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  • Jeez...there you go using the 6 lettered word... Yea..sure thing. I'm all yours.

  • Sweet! It will be a great time Greg! :)

  •  @GrayMotion ; Went to that video you mentioned near the end of the livestream and downloaded that massive collection of green screen footage (And ordered a new 3 TB HDD to reorganize my my external collection :) )  I also snagged that skeleton model.  I wasn't planning a Halloween video this year, but I'll try to do a little sumthin' sumthin' with the graveyard assets I scrapped out of last years and him...if I can get Mixamo to work half as well as Jay does!

  • @tddavis Where'd you get the skeleton model? Sketchfab?

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    @FilmSensei ; Yes this link was hidden halfway down in the Cheap Tricks #10 Youtube info...I almost missed it the first time:

  • @tddavis - Cool. Yea, I think there was what, 17 gigs of greens screens.

    I spent about 2 hours trying to rig that skeleton into a t-pose before I gave up. The armature I made doesn't match the mesh of the skeleton and fails when I try and parent the two together. If you get it figured out don't forget this ole man :-)

  • @GrayMotion @tddavis

    I guess I missed it, and went back and tried to find the place to download the green screens you mentioned, but can't seem to locate the mention. Can you post it here?


  • @DataDesign - Go back one page (page 14) of this thread. Look for the Red Gaint Cheap Trick #10 (Zombie Hoard) link I posted.

  • @DataDesign ; Yes, it's in that Youtube video link on page 14 of GrayMotion's thread.  Go down past the time codes to CC section.  The skeleton is the last one in that section.  The green screen footage is the 2nd link under the more info.  You can download individual clips instead of the entire 17 GB package...but where's the fun of that? The completist that I am can't have partial collections :)

  • @GrayMotion ; Got a chance to sit at the computer and got the skeleton rigged in Mixamo lickty split following that video suggestions.  One thing I had to do was uncheck symmetry on the alignment points because one of the other of the wrists and elbows was sliding off the model and it kept throwing errors at me.  I also didn't have a lot of trouble getting it into a T Pose in Blender.  I have it in T as an OBJ, the master Blender, and several Mixamo animation FBXs.  What do you need?  I'll upload you a link to my DropBox or OneDrive or Google Drive.

  • Well sir @tddavis - I'd definitely like the rigged skeleton. If it's no trouble then... "I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. " 😉

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    @GrayMotion ; That's the weird thing

      I didn't have to create a rig.  Mixamo did that after I imported it.  Let me see if I can download it from Mixamo with no animation at all in the T Pose.

    It does but when I re imported the FBX back into Mixamo it wanted me to set up the rig all over again??  I zipped up a rather large folder with everything I have with it including that crawl animation and a few others I am tinkering around an idea with.  I have not added texture to the model yet, though.  See if there's anything useful for you here.  If not just delete it from your system.  Hope it helps you along. FBX

    Just checked and the Mixamo Rigged FBX does have the armature in Blender in a T Pose.  One thing I forgot about was adjusting the scale that Jay just talked about in tutorial today.  When you open them in Blender it's pretty small and needs scaling.

  • Thanks Terry! @tddavis

    I mis-spoke when I said "rigged" - I was excited that you got the skeleton in a T-Pose.

    Again... thank you sir.

  • @GrayMotion ; Absolutely no problem.  The obj file in t pose is what I uploaded to Mixamo.  I think it's the only obj in the zip but I am not certain.

  • Using a different skeleton model I found on Sketchfab, I was able to fairly easily rig it up in Mixamo and get this shot. That was the easy part! The harder part would be to create the shatter and particles.

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    @FilmSensei ; Looks like the same skeleton to me...Are you sure it's a different model?   I didn't even search SketchFAB for others; just downloaded from the Red Giant link.  Who knew there's be more than one skeleton?


    And the turntable animation looks good btw.

  • @tddavis I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it a different one. Here is the link...

  •  @FilmSensei ; Oh, I knew you were right.  I was trying (and failing apparently :) ) to be mildly humorous.  For the record, yours says low poly and that red giant tutorial mentions that the one they linked is a massive one.

  • @tddavis Ah! I see that you were making a joke! Clearly, I have no humor... arr arr. My model is definitely low poly, which makes it very easy to work with!

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    Not to be left behind... my first Foundry track. Matched one of the animation that @tddavis supplied to the Worlds Origin track point by parenting to the point and then off setting the z-position of the model after the animation was applied. Almost -900 off center but the model appears to "stick" pretty good. No sliding. Now if I can carve out some time I might try and to create that eerie mist/smoke.

  • @GrayMotion Looks good. Love the shadow!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Ah, Mixamo.... Always so much fun, wondering if, when I load in a converted animation if it will 1) work as expected, 2) work, but rescale my model so I have to readjust my scene, or 3) Just make my entire model vanish.

    Basically, I'm abandoning my Halloween render because, using the same damn skeleton Hashi linked, using the same damn Zombie Crawl animation from Mixamo, it's been disappearing model all night.

    Ironically, the animation works as expected with a different skeleton model I have, but that one's really low res and just looks terrible in frame. *Shrug*

  • @GrayMotion ; Looks great.  Yeah, I'm working with totally CG because I still can't track decently even with the Foundry...I just suck at it.

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    Question if I may...

    I'd like to add a video card to my existing machine. I know this won't help in regards to Hitfilm''s render times...but I'm thinking more about Blender at this point. Currently I have a 1070/8gb. I would like to add another Nvidia.

    The question - Can I add another Nvidia brand card...say a newer 2070 to my setup? Or do I have to stay with exact model? In my case the 1070.

    As I speak I think power  - would the 750 G2 EVGA power supply I have power 2 cards efficiently?

    What do  you think @spydurhank @Triem23  Anyone - Is this possible?




  • Hey @GrayMotion ,

    I have a mosh posh of gear in my machine but Court got me a 1050 G power supply thingy back in 2016.

    I can fit up to four video cards in my machine but have at the moment, 2 gtx 970s and a single Pro Duo Polaris. :) 

  •  @GrayMotion ; If you have the slots available you can run two different cards side by side.  But if you want to tie them together with SLI they would have to be identical.   As you know, HF can't take advantage of SLI.  But I would think you could just assign whichever card you want to the HF app and assign the other card to Blender for example (AFAIK).

    Might even be possible to have a Blender render, in the background, while tying up one card and run HF on the other one at the same time.  Although HF is notorious for stopping if you click on something else while it is running in the foreground.

    You might check in with one of the Blender groups and see how those guys deal with dual (though not identical) cards.

  • Whoops, read the part of mostly for Blender but forgot to mention.

    Blender can only use one gpu type at a time. The user preferences only allows you to choose cpu, cuda, optix, or OpenCL. 

    This past summer I was writing a Filmer version that would allow you to choose all cpu, and gpu vendor types at the same time... Blender 2.8 changed everything in their source code so I had to set that aside for now but as soon as I get the time... I will come back to it and you will definitely be able to choose anything you want and in any combination of vendor cards with cpu as render device in Filmer. :)

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