HitFilm 3 Pro froze when importing media

So i went back to recut a older project in hitfilm( I know I should move on from past work).  I dumped all the media into hitfilm  (33gigs) and prepared to dive in and try new things out... Well that didn't work out so well after all the media was in.  It froze shortly after and never recovered.

Just reopened Hitfilm 3 and it froze, didn't even put media in :(


  • Instead of dumping 33 gigs in at once i tried a more tactical approach.  I started bringing in scenes in batches.  I made a folder and started dumping things in there.  Well 3rd folder in and hitfilm froze.

  • they are probably gonna ask for your machine specs etc. Might be worth preempting that. 

  • As DreamArchitect pre-empted, can we get a few more details?

    - Machine specs

    - What precisely is the media? Audio, video images? A mixture? What specific formats are being imported?

    - When you tried importing it in batches, how many videos imported had you got to when it froze?

    - What method of importing are you using? The Import button, or dragging the media from a folder into the Media panel?

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    My computer

    i7 3770K -clocked to 4ghz.

    32 Gigs of ram

    EVGA GTX 780 SC 3gb

    Operating system on a SSD

    The Media

    Is .mov video.  The first time I tried the hitting the import button and selecting the 125 files ;).  THey loaded in but then stopped working.  The next trial was probably 13.  I got those loaded into a folder, and then imported another batch probably about the same amount and then another... when it froze.

    This last time it froze at just the first 13 files, when i was trying to scrub through the trimmer.

    I just tried importing 125 files into hitfilm 2 ultimate.  I got all the files in and way more previews started loading before it stopped responding.

  • Thanks for the extra info, Michael!

    Do you happen to have enough non-Quicktime media around that you could try the same thing with non-Quicktime media? It might be useful to pinpoint whether it's media in general or specifically Quicktime media that is being problematic.

    I'll point QA at this as they'll no doubt have more questions and insight.

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    I might, i need to look.  I have some DNxHD files in a quicktime wrapper.  Some rather large ones.  I dropped in a a 630MB and a 1.49GB file and get smooth playback.

    Added two 900 MB videos...  Works fine..

    Dumped in 17 additional files of DNxHD footage from my blackmagic cinema camera that are about 14.9 gbs...

    I think its H.264 video.  I am getting trimmer playback and everything else just fine with at least 18 gbs of video in Hitfilms Media pool.

  • sorry some of the footage is prores. 

    Speaking of which... any plans to take the color from 16 to 24?

  • Quick update - we've identified some issues with importing large quantities of Quicktime videos and are investigating a fix. More news when I get it.

    As for your other question, I'll get Josh to answer that one.

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