Undo/redo doesn't work (consistently) on text value changes

When I edit values in the text tab and use the undo/redo actions they more often than not doesn't revert those changes. Additionally, I cannot right click those values/fields and reset them to their default value so I have to manually type it in every time which is very tedious. If I select the current value and right click it shows a greyed out "undo" and "redo" option which feels like rubbing it in how slow it is to use that tab

Am I missing out on an easier way to go about this or do I have to accept this?


  • @jforjonas sounds like there could be a bug here. Could you tell us which controls are not updating correctly if possible? I'll also investigate this myself locally.

  • After a very quick look, it seems that the Undo/Redo actions for the text boxes are for changes made in the box without clicking away. Finalised changes can be undone with Ctrl+Z are from the history panel.

    I didn't encounter any issues when changing and undoing parameters, but it is worth noting that whilst you have the text box active, the undo shortcut will most likely not undo the text panel changes, so you will need to use the History panel or have the selection tool active.

  • TheBenNorris 
    Clicking away did work sometimes for me, but it was inconsistent. A lot of the time undo functions didn't affect anything in the text tab and just skipped to whatever I was doing before.

  • @jforjonas what I'm saying is, the undo buttons for those boxes are not the same as the undo buttons everywhere else, and they seem to only change the values in those boxes whilst that box is active. I do think that this shouldn't be the correct behavior however, so I will raise it internally.

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