NEW RELEASE: CamTrackAR, free 3D video capture for iOS

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Hey everyone! We're so excited to announce the release of our newest, groundbreaking tech which is going to change the workflow of filmmakers forever. 

CamTrackAR is the first app in the world to automatically capture 3D tracking data alongside your shot.

You can download it for free on the App Store here: (multiple anchor points and export to AE is a paid feature - but export to HitFilm and Blender are both free!) 

And here's our release video with some cool test shots! 

We'd love to know what you think about the app - and of course, if you could leave us a review on the App Store if you loved it, that would be much appreciated!

I'm going to make a guess at one of the questions already - the reason that this app can only be used on an iPhone currently is down to the AR camera data we are able to pull from Apple’s hardware technology. We had to start somewhere and ARKit is amazingly good, and we're going to talk to Google about the best way forward for Android - so stay tuned! Sign up to our newsletter if you haven't already. 


  • @KirstieT Thanks for the update  on the Android front.  Mych appreciated.

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    So this could be used for shooting an initial pass for various effects elements before shooting the pass with actors?

    And if I wanted to use this with Fusion, will that be included in the future?

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    Is CamTrackAR  available in the APP store yet? I cant seem to find it in the store

  • I guess I cant fool the App store on my iMac :-) Need the iPhone or iPad

  • @GrayMotion Yeah, as I understand it (and that is very limited) your iMac doesn't have the built in location info I'm sure it wants.

  • Hi guys,

    An interesting development but as an android guy myself not great from my point of view. Good to see you are looking into that though.  I do have a question. I beleive framerate impacts on tracks and their accuracy if it is changed. What framerates can this film in? I tend to use 24 fps.

  • Hoping to see how Sam at corridor digital users this.

  • I am so waiting for the Android version!!!! Cant wait....this is a huge game-changer to VFX in general btw 

    Should this work with Maya or any fbx data.  I am not a blender user. 



  • I dried my iphone's battery yesterday with this. Twice. It's fantastic! I made just a few test shots, but it's amazing how fast you can work with this. I made a meteor shower with a handheld camera footage, an ar like hud element for a sci-fi film, and grab the camera motion data for a minecraft video.

    I had only two issues:

    - It doesn't tolerate fast movements well. I think, it's a HW and not a SW issue, but I think a fast paced action video is out of scope. For now ;)

    - The floor detection has it's own soul. With a complex floor texture - like gravel or too many pebbles - it loose the floor alignment very easy and it's hard to set up. If you want to grab the camera motion data only, use something smoother, like a concrete floor or a plaid. 

    Thank you guys for making this free for a hobbist. My family hates you, but I love it :D

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    Just be careful of waiting for the android version as it may never come. The same was true of the action pro app. 

    There are sometimes technical issues with these things.

  • I do have a question. How do you get the files off the ios device on to a Windows pc? I am not very familiar with ios. I do have some ios devices kicking around I'm not sure if they meet the spec so I could try it out or get a second hand device to try it. I just need to get the files off to be able to use them.

  • On ios you have „documents folder „ for icloud drive. On Windows install icloud app

  • Can I use another cloud platforms.I already have others in place and I would rather not install a terrible Apple Windows app if I can help it. My experience of Apples attempts to implement  on windows is not good. 

  • @DreamArchitect ; I use Google Drive to upload files from iOS. No Apple Windows app required. 😁

  • @SeanDoubleJ. Perfect. I have that 

    @chriguf thanks for the initial info. 

    I'll see if any of the devices I have will work with it. 

  • Hi there,
    CamTrackAR is a fantastic app!! But it would be even more fantastic, if you would add a focus lock option, to avoid permanent autofocus adjustments in certain situations.
    Thank you

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