Ambient Lights Do Nothing

OK, I've been playing around with HitFilm 3 Pro for a several months and noticed a few things. Wanted to make sure before saying anything.

One, is that when I add an Ambient Light to a scene it does nothing to light it. At full intensity the scene is dark through the active camera. Even if I duplicate it (creating two Ambient Lights in the scene) it's still dark. Yes, "Visible" is checked under the light's Layer Properties and "Illuminated" is checked on the model's Materials tab.

In other 3D programs I use the Ambient Light is represented in the scene and is able to be moved around using the XYZ handles (even though that doesn't do anything). In HitFilm, there is nothing representing the ambient light in the scene - it disappears like it's not there. Changing it to another light type brings it back into the scene.

Asus Laptop - N61Jq
Windows 7 Home Premium - Service Pack 1 64 bit
i7 CPU Q740 @ 1,73GHz
AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5730 with 1GB
8 GB System Memory

Any ideas?


  • Hi @BriRedd

    If you go in your 3D model properties in the materials tab, each of your material that should receive the ambient light should have a colour that is not black, otherwise your scene will stay black as you noticed.

  • It is as Cedric says. Your ambient light is doing nothing because your model's material properties are set up to not react to ambient lights. If you set the ambient property to anything other than black you'll see the effects of the ambient lights.

    Ambient lights will affect video/image/plane layers by default.

    Ambient lights aren't represented in the scene because they don't have a physical location.

  • Thanks Cedric and Simon. I guess I got use to Fusion. Adding an ambient light there, it comes up as white and visible by default.

  • I had the same problem, thanks for helping me too!

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