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  • I should have looked closer 96-bit color on the HDRI and overall file size is 311MB. Fine toothing it here. I'll keep digging around

  • Holy S%&# 

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    32 bits/channel? Damn. So you're using a TRUE HDRI image, not just a 16 bit/channels TIFF. 

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    @Triem23 ^^^ I'm surprised this even happened without the software choking  with sudden crash! 

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    Ok. Yes..the HDRI I used is smoking EXR HDR file. I tried one of the dummied down 7360x4912 jpg's 24-bit 16.1 mb's file. Same results. No textures, environment map lighting appears to switch off. Guess Im going to have to breakdown and re-install v12 and see if it happens there. Drats

    Crash? Me no crash unless I go to multiple views :-)

  • Ok to rule it out, try dumping in any old image laying around that's small in file size and a low bit depth, if that works OK then you know you need to come down on something, say bit depth, even try 8bit just for the sake of it to rule out the causes, on that note I dumped in a full 32bit '96'  with four multiviews and it worked fine  

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    Alright Master T - First thanks for the lesson in process of illumination  elimination. Plume forgot about something I do everyday with fiber networks. Damnitt!

    Additional Environment Map(s) - White plane 4096x4096, 24-bit 1200x630, a true 8-bit 1920x1200. All maps produce same result. Env lighting disappears.

    And...for the record I think I might have to eat my words about multi views and not having the model be at fault. I assumed if I could scrub and rotate around the model that I should not have any problems viewing it in multi views (with the lights off).  Well...the turret I gave an example of back a page or so came in two parts. Even without textures I'd crash going into multi view. I deleted the top turret piece.....  what do you OpenGL errors. I feel like a idiot about that. I made an assumption .  I did just try with the models I used for the environment map video problem going 4 views now.. 👌


  • @NXVisualStudio Yep, cleared that problem right up. Now to try and replicate @GrayMotion illumination on ver.11 And just as reference the image in the background was just one of those freebie HDRIHaven files so definitely not a true fry my processor HDR's :) Bedtime for now and thanks again NXVisualStudio I had completely forgot about camera having it's own properties till you mentioned it. And now for sleep, coffee, experimenting and testing. Sorry if I stepped on any toes as well GrayMotion.

  • @FlyingBanana78 Glad to help chap :) now get some rest, I also shouldn't be awake.

    @GrayMotion That really does suck, however I did promise a while ago that if you needed anything rendering to shoot it over, so if you need it done give me a shout with a file containing all assets and I'll punch out the render. 

    Also in your case with the HDRI, I don't think the map is lighting the model but reflecting the map  onto the model via the specular side of it, @Triem23 have I been gone for so long that HF now supports full HDRI lighting? with camera exposure controls?   

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    @NxVisualStudio kind of. The DIFFUSE REFLECTIVITY setting is similar to HDRI. It uses the same environment map defined for spec reflections, but more as a lighting map. Only control is amount from 0 to 100%. If you remember the render of your TARDIS I sent you (on mars), it's using the environment map with high Diffuse Reflectivity with a low intensity key light that's basically driving the cast shadow. 

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    @Triem23 so not with brightness values that produces the light from the map, from what I can tell it's not lighting the model as it would in a renderer like Max or Blender, it's using specular to fake it so to speak? if so I wouldn't utilize this approach.   

    Edit; I remember this well good Sir!


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    @NXVisualStudio Yea. I'm using the term environment lighting wrong. Like you's more of a reflection than a lighting source . I do wish that an environment map would actually a) act like Blender world environment and b) was controllable with mapping so you could direct the light in said direction. Most likely none of those will  happen anytime soon but it's nice to wish. 

    I appreciate the offer to render BUT if I fell back on that then I'd just be a sap. Not a sap. If I was power user making money with my skills then I'd look at an offer like that as a render farm so to speak. But I'm just having fun with VFX and I'm not disillusioned that I think I'm some kinda of "artist" Just simple old Greg. 🙂 I have a Mac and a I'll roll back one version in 11 on the Mac and upgrade to v12 on the PC and see how things work out. 

    @FlyingBanana78 No worries sir. You didn't step on my toes at all. You are more than welcome to chime in/go off topic to ask/say/suggest anything on my lil corner here in the forums. I learn  a ton from others and you are one that brings real issue to the forefront that I learn from. Beside if they're in my own thread they are easy to find 👌

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    Ok. One more time. I went back and found out when the original fix was for the environment map on 3d models used individually and used in the particle system - that was version 10.0

    In  ver 11 it appears the fix in ver. 10 did not carry over when the update happened. Both in the particle system and on the model directly environment "lighting"" disappears.   So for anyone currently using ver 11 who did not upgrade, they will not have environment map enhancement.

    Now - ver 12.3.1984 - Environment map illumination in the particle sim and on the model individually does it's job and illuminates the object through-out the render. So... the ver 10 fixes were re-introduced. 

    Testing complete

  • @GrayMotion ,

    Oh boy, glad it is working for you in v12. How is v12's ui performance doing on your machine?  


  • @spydurhank I installed on the Mac instead of PC. Seems pretty stable. The layout is a bit "weird"... I added a few models and split to 4 views. No crashing.. but the Mac never did. 

  • Stumbled across this the other day and thought about you @FilmSensei

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    @tddavis FYI- Node setup for layer rendering in Blender 2.8

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    @GrayMotion ; Wow!  Thank you for this...  I had no clue this was how to do it.  I thought it was all those little checkboxes under the camera or render settings.  No wonder I have been so lost with the concepts you and Frank were discussing in the Filmer discussion.  I have saved this image to included with the posts in a doc.

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    @tddavis - Now if we could get Master Frank to show us his node set up for the reflection pass we'd be in like Flynn. I think I have an idea but I'd still like to see how he does it...simple screen shot would do Frank....(hint hint)

    "  I thought it was all those little checkboxes under the camera or render settings. "

    Terry - Once you select those pass option they become available in the Render Layers node. :-)

  • @Graymotion ,

    Yeah no problem, gimme a little while if you could, I'm working on the hardbody physics demo and it is a lot of objects that need to be baked, over 900. It is one of the longer processes that I need to automate with a little coding session so that it doesn't take hours to do. 

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    @FilmSensei Here is that short animation I strung together with Mixamo animation files. Kind of a cheat...multiple camera views. Nothing spectacular just fooling around last year

  • Whoa, you've got those animations down @GrayMotion . :)

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    Need some warriors green screen footage? RedGaint to the rescue.

    Want some Cheap Tricks on how to use them?

  • @GrayMotion Hey Greg, what are you doing on Tuesday night?

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    @FilmSensei - well... watching your show for one. Why? You need a guinea pig? One thing though. After watching Life I'm aware what happens to them poor critters . 

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     @GrayMotion I think you just volunteered yourself as guest. 

  • @Triem23 I'd make a terrible guest...Padawan's should be seen and not heard :-)

  • @GrayMotion You are the best I know when it comes to models in HitFilm. Proof...

    I was hoping you might provide some color commentary on a discussion of places to find free assets online for models in HitFilm. You could even throw in some suggestions! Please?

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