I am making a short film, and need to rig a model so I can have more control for FREE! Any Ideas?


The model is Futuristic Turret 1


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    Basically, rigging a model is going to be done with points, keyframes and parenting. The basics of points and keyframing are covered in this tutorial:


    Then we get into parenting and rigging.


    And this third one gets into rigging 3D models, using a Dalek, which is similar to the turret.


    Or, I just rigged it for you. I mean I had to download the model to see how I'd rig it, and, at that point, I may as well just rig the silly thing, cuz it only took a minute or two.


    You'll need to go into the properties for the model and re-link the textures. After that, re-save the project.

    You'll be able to import this rig into any other project by using the "Import Composite Shot" function.

    NOTE if anyone else is thinking of grabbing the dropbox file, the model geometry is saved in the Hitfilm project. The textures are NOT included, and you'll need to download the original model from Production Crate to get those. Fortunately, there's a link in the original post.




  • @Triem23 That is really cool... Thanks!

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    @moviesthehouse you'll need to let me know when/if you see/download the link I left for you. The Production Crate guys really don't want me to leave an open link to this project file with the asset. I'll be deleting the Dropbox file tomorrow night. 

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    Link removed as requested by the guys at Production Crate. 

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