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  • I would decide if you are going to do more blender or more HF use, blender does not benefit from running in SLI. I have been wanting to do the same and originaly wanted to toss another gtx 1070 in my setup but holy crap they are still charging almost original release prices for them. So I'm thinking I will hold off till the next desktop build. Maybe the others will have more info on how much of a boost in HF performance you would get from doing a SLI setup cause that side of things I'm not sure of.

  • Since both Hitfilm and Blender only use one GPU, I guess in that use case it doesn't matter if the GPUs match. 

    As stated, SLI requires matching cards, now we need to look at other software you use. I think you also use Final Cut, Motion and some other goodies... Do any of those benefit from dual GPU SLI? 

  • Well - I suppose I should have researched a bit before opening up that questions.

    It appears, from what I read anyways, that dual video cards are more for gaming enhancments and not so much about video and vfx. Although I do see where Blender can use two cards but they alternate tiles on Cycles render only. I'm sure that would increase render times by maybe 150%- 200% (max) but at what cost.  As @FlyingBanana78 say's WOW!! The 10X series Nvidia's  are just as expensive as they day the came out! A bit pricey to be chasing the speed demon. Be cheaper to use a render farm :-)

    I don't have anything else that would utilize dual gfx cards ; Final Cut and Motion are on me Mac but my Mac is old and cannot be upgraded. And new...well over 5K for what I think I need! When will I learn not to chase the speed demon. Probably never is my guess but for my pocket's sake I should go to "speed demon rehab".

    Now.. @spydurhank - Frank.. I'll be keeping my eyes pealed over the next year to see what you come up with for Filmer. Very intriguing sir.

    Thanks for  the responses guys @Stargazer54 @Triem23 I needed to be set straight and you all did just that. 

  • @GrayMotion ; You and @spydurhank may already know this stuff but I just stumbled on this tutorial about Blender Render passes and cryptomattes that I think is incredible:

    Hope you don't mind me added it here to your thread.

    I'm actually tinkering with the idea of a render farm myself.  I've got 4 older working towers (and one laptop) and my main computer and an old router but I haven't managed to sort through the info on how to get it all connected through Blender yet.

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    Watching it now, Thanks @tddavis ; .:)


    That is clever, I wrote a new addon so you only need to connect the sockets into a single node, pics on my thread. My addon uses all of the noisiest passes to denoise them and it Comps them for you. :)

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    Well- Here is a hefty goal to set my sights on. Man - I wish I'd have learnt the art of animation instead of climbing poles/construction when I was younger! The CGI here really puts me in my place..10000 leagues under

  •  WTF??????  Holy crap!  That was awesome and scary all at the same time.   They did a really good job of anthropomorphizing the bot and his "dog".  I really hated the humans in this clip.  If Isaac Azimov isn't rolling over in his grave yet, he soon will be.

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    Wow!  @GrayMotion ; I don't know what's more impressive to me... the great CG integration of the robot or the removing the human stand-in to put the robot ani in?  I don't think I will ever reach that level.

    Edit:  JUst visited my Youtube page and saw this for Blender 2.8.  Thought it might interest you as well:

    I'm dealing with a sick gkid today so I haven't explored it yet myself.

  • OK...dropping this here.. I'll be back after the live stream to explain more

    Layer render (3D) error?

  • Greg, I did a shot with some 3D models that had a similar flicker. Javert had me send over the project file. Think you're hitting an intermittent, but known, logged (fixed?) bug. 

    Couple more questions and observations. How far out are your lights? Remember, Hitfilm fakes cast shadows with a map generated from the light's position. Having really distant lights can cause glitches. Get a light as close as possible. 

    You have a Grade between your ground and vehicles, so lighting and cast shadows aren't hitting the ground, cuz order of ops renders the ground when it hits the grade. You may have done this deliberately, but, just in case.

    Any particular reason you have ambient occlusion off on your models? 

  • This is actually slightly different to what I had, same issue with the model going black but it was on separate bits of geometry while other parts still had textures, It could be a VRAM issue, the previous bug that we had with the camera culling or what mike just said, this is food for thought.. I need to do some testing on that issue. 

  • I had a little time to go back and look at this. I moved the project over to the work horse PC. I think you nailed it @NXVisualStudio - VRAM.  The problem has seemed to have vanished once I render with the GTX1070/8GB. I guess the GTX750/1GB on the iMac was just plain pooping out. Good call sir. 

    @Triem23 - The scene was just a practice setup that I was going to share (with Terry) on how to light models. I had turned off  AO. I know lights- close is better for sure. As for the grade layer..I was using  a 2nd instances of the landscape model -  below the grade and was using  that and the background plate as a light wrap via the Grade layer.

    When will I learn to trouble shoot more carefully before I knee jerk and make a video about it - silly wRabbit.  Thanks for the response gents. 👍

  • @GrayMotion ; Yes, please!  And I learned a good bit following the discussion about your weirdness here, too.

  • @GrayMotion we all do it. I didn't finish my Halloween vid cuz I was having mixamo issues.... Because I forgot to bounce the geometry through Blender. Stupid! Especially as your video on the topic was in my folder of downloaded reference tutorials. 

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    @tddavis - Sir- I checked out the Space-station Generator and it works as advertised. I download the FREE version for a test drive. Nice. There are no material slots (yet) but the author plans to add that so the model pieces can have individual material slots.

    He also has a Mech generator as well as a Weapons generator - both work just as well AND easy peasy using Filmer and @spydurhank 's handy dandy one click export for use in Hitfilm 👍

  • Hey Greg @GrayMotion,

    I literally just rewrote the exporters so that they're backwards compatible with older versions of Hitfilm and...

    something secret. :)

  • @spydurhank ; There's the tease I was talking about wanting in the livestream... :)

    @GrayMotion ; I sub Curtis so I do not know how I missed that those.  Thanks.

  • @tddavis

    Sorry, I was mesmerized listening to everyone else. :)

    I should have a new download for you guys sometime today, I built a new Filmer at 1:00am but then went to bed and am now doing some final render benchmark tests before uploading. I was gonna try to show it to you guys last night but like I said, I was having way too much fun listening to the other guys. :) 

  • @spydurhank ; Oh, no worries.  There was no way to slip anything else into that epic stream. :) It was chock full of tips and tricks and knowledge.

  • Yeah Mike, Tony, Tony and Jay are awesome. :)

  •  @GrayMotion @spydurhank @tddavis Thanks for being there in the live stream!

    Frank, I look forward to the newest version of Filmer!

  • 🍀🤘😂🤘A-mazing Show guys🎥

  • Found a nasty render bug in the official Blender 2.8 code early this morning so I've been working on that most of the day, it pops up when you render an animation. Blender will randomly crash during an animation render on a random frame. Tracked it down to a setting in User Preferences and can confirm that this bug is present in every official release of blender 2.8.

    Let me build a fresh Filmer and I'll upload it for you guys with the work around that I just completed testing. I rendered out 300 frames, 3 separate times to verify and the workaround well, it works. Sorry it took so long to do, I needed a nap which Court can verify... I take naps. :) 

    Don't forget, fake path tracing in Hitfilm. :)

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    In December 2018 I did a  "terrible" tutorial on how to make a Christmas Tree with the particle system. I had actually started with the project with Hitfilm 4 Pro earlier. I recently found the project file for the tree so I thought I'd share it here. 

    The project file (Requires Hitfilm 4 Pro or newer)

    The older tutorial

  • @GrayMotion ; Hey, thanks for posting this timely tut.  Been struggling with an idea for a Christmas video but now thanks to you and Stargazer54's recent posting I see a glimmer starting to peek out from the muddled mess of my brain.

  • Watched this on YouTube, where I saw 5 AE tutorials on the "up next" side panel that were almost the same tree as this in their thumbnails. But I did not watch theirs because I don't have AE. Just shows me that HF can do as good or better than any other app.

    Liked. Nice.


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    @DataDesign - I'm glad you got something out of it. The project file I shared was just a base ""tree" animation without all the glits and glory. I apologize for  that. I was just offering up a base animation so that others could give it a try. It is hard to make a Christmas tree with a particle system look different from others as after all a particle system is just a particle system ie;- Trapcode, CC Particle or Hitfilm's particle system. Same same.

    BTW- any Ae tut (Trapcode) can be reverse engineered to work with Hitfilms particle system - That's how I taught myself...watching Trapcode tutorials

    One note: I was going to do another one this year but just running out of time. I have some mega scan assets of pine brow branches that work fantastic with the particle system to make the base tree...but like I say. Time.

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    I treated myself to a new 3D pipeline this year and purchased iClone 7, Character Creator 3 and the 3DXchange Pipeline. Below is a little test using a rendered png sequence (actor) from iClone, its exported Camera data and light positions mixed thru Filmer and finished out in Hitfilm.

    Frank - I'd be real interested in how Filmer could handle a 3D character and your multi-pass workflow

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    Hey @GrayMotion ,

    We should Skype again soon or something, I've been dying to tell someone how I do all of my stuff, pretty easy stuff,  I swear. :) I have the words to be able to explain now that my brain is starting to work good again. Picture all that with a southern drawl. :)

    My multi pass or whatever it is really called works on any type of surface and index that you can think of creating or mimicking in both Filmer and Hitfilm. :)

    I dunno, Court and I have been thinking of either doing a live chat as an introductory video type thing or it can be private and recorded for later upload. I'd like all of the beta testers to join but I know everyone is busy. I'd really like to have you in the video though. :)


    And dang, that came out pretty damned good. :)

    Oh and the Filmer .hfcs exporter is better than ever after tweaking it with the After Effects script and Josh's Script for fixed rotation and scale. Really cool. :)  

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