Video Pro Presets

Hi, just downloaded the Video pro Presets Pack,what is the best way to move them into Hitfilm Pro 14



  • Hi pretty simple really. 

    1. Put your media in the timeline editor it comp shot.

    2. Drag the LUT effect from the effects list onto the media

    3. Open up the LUT controls and under Lut file properties point to the LUT you want to use. 

    4. Done.

    The pack looks like it comes with standard luts so should be fine. Let me know how you get on.







  • Thank’s for the info

  • Thank’s @Andy001z, got it working.I have never used Luts before ,so did not know how to use them.all ok now.

  •  Great to know, I see they have a sale on at the moment, I have added there link to my Presets and lut links


  • Hi @Andy001z,the only problem I have with the programme is there is no indication what file you are using,just a number.I spoke to the company about it and they said to try the free Davinci Resolve,but same problem still all numbers.i have to go through every file to find anything.

  • @Rick1 is that within Hitfilm or the filenames from the pro video download. Hitfilm should just leave the filename in the box. Not very good if you can't tell which lut is which from the download. Let me know how you get on with them, I'll take them off my list it its not look helpful.

  • @Andy001z, Have tried it in both Hitfilm Pro 14 and Davinci Resolve neither work,to be honest if I had known I would not have bothered.I have the same problem with Productioncrate,if anyone has an answer to this I would like to know.

  • Can you tell me more about the problem. Describe where you are seeing the issue. What is it you expect and are seeing?

    What do the files look like in their directory? Have you unzipped them?

  • ,@Andy001z,sorry file names are the same in Hitfilm as in Video Pro

  • And the file name is just a number say 1,2,3 not say HERO.Lut


  • @Andy001z,all you get is a cube number,that's it not a lot of good when you got 2500+ files

  • @Andy001z,when you download files,they are all 123 etc,when you bring them into hitfilm or Davinci Resolve it is still they are still 123 etc

  • That's rubbish, how are you mentioned to know what they do, that would take hours of trial and error. I have been looking into this company and another, starting to get suspicious that they are using the same host and have no disclosure on there website about ownership and useage.

  • @Andy001z,think you have hit the nail on the head.I am glad that people know what is going on and can make there own minds up.I should have known better so much for so little never a good deal

  •  I have out a warning on my Vfxlists link and emailed the pack supplies telling them as much to see if they can resolve this issue. 

  •  @Andy001z,there answer to me was to download Davinci Resolve which I might add was a waste of time. On the price I was told they had made there money and that was the reason it was so cheap.Personally from my point of view the whole exercise was a waste of time and money.Will just put it down to experience and be more careful in future.

  • I can't see my credit card info at the moment, but if you can let me know what the billing company name that is on your statement I can see if it matches mine for the other pack I got from what I suspect is a sister company. 

  • who sent the pack

  • @Andy001z, the person who did all the dealing was  alex

  • edited June 28

    How was payment made, your transaction should have an Id on your bank statement or credit card statement

  • @Andy001z,it was played with PayPal,don't see anything apart from my order number

  • Odd so in your PayPal transaction details you see just a transaction number instead of the name video pro. Below is an example of what I see for a payment.

    You'll see "PAYPAL *VISIONARYME" on your card statement.



  • @Andy001z,my son ordered it for me so I only have the order conformation,I will see him hopefully tomorrow and see what I can find out for you

  • Was part of my Father’s Day present, what a bummer.

  • That's crap, but I had a reply.


    Thank you for your message.

    Our luts are the *cube files. They are grouped by categories and numbered within it. For example, City01, City-2 etc.

    We've not added names as we believe that they can be misleading. As presets make more than one change, they will work differently on different videos editors.

    Do your files look like he States?



  • @Andy001z,hi the company that took the money for video Pro is...Digital inc,hope this helps

  • @Andy001z,give me an Email add and I will send a screenshot,tried on here but want URLS etc

  • Unfortunately the role of the sure don't permit email and other personal information posting. Trying to set up my Vfxlists email. I'll let you know when it goes public.

  • No prob

  • @Andy001z,yes your quite correct that is  exactly how they look.If your psychic you have it nailed, to all us mere mortals it is a waste of time and money.I cant recommend this to any other Hitfilm user, don't waste your money

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