My Cinematic Summer

I used Hitfilm Pro and tried out some new masking transitions, it was a fun vlog that im starting throughout the summer. If there's anything I should improve on I'd love to know!


  • Some really cool shots and editing in there, and nice to see you're committed to getting creative over the summer! Can't wait too see some more content from you

  • feyiadebanjo Thanks so much! Being more committed is keeping me motivated!

  • Nice job Ryan, I swear I had seen some of your stuff online before, I checked out your channel didn't know any of the vids. Good luck.

  • Pretty cool. :)

  • Cool!   I got a nice "oh to be young again" vicarious buzz off of it.   Thanks for that. 

    But, but, I can still swim ya know.   I mean, probably. 

    Make more please.

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