Resizable audio and Video Tracks

Hit Film 3 Pro is about to release and i have a question.. in time line editor, the tracks for video and audio woud be vertical resizable?...

this would be great if you improve resizables tracks, grouping, and other options for tracks to enhance the NLE capabilities.



  • You can set the vertical height of tracks for audio and video separately, and HitFilm 3 Pro has a new 'extra large' option.

  • thnx!!! but i cant find how to do it! sorry,  Simon and thanks again, i already buy the HF3 and im very excited to use on my next project as a base editor.

  • Sorry, I should have been more specific! On the bottom-left of the editor timeline you'll find the zoom bar and a little triangle pointing to the right. Clicking the triangle will open up the view options for the timeline tracks.

    Hope that helps!

  • Oh ... thanks a lot Simon!!! it works!

  • SimonKJones

    thanks for your support...  how to manage the height of each video and audio track .... i noticed in twoo projects the tracks have different heights.  Please advise ..Thanks

  • @ChuppyPro Not sure if Simon will reply, as he's no longer a regular around here (and the link you used isn't the proper way to tag someone in the forum;  you need to put the @ in front of their username, like I did with yours).

    Changing the height of video and audio tracks is done en masse; i.e. all video tracks have the one height, and all audio tracks have another height. There aren't individual height controls for each track. Where are you seeing different height for individual tracks?

  • CleverTagline Thank you for the info ... 

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