's came through in 1986 on it's 76 years cycle.  The Hale -Bopp came through in 1997 :)  You know I saw thatAtlas was going to be May before it was really visible so I haven't even gone out to look.  I'll have to do that tonight.

  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

     @GrayMotion ; I clicked on the link you provided and scrolled down to the video some guy shot in his backyard.

    Holy crap! How in the world did he track that thing??  Regular clock drive on a telescope would keep the same star field in view but it looks like he was able make small adjustment to keep the comet centered.  Would like to know what kind of rig he was using.

  • It is always good to be reminded of "your own" ultimate excpectations...

    and some real good workflows and (wishfully/hoping built with Hitfilm and E3D in mind~dream) mouth watering stuff at 43:50

  •  Ok I am not going to lie I watched that THX about 5 times :D My brain and eyes and ears feel much better now. And yes Kramer is on another level. Awesome stuff there.

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    Greg, how about we just beg @JoshDaviesCEO to make Nebula3D the next Hitfilm-compatible AE plug-in? @JavertValbarr might drool, too? ;-)

  • @GrayMotion To rip off George Takei's catchphrase, Oh my! I want that plug in.  I spun my wheels for so long trying to make an erstaz sandstorm and that looks lifelike. + 1 million to @Triem23 idea to beg Josh. :)

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    I'm revisiting some of the techniques I learnt 3-4 years ago? concerning engine plumes and heat displacement. Since that time I am in need of a refresher course on the some jet plume distortion in the pipeline.

    So oh great ones of the forum. A few years back Simon Jones did a tutorial on jet plumes under a flying saucer. For the life of me I cannot find the video. Could someone throw a rock at me and point me to the classic instructional please.

    Thank you kindly.

    EDIT: Ah.. he.double.toothpicks!  Paint me "dense"...6 years ago! My bad forum. Particle displacement for jet engines.

  • @GrayMotion That one tutorial likes to hide from me all the time.  I always have trouble locating it :)

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