Robert Downey Jr. to be in Captain America 3

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MOD EDIT: Have updated the discussion title to reflect the latest Iron Man news (see below).

I kind of hope that happens...


  • Directing Apocalypto(2006) to Iron Man 4. That would be quite a task.

  • SOOOOOoooooo.....what appears to have actually been happening is that RDJ was in negotiations to appear in Captain America 3. Not as a cameo but in a lead role - and it sounds like they're going down the Civil War storyline.

    I'm excited. Winter Soldier was pretty bold in its examination of the surveillance state and military-industrial complex (for a blockbuster movie, at least), so it'll be fascinating to see the diametrically opposing viewpoints of Stark and Rogers properly collide.

  • I agree.  This would be a very exciting path to take the franchise.

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