I have after effects because I get all adobe apps with my school email. After effects has mocha and hitfilm express does not. I want to do my editing in hitfilm but it would be very helpful to have mocha. Is there a way I can export tracking points from after effects or get mocha into hitfilm for free?


  • Sorry Mocha is a paid option. I don't think there is way to export the data from AE to Hitfilm.

  • Dang it. If anyone knows if there is a way to export tracking data from AE please tell me.

  • I assume your tracking needs are greater than the standard found in Hitfilm? Point tracking.

  •  Yep. I can rotoscope but we all know that it sucks.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You cannot export tracking data from Mocha Hitfilm. If you want to export Mocha tracks to a bunch of different formats, you'll need Mocha Pro. Mocha Pro will cost you 10x more than Mocha Hitfilm.

    If you want to export Ae camera tracker data to Hitfilm, look online for "Export After Effects Camera to Maya" ( or just grab the script here:  ). The "Import Camera Data" function in Hitfilm will import the .ma files.

  • @Triem23

    They don't call it "HITFILM UNIVERSITY" for nothing! However, are you feeling ok? Because this is one of, if not the shortest answers I have seen from @Triem23. ;-)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @DataDesign occasionally I'm terse. 

  • Just for the record, you can now get Mocha Pro for HitFilm on an annual subscription for $295 a year OR $37/month.  (make sure to select OFX as Host).

    Boris FX does promotions all the time and you may be able to find some coupon codes by searching. 

    Lastly... Boris FX does support students in accredited programs with free licenses. More info:





  • I would be interested in learning more about comparisons between Mocha and Hitfilm's built in point tracker.   I now have enough experience with the built in tracker to benefit from such comparisons.

    I looked at the Mocha plugin when I was getting started, and while the price seemed reasonable enough, the learning curve didn't.   As a nube, I didn't get what the benefit was that merited mastering yet another complex program.  Not saying there isn't a value there, just that I didn't get what it was.


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