Creating "hand drawn" elements in HitFilm?


I am currently using HitFilm to create simple videos which include text/screenshots.

I use HitFilm to animate the text/screenshots, but I also need to make "call outs" during the animation where I highlight specific components in the text/screenshots (for example a line of text in a screenshot).

The style of the videos is hand drawn for these "call outs" and I want to keep this style.

My current process is:

  • Import the images/recordings into HitFilm 
  • Create the animation/video
  • Pause the video on a frame I want to annotate a "call out"
  • Export the frame
  • Import the frame into
  • Draw the annotation "call out" in
  • Save the annotated frame
  • Import the annotated frame into HitFilm

This is a cumbersome and slow process for a simple task..

Can anybody more experienced with the product suggest a more efficient workflow for achieving this same result?


  • @neut22a Have you seen this video by Javert on his original channel, inScape Digital?

    Is this the kind of call out that you are looking for?

  • Yes I have seen that video, but thanks for the link.

    This is a digital call out, the style of my videos is hand drawn.

    So indeed, the same idea, but I want to hand draw what the call out looks like - which is typically distinct (for example, a hand drawn box around text in a screenshot).

    The "only way" I have been able to achieve this is by exporting the frame and then drawing on top of the frame in, then re-importing to HitFilm. 

  • @neut22a

    This tutorial from @FilmSensei shows how to Hand Draw things on the screen. Maybe this would help you?

  • Thanks, yes I saw that also, but it's also not what I want to do.

    I'm guessing then then it's not possible to "free hand draw" on top of a layer?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Not using a "brush tool" Neon Path is an option, Sensei's Lightsword hack is an option. Freehand masks on a plane can draw any shape you like. 

    By "hand drawn" are you looking for a "squiggle vision" look? 

  • @neut22a Can you provide a video or image of what you are looking for? You cannot upload a video or image to this forum, but you can provide a link.

  • Anything is "possible". Post a link to the video or image. Also a link to a one of your finished videos would help.

  • Thanks guys!

    This is an example..

    To make this simple video, I needed to cut and export frames from HitFilm, into paint, then back into HitFilm again.

    Which takes a very long time for a longer video, I would much rather be able to 'directly draw' within HitFilm.

    Is there a more efficient way to perform this process (as explained in my first post)?

  • I’m not sure if this would work for every situation, but as much as possible, I would eliminate the screenshot. Simply draw the annotation based on what you’re trying to show, export it as a .png with a transparent background, then drop and position your annotation over the original video.

    Option 2 is to find a screen annotation software and annotate the screen while you’re recording.

     At this point, HitFilm doesn’t have a pen tool, so these are the best options that I can think of.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    It would be a little more work to initially set up, but I see no reason why you couldn't make some hand-drawn arrows on transparent backgrounds, and some callout boxes in your photo app and just import those to Hitfilm. Or, for the callout boxes, you could mask shapes on planes and quickly reuse those masks in Hitfilm. I guess you're hand-drawing your letters, or you could use a handwriting font....

  • Ok, thanks for the tips.

    Not exactly what I was hoping to achieve.. but hopefully will help speed up my processes somewhat.

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