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    I'm curious - I wonder if the Gods of cgi could answer me this. Is it possible to make time-lapse cgi  scenes???

    I ask of course because I to wanna  do cgi like NASA does... and I think I could control my fireflies better then they did at 2:03 (pretty cool zoom shot the editor did there)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Here's the thing about fake time lapse... In pure animation you control everything. You could simply set up a fast animation to simulate time lapse (just don't use motion blur). What would give you a "time lapse" look would be the "fireflies" of lightning storms. For that, lets cheat. Create a black plane, add a fractal noise, adjust exposure and offset so you have a few small white blobs, then set the seed to animate quickly so you have white blobs flickering around. Now stick a sphere filter on that and make it the same diameter as your planet. Add Auto Flares. Parent the sphere layer to the planet, put it above the planet and set blend mode to ADD. 

    The other thing for a time lapse look will be cloud movement. This means you need to use an Earth texture without clouds.

    Clouds would be 360-degree fractal noise. If you get creative you can layer multiple fractal noises with nearly identical settings. First one is black and a dark grey. Second one is a duplicate of the first, but you adjust the expansion and offset so this second noise is "inside" the first. Set the second fractal blend to ADD or SCREEN blend. Basically the two duplicates and the blend gives a more volumetric look-faking parts of the clouds picking up light and shadow. Stick a Demult effect on to knock out the black. Add Sphere, enable lighting and synch it up like you did the lightning flashes sphere. 

    Make sense? 

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