Hitfilm pro export error


 I have a question..  when I go to export my film I'm making on Hitflim pro, I get these two errors:

The Volume 'D:/' has less than 100 MBs available


Please free some space and try again


I have more than enough space, I just installed a 5tb SSD onto my Dell precision m4800 (I also made sure that's where it will be exporting to). The movie is 1 hour and 45 minutes (roughly). And I've spent months working on this project (just the editing) and hope to get it on a few big platforms. If anyone could help me with exporting and both of these errors I would greatly appreciate it!!!! I think that if this can't export or hitfilm crashes I will most likely lose my mind lol thanks again..


  • It might be caching to this d: drive, how much space had it got?

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