How to create pop in text synced with speech

I'm trying to figure out how to accomplish this in Hitfilm Pro

Anyone have any suggestions besides having to mask each word separately?



  • @TonyCarretti I would do it exactly as he does it in the video, except I would use a separate Add Mask for each word and simply keyframe the Opacity of the Mask (0 to 100%) to reveal at the proper time. It would take about the same length of time as it does for him to keyframe the type on slider. I would not attempt to keyframe the path of a single mask to uncover the text over time. That would get too complicated very quickly and would take much longer to create.

  • @FilmSensei ; Thanks for the response!  I tried it today doing a mask for each line of text and animating the position using constant keyframes and it worked pretty well and wasn't too complicated.  This way I only ended up with four masks.  I'll give your solution a try as well and compare time versus work.  Thank you so much for the quick reply! 

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