brick film, and aspect ratio help!
here is my latest brick film, it's a walking test.... however, it is in the wrong aspect ratio! and i dont know how to fix this (i saved it on movie maker)
(the effects i used were the grading effects mixed with masking to give it a the lights a glow, and to make the whole scene feel warmer than it was :) )


  • Uhm... You have HitFilm, so why do you still use Movie Maker???
    You can just upload it to YouTube straight out of HitFilm by using the internal uploader. If it's the right aspect ratio inside HitFilm and You don't touch the export settings it should be the right aspect ration on youtube also.
  • Oh no, it is done on vision lab, because the laptop broke and can't run hit film at the moment, so I did this on vision lab, and you have to edit it with movie maker
  • Oh well, that sucks... :/
    Sorry, but I have no clue how movie maker exports, as I never used it.
  • From what I know about WMM you can't change the aspect ratio
  • Don't worry, I found a way, you can add a tag into your video on YouTube, and it changes the ratio!!! That's awesome, but it doesn't change it for mobile devices
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