Difference between Mask path vs mask position

Hey all....I am slowly returning to After Effects due to that I am missing several things in Hitfilm Pro.   I am realizing that After Effects just has the mask path.  What is the use of the mask position in Hitfilm?  Tbh....mask position is just an unnecessary item to have. 


  • So you have a mask, and you have a path that can be changed for the mask, but the position is where the mask is on the layer. It tells the mask relative to the anchor point where you want the mask on the x,y which can be keyframed. Without the position value you can move the mask about which is key when trying to apply an effect or grade in say a tracked feature in your media.

  • interesting...because AE has no position of the mask and it does it well without it 

  • If you are planning to animate a mask It's probably a good idea to turn on animate for position, scale, path

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andersen01498 the split of the position/path properties is a new-ish feature. I think that's a Hitfilm 12 change. Earlier versions of Hitfilm combined position/path. It's a change made based on user requests. Does mean certain older tutorials are obsolete. 

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