Free Action VFX asset giveaways from various tutorials and projects

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links to Some free  AVFX  and Hitfilm stock  elements from the Hitfilm and Surfaced Studio channels that I've found over the years.

I will add more as I find or remember them.

All links are from the video descriptions.

Hitfilm AVFX

files link

Surfaced Studio AVFX

fireball asset

surfaced studio files link


Hitfilm Stock

files link

files link

Anyone have anything to add?


  • Whoops! Looks like I missed one


  • Thanks for this I will add it to the VFXLists link page.

  •  FX Home Christmas link not working/not found.. They probably removed it?

  • @Andy001z Awesome!

    @DataDesign Ah, bummer, It still works for me, but that might be beacause I downloaded it when it came out through my account, so I guiss it still is linked to it, too bad. I'll romove it from the list.

  •  @LiamMcM1

    I still have the link in my "account" so I still have it because I downloaded it during the time it came out. But the link just did not work from the post here. Thanks for trying.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @LiamMcM1 my guess is the Christmas link now only functions for those who bought that particular package and those assets can only be accessed via a qualified user's Account page? I'll tag in @KirstieT or @OliThompson to confirm, but you might just want to kill that link. 

  • @Triem23, I already have romoved it immediately I found @DataDesign ; told me the link is no longer working.  I never 'bought' the package though, it was a giveaway, but it is linked to my account like a purchase (I can still download from  my account page), but apperantly four years is to long to wait for a Christmas present, and no new users can get it.

  • @LiamMcM1 yes sorry about that! I can't see the link now as I believe it's been taken down, but it is likely that it was something you needed to claim at the time and was added to people's accounts (hence why some can download and some can't). 

  • edited June 29

     KirstieT Yes, I took it down myself after DataDesign said it was not working anymore.

    from youtube description  

    This festive holiday, we're giving you a free gift! Download 25 stock clips including explosions, fire, smoke, sparks and muzzle flashes, completely free! Download the free stock footage: Download HitFilm 4 Express NOW FOR FREE etc

    You should probably remove link and leave a note like "no longer operable", or something like that.


    P.S. Go ahead and kill the link I just copied over when you feel fit, I only posted it so you could see it.


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